What to choose between the stepper and the treadmill? The pros and cons

Do you want to maintain good physical condition without having to leave your home? To do this, fitness equipment allows you to perform various physical exercises in order to work different parts of your body . Here we suggest you compare the stepper and the treadmill , two fairly similar devices. They allow you to work your lower body in two different ways.

The stepper: a sculptor of muscles
Climbing stairs is the exercise to which the stepper is most similar . It consists of two independent steps under which are fixed hydraulic jacks . The device works the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, calves, abdominals , as well as the lumbar muscles .

It is a formidable fat burner that allows you to erase cellulite . You must adopt an ideal posture in order to enjoy the benefits of this device. Keep your back straight , and push up on your legs while keeping your pelvis as still as possible.

However, the stepper offers an exercise that quickly becomes repetitive, unless you include it in a session that involves other devices. It is also not suitable for people with asthma because it puts a lot of strain on the heart.

The treadmill: excellent for losing weight
A treadmill will allow you to adjust the speed of your brisk walk or run . This adjustment can be done using a slider that you will take in hand quite easily. With this device, you will rather refine your muscles , the same as those used by the stepper. The treadmill will work your cardio and your breathing , thus improving your endurance .

The smooth surface of the treadmills is suitable for people with fragile joints. They will appreciate the cushioning of their step on the mat . It is also indicated for those wishing to lose weight because it allows you to gradually increase the goals.

Adding a more playful aspect to athletic activity, the treadmill does not offer real physical progress. It is less efficient than a race in the middle of nature . The carpet creates habituation unlike irregular terrain in places which require more physical effort .

Stepper or Treadmill: what to choose?
The two devices are very similar when it comes to the muscles affected by their exercises. However, the treadmill will be most useful for you to lose weight or to start sports . As for him, the stepper will be favored to sculpt a dream body . In addition, the stepper is a more compact device than the treadmill.

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