This is one of the main questions of the users, usually asked by a mother or a parent: Which treadmill is best suited to my house?

In a family there are several factors to be considered; especially the hours that each member will dedicate and what will be the use with the treadmill. In this way, you can determine a number of minimum weekly hours.

Next we must assess the different uses that are going to be made with the treadmill for home, in addition to the physical characteristics of each one (higher user and heavier user). After this point you have to look at the type of injuries or physical problems, in this way you will know if you have to give it more importance.

Once we know everything, we have to have these data:

  • Weekly hours.
  • Use of the machine (intensity, maintenance, recovery and prevention of injuries ...)
  • Importance: cushioning, engine horses, race surface ...
  • Higher user and heavier user.

Once you have all these data you have to start looking at models that fit your needs. Or if you prefer you can give us this information in a comment, and we will help you to get the perfect model for you!

What Treadmill To Buy? Watch a Video

Treadmill With motor or without motor - Which one is best for home?

The treadmills without motor or magnetic are those where to perform the training you have to push the carpet with your feet. The electric or motorized treadmills are those that can move the treadmill completely automatically, without needing any impulse.

The treadmills without motor are recommended for people who are healthy and fit, otherwise it is much more recommended an electric treadmill for home because it generates the impulse you need to make the walk or training.

Between the multiple advantages that exist between a treadmill with or without motor is the possibility of realizing intervals of race, continuous race to a certain speed, resistance training controlling the times and speeds.

Where To Buy A Home Treadmill?

XTERRA Fitness Quiet Treadmill

There are many online stores and accommodations where you can get a treadmill. Our advice is that if you take really seriously buying a treadmill, take your time, learn about the models that you like or that best suit your needs, thoroughly investigate the models and, above all, do not try shorten the budget to the maximum, since sometimes by not making a disbursement of 100 or 200 euros more you do not buy what you really need.

We recommend each model analyzing the quality-price ratio of each model / store, since sometimes a disbursement of a few dollars more, it will be worthwhile to obtain a better service. In cases where the price difference is more appreciable, we will recommend the cheapest treadmill always with a quality guaranteed by our team and the experience of working with the best stores in the sector.

What Is The Best Brand Of Treadmills?

The issue of brands in the treadmills is like in any other market, and those that may be smaller here may be the largest in United States. But it is true that in USA there are a number of established brands of high quality and category. Some of these brands are:

These are perhaps the most famous and recognized brands in USA, but there are many brands in the market where you can dive. We have come up with many successes and many mistakes and experience tells us that it is better security and tranquility before going looking for good products at the best possible price, since in many cases the product and the price-quality ratio is not so good goes down a lot.

How To Tighten The Treadmill?

The treadmills are adjusted by pressing the roller, so we warn you that tightening the roller too much will reduce the life of the treadmill to a great extent and can also cause problems in other components.

If when you do the workouts notes as the carpet slides means that the running surface has been stretched, producing a sliding through the rollers. This is very common on new treadmills.

In the vast majority of treadmills there are two screws on the back of the treadmill (just at the end of the running surface on both sides of the treadmill).

Turn this screw one quarter in a clockwise direction, and if you see that it is still sliding, turn it another quarter until it is perfectly tense. Never twist the screw more than a quarter, since you could spend tensing and thus generate problems in the treadmill.

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