What Speed Is Ideal For Losing Weight?

Anyone who decides on a treadmill (eg from the treadmill comparison ) should not start immediately. Because even if running outdoors has become a hobby, the running feeling on the treadmill at the beginning is a bit different. The body must first be accustomed to the new conditions . Especially beginners while running should not go straight into the full, but take things calmly.

Most treadmills for the amateur runner have about 12 km / h top speed . This maximum speed is sufficient for most cases. Professionals like to fall back on models that have up to 16 km / h. Fitness centers also have equipment that can reach a top speed of around 20 km / h.

The treadmill is an ideal way that even in bad weather the kilos of the fight can be announced. In addition, the exercise equipment is available in your own home around the clock. So if you feel like running, you do not have to keep to the seasons of the year and you do not have  to spend extra time getting there - with a treadmill you can start right away.

How training on the treadmill depends not only on your own fitness, but also on the goals. Most want to use the treadmill not only to improve their condition a bit, but also lose weight. In this case, it is not the fast running, in which one runs out of breath always lead to success.

The running speed must be adapted to the pulse. This is almost a degree walk, because only if the right pulse rate is maintained, the kilos can begin to tumble.

Those who want to fight cellulite and annoying kilos should pay attention to regularity . This does not have to be on the treadmill every day for hoursbe put. Short but intense sessions are enough to melt the kilos.

From a speed of 5 to 6 km / h, it becomes clear that even this can be a high requirement. For the beginning, this speed is perfectly adequate and will already show success. Over time, the pace and intensity can be increased.

The slope also plays an important role in losing weight. The higher the slope, the better the muscles can be trained and strengthened. Even in the early days should be maintained at least a slope of 1 to 2 percent . Not only does it stimulate the cardiovascular system, it also simulates air resistance outdoors.

Anyone who has gotten used to the treadmill should plan for an increase of 4 to 8 percent for weight loss. The higher the slope, the slower the speed can be selected. Especially at the beginning it is sufficient to lose weight completely, if an increase of 4 percent is chosen at a brisk pace. Most Treadmill Treadmills have built-in interval programs.

Usually 3 to 4 minutes are enough for a higher increase, so that the kilos of the fight can be announced.

Once the body has become accustomed to the "new" running, it can be done with targeted units against unwanted kilos. It is best to schedule running sessions several times a week. The duration should be raised gradually. At the beginning 20 minutes are enough, but after about 10 weeks the 30 minutes mark should be reached.

In order to be able to work against annoying extra pounds, the heart rate monitor should not be forgotten. If it allows the heart rate, the running speed should be constantly changed during the 20 minutes, so that the body can not get used to the speed. When losing weight is just that the body just has to get used to new conditions again and again.

And because running on the treadmill can quickly become monotonous, the natural running situation can best be simulated with speed and elevation changes . For weight loss, runners who have already adapted their body to the conditions of the treadmill can set between 8 and 10 km / m, whereby if necessary the speed can be chosen quite slower.

The important thing is that the body is constantly in motion. Even if the heart rate increases, the treadmill training should not be stopped, but should be continued with a quick step.

In order to be able to reduce the weight over a long period of time, a constant change is required . Regularity also takes on an important aspect here. So that in the long term the kilos of the fight can be announced, in addition to the speed and the increase just the training frequency must be maintained. And this should be considered several times a week.

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