What type of running shoes to choose for a treadmill?

On a treadmill , running is a simpler , more enjoyable and less damaging sport activity for the joints . However, in order to be optimally efficient and fully enjoy the benefits of training on a treadmill , it is important to choose the right shoes for the activity . Discover the essentials to know in the lines to follow.

Choose your type of running shoe according to your type of stride!
When choosing the right treadmill running shoes, the type of stride is the most important factor to consider. Indeed, there are three different types of strides depending on the running habits and feet of each.

Sneakers for a neutral stride
Your stride is neutral when you have a uniform gait in the run. Those who have this type of stride are much less exposed to the risk of sprains . Usually their shoe wear is more focused on the back and heel . If you are in this case, choosing the sneakers for neutral strides is the best option. These shoes are more resistant at the back and they will increase your comfort.

Sneakers for pronator stride
An individual with a pronator stride tends to run with the feet tucked inward . His feet are generally flat , balancing his weight during the run. As such a profile promotes wear of the shoe on both sides over time, it is strongly recommended to choose sneakers for pronator stride . This type of shoe has a lot of cushioning cousins ​​and small air pockets to maintain balance over time.

Sneakers for a supinating stride
If your feet are deep enough, you probably have a supinator-style stride . When you run, pressure is felt on the outer part of the foot . As a result, your shoe will be more sensitive there. It is therefore necessary to opt for sneakers for supinatric stride . These shoes will perfectly know how to bridge the imbalance to offer you optimal comfort over a long period of time .

The essential criteria for choosing a good running shoe!
Beyond the type of stride, your running treadmill shoes should meet a number of criteria such as weight, cushioning, cushioning and flexibility.

Padding : the padding must be of good quality and in sufficient quantity in the shoe (taking into account the type of stride).
Weight : your shoe must be light to allow you to perform easier and more controlled strides .
Cushioning : Treadmill shoes are generally more comfortable with good cushioning. However, this is not a mandatory criterion because the mat also absorbs shocks .
Flexibility : good shoe treadmill must necessarily be very flexible . Test the flexibility by trying to fold the shoe over on itself . The shoe should be able to bend easily and the toe area should have little resistance to pressure .
By taking all of these parameters into account, you should be able to choose the perfect shoe for your treadmill running . Make the best choice because the right shoe positively impacts your running performance .

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