What Is An Ergometer?

A bicycle ergometer is a professional sports equipment that is used at home or in a gym for training or even by a physician to determine exercise capacity.

An ergometer is not really a bike that is at home and is used for training in the room, the so-called exercise bike, to compare. 

Because an ergometer is a device for increasing physical fitness with many additional functions.

So an ergometer can also be a stepper or a rowing machine or even a bicycle .

The most common are just the ergometers as bicycles, as these ergometers are most popular with professionals, coaches and experts for training.

The ergometer equipped as the bikes on the road, on a saddle, with two pedals and handlebars.

The ergometer is a technical fitness machine that has many more features, such as an exercise bike .

So professionals and athletes who are already trained use above all it. No exercise bike can offer so many features to measure performance, like an ergometer.

What is Bicycle Ergometer?

The lawmakers have already put a stop to this, because it clearly separates between the device types exercise bike and bicycle ergometer.

The European standard EN 957-1 also places different requirements on the safety and the equipment classes of the two devices for sports training.

In addition, the ergometers reach a much higher number of watts, like the exercise bikes, which already end at 140 watts.

Therefore, it is tested in the test, we may designate which device as an ergometer .

A well-trained, professional athlete needs up to 600 watts to really get going. Therefore, the wattage of the tested ergometer starts at 250 to 440 watts.

Ergometers that have been designed for peak performance, then bring benefits up to 600 watts and more.

The semi-professional athletes are quite satisfied with a wattage of 400. Who wants to increase his condition, his endurance and his performance in the long run, trains with the ergometer. But that’s not all an ergometer can do .

Through sensors that determine the data of the athletes who train on the ergometers , I informed them about the achieved training goal or about their performance.

For example, the ergometer determines what speed the pedals have during exercise or how high and fast the heart rate is.

In addition, the ergometers can determine from the measurement of the data, such as the maximum heart rate or what is the energy consumed, or it calculates the average speed of the flywheel.

In addition, an ergometer can calculate the derived virtual values ​​to determine the values ​​for increasing the training.

The high-performance athletes learn how many kilometers they would have to travel to consume the energy that they would have had to drive on a conventional bicycle on the same route.

Only this many data is and the design of the ergometer is an effective training possible.

What’s the difference between an ergometer bike and an exercise bike?

Exercise bikes will operate with batteries, ergometers with power. The settings of the level for the wattage automatically when ergometer, the exercise bike , the respective level of performance must be set manually.

In an ergometer, the performance in watts is accurately recorded, the exercise bike can not.

They work with estimates or there is no information about the performance achieved during the training. In addition, the ergometer can incorporate the acquired data in the existing training by the continuous measurement of the pulse.

Meanwhile, there are also stationary exercise bikes, which provide more power, as well as the measurement of the pulse, but this measurement is and remains for competitive sports or use in medicine still far too imprecise and too imprecise. Therefore, ergometers are of course more expensive than the exercise bikes.

The complicated technology that an ergometer has, of course, has its price. With the help of an ergometer the training can be controlled exactly, whereby a better training is possible, since the athletes are provided with all necessary data. This way, you can always understand the performance you have achieved while exercising, as the data is recorded very accurately.

With the later development of the exercise bikes wanted to give the recreational athlete the opportunity to do sports at home or in a fitness club in all weathers, without having to provide peak performance.

An ergometer is much more than an exercise bike, so tests show that ergometers perform much better. While exercise bikes are also offered under 200.- €, an ergometer costs between 260.- and 1400.- €, depending on the manufacturer, the quality of its execution and the performance.

Ergometer comes from ergometry

The exercise test is the measurement of performance, a person can perform under a certain load. Ergometry is therefore a test of physical performance. Of course, a person on the trim-your-wheel performs athletic work.

Ergometry measures this burden, which is carried out selectively, either to increase the power or to detect pre-existing conditions. Therefore, ergometry is used in medicine for diagnostics. With the help of the ergometer, for example, it should be found out whether in increasing the physical stress, diseases of the heart or lungs become clear.

Ergometrics enables physicians and therapists to assess their individual physical performance and detect illnesses at an early stage. In ergometry, therefore, the physical performance is measured in order to observe through an ECG how a person works under stress. Many of you may know the stress tests from the TV or you have already done it yourself.

With an ECG, the examinee sits on a bicycle ergometer in a doctor’s office or in an institute and measures his or her bodily functions while driving. This is the stress ECG.

Under the ECG control and repeated measurements of blood pressure, the pace and the load on the bike , the ergometer, increased to the individual, age-related limit of the possible. The physical stress leads to increased work of the heart, because the heart has to supply the muscles with more blood and above all more oxygen.

What helps in the early detection of diseases in medicine, which is used in sports to increase performance. Anyone who repeatedly strains the cardiovascular system by training on the ergometer , thus promoting the increase in its performance. That’s why endurance sports are so healthy. Above all, ergometry is used in cardiology, pulmonology, rehabilitation and sports as a training for achieving high performance.

Ergometer vs. Exercise bike in practice test

On the YouTube channel, Fitzuhause 2018 ergometers were compared with home trainers in a field test. The testers test the following models:

  • Home Exercise Ultrasport F-Bike Exercise Bike

  • Kettler Axos Cycle M

  • Exercise Bike Intey

  • Ergometer Christopeit ET6

  • Ergometer Christopeit AL2

  • Ergometer Christopeit RS2

    Exercise bikes will operate with batteries, ergometers with power. The settings of the level for the wattage automatically when ergometer, the exercise bike .

    Someone must set manually the respective level of performance.

    In an ergometer, the performance in watts is accurately recorded, the exercise bike can not.

    They work with estimates or there is no information about the performance achieved during the training.

    In addition, the ergometer can incorporate the gained data into the existing training by the continuous measurement of the pulse.

    Meanwhile, there are also stationary exercise bikes, which provide more power, as well as the measurement of the pulse, but this measurement is and remains for competitive sports or use in medicine still far too imprecise and too imprecise.

    Therefore, ergometers are, of course, more expensive than the exercise bikes.

    The complicated technology that an ergometer has, of course, has its price.

    With the help of an ergometer, the training can be controlled exactly, whereby a better training is possible, since the athletes are provided with all necessary data.

    This way, you can always understand the performance you have achieved while exercising, as the data is recorded accurately.

    With the later development of the exercise, bikes wanted to give the recreational athlete the opportunity to do sports at home or in a fitness club in all weathers, without having to provide peak performance.

    An ergometer is much more than an exercise bike, so tests show that ergometers perform much better.

    While they also offered exercise bikes under 200 , an ergometer costs between 260.and 1400 , depending on the manufacturer, the quality of its execution and the performance.

    Ergometer comes from ergometry

    (recumbent ergometer)

The major difference between home exercise bikes and ergometers , according to the tester, is that ergometers are Watt-controlled and have a training computer.

Exercise bikes are not for the trained

The exercise bikes are cheaper and smaller. As the practical test shows, however, all exercise bikes are too weak for well-trained people.

Not convincing was the home trainer, Intey. This did not have a good stand and an uncomfortable short backrest. The two training bands for upper body training turned out to be completely misconstructed. If they are clamped, you will constantly encounter the belts when cycling, as the testers show. So you can not use the tapes while exercising on the exercise bike (as intended). A pulse measurement is not possible.

The only positive thing about Intey is the small table. So you can also work on the laptop or read books during the workout.

If you want a worktop on the exercise bike , you should rather buy the exercise bike test winner: the exercise bike Ultrasport F-Bike . It is especially for the very cheap price, around 100 euros very stable and offer a good (if not too strong) resistance. There is an optional table here.

More momentum, more fun

The ergometers in the test come from all three of the company Christopeit and could convince everyone in the field test.

It is no surprise that I chose the ergometer with the largest flywheel as the test winner .

The ergometer Christopeit ET6 has 12 kg flywheel , while the other two ergometers have 9 kg flywheel.

This has been proven again and again in past ergometer tests and cross-trainer tests.

The stability and features (pulse sensors, exercise programs) are about as good on all models, but if the flywheel is larger, it just feels better and “rounder”, as the testers say.

The history of the ergometer

SIt began with the development of the Englishman Francis Lowndes.

Already, in the early beginning of the 19th century, he had a machine developed that would enable physical training. That was the Gymnasticon.

Francis Lowndes devised and tested the sports equipment to exercise the joints. Even then, people was interested in sports , maintaining their body’s fitness and training.

However, to bring a device such as an ergometer on the market, it also required a braked crank, the two men Max von Pettenkofer and Charles Richet 1866 tested in their experiments.

It took a few decades before the first ergometer was devised in Germany as well . The success is to strike the Hessian physician C. Speck. In 1883, he developed a device with which it was possible to measure the physical work.

That was the turn – crank ergometer. The Viennese physician Gustav Gaertner, based on the knowledge about the ergometer, extends this discovery to a mechanically braked device. Now the ergometers could be produced and sold in a slightly larger quantity.

Almost in 1889, Nathan Zuntz came up with the idea of ​​a treadmill. So Zuntz is developing the first treadmill in the world.

However, he had developed this treadmill not for humans, but for horses. Zuntz was professor of physiology and worked in Berlin at the agricultural college.

He actually wanted to develop a device with which he could examine horses. Instead of the horses, the impeller was invented by humans.

Bad luck for the horses. The production of ergometers was now nothing in the way. For the first time, Nathan Zuntz and his coworkers use the ergometer to measure the performance of humans.

The first real bicycle ergometer , which also deserved the name, was constructed by Frenchman Elisée Bouny almost in 1896.

Im jacked up a bike without a front wheel and equip it with a mechanical brake, which he attached to the rear wheel.

It was, so to speak, the birth of the ergometer. Many inventors and creatives, as well as many more steps, were still needed to develop the ergometer as we know it.

Only Wilbur O. Atwater and Francis G. Benedict, these were two Americans, came in 1899 on the idea of training some subjects on the bicycle ergometer with a dynamo drive.

The ergometer served at the same time to generate electricity and heat, performing the subjects was the measure of the work on the ergometer.

The group around the two Americans then developed the electromagnetic brake in 1912. So many bright minds have helped to develop the ergometer.

How does the ergometer work?

The ergometer , a fitness device for measuring and increasing physical performance, displays the user’s current output in watts, with simple exercise bikes displaying the kilocalories.

Training on the ergometer simulates the natural flow of the movements, which trains different ergonomic muscle groups.

Equipment referred to as ergometer may be crosstrainer, trim-up wheels, rowing machines, and treadmills. What took its beginning in medicine today is the ergometer as a popular device to increase and maintain fitness.

An ergometer has sensors and a training computer to measure, store, and play data.

The advantages of the ergometer

Driving on a bike is healthy, every person knows today.

But not always is the weather outside optimal, not always is a bike or a suitable track available, besides, she or he wants to perform an effective training and also know if they have achieved the goal.

For this, the ergometer is best suited. Who wants to maintain his performance and his mobility in old age, has to do something in time, so be active in sports.

Sports and training on the ergometer have so many benefits for people that money can not outweigh.

As we exercise, our brains are trained in their condition, and the happy hormone endorphin secretion makes us happier and happier. It stabilized the cardiovascular system. The body is toned and exercised.

It would be a shame to forego these many benefits , just because the inner bastard just will not let overcome. A start would be made with the purchase of an ergometer. No one needs to leave the house for the training.

No one may watch with amusement during the training and man can watch every day how his performance improves, even if he or she initially only completed a training of ten minutes a day.

The ten minutes are enough, it is enough to accumulate the performance. The main thing men and women stay on the ball.

Even obese people who want to lose pounds can use the ergometer, since the sports equipment protects the joints, since they can perform the training while sitting.

Those who are already trained improve their stamina and increase their performance by riding on the ergometer several times a week.

Women who regularly ride on the ergometer tighten and define their body, as well as the muscles, the increased blood flow to the skin, which also makes the skin ultimately beautiful, tightens the tissue.

Positive side effect, the deposits of water are degraded, as repeatedly through the training, they stimulate the blood circulation.

It is no accident that ergometers are being used in the centers for the rehabilitation of people after surviving illnesses and accidents for the reconstruction of the muscles and the entire body.

Especially people who have been lying for a long time or have gotten through a disease of the heart, can learn with the help of the devices, the natural flow of the movements again and exercise slowly.

Another advantage of the ergometer is that the workload can be adjusted individually.

Therefore, the ergometer is also suitable for the untrained or for people with cardiovascular problems and for a gentle entry.

Riding on the ergometer is very easy on the joints, so that trimming and exercising are also suitable for men and women who complain of complaints in the knee, ankle, and hip joints.

Test show ergometers make only low demands on the body, anyone can train on them.

In addition, ergometers are very user friendly, so I also use them in physiotherapy or for the fitness check.

Young and old, women and men, children and adolescents, whether beginner or professional can use ergometers. Of course, they are suitable for the training of top athletes.

The pros have long known about the advantages of the ergometer. The athletes use the ergometer primarily for warming up and as a condition training device.

Especially in the cold season, when jogging and cycling in the fresh air are less appealing, we can move the training to your own four walls. Thus, no decline in performance over the winter is to be feared.

For ambitious cyclists, the ergometer is an integral part of the training throughout the year.

Because the ergometer training strengthens exactly the same muscle groups that must be used when cycling, through the programs can also be simulated different levels of stress, such as cycling in the field.

Anyone who wants to keep fit and also wants to properly burn sweat and calories uses the ergometer to exhaust.

Because the endurance training boosts the entire metabolism, so that the release of insulin is reduced. The positive effect, calories are broken down faster and thus burned free fatty acids.

The pounds are gone. It is as simple as that, if a man or a woman defeats the inner bastard.

Exercising on the ergometer has so many advantages that the people who once trained on it do not want to miss it anymore.

Marathon runners can also use the ergometer for training through the use of modern, technical programs .

All people who want to take part in a competition must increase their stamina and build their muscles before the start date, so that they can achieve peak performance or even endure a tough competition to the end.

If you train yourself regularly, you know that you always have to stay on the ball in order to achieve the goals you have achieved.

For example, athletes preparing for triathlon can increase their stamina and speed by training on an ergometer .

Because, they give benefit from the structure of the muscles. The training on the ergometer aims at enlarging and tightening all the important muscles, especially the gluteus muscles.

In addition, the muscles that are on the front leg and thigh, on the lower legs and calves, properly nourished.

We strengthen the front muscles of the shins and lumbar and hip muscles during training.

These are the muscles that are most significant for walking upright and, therefore, the race.

There is a bonus, because as a reward for work on the ergometer, there is a crispy butt and powerful legs for free.

With muscular legs, you stand firmly in life and get through or even win tough competitions such as a marathon or the Ironman.

What must not be forgotten, training on the ergometer not only increases the endurance, but it also has wonderful effects on the internal organs, the psyche and the whole immune system.

Therefore, in training , test and test comparisons, training on an ergometer is recommended again and again .

It has been proven that the lungs are more efficient, and the brain is better supplied with blood. Only in this way is it possible for the athletes to endure the high stress of the body and the psyche in competitions.

The improved supply of oxygen to the brain, butt and muscles also contributes significantly to the increase in performance.

Especially in performance battles, it comes to the release of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

Through training, the body learns to keep these under control, which also has positive effects on everyday life, such as the higher balance.

What types of ergometers are there? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

We usually connect ergometers to the power supply to allow the electronic display of the various data to measure the performance performed.

I can set the resistance in watts. There models in which the wattage is measured in small increments of 5 to 10 watts or it is set just before the start of training.

Especially for the training of athletes, this programming and recording of the data is important in order to allow a precise specification and control of the services.

Good ergometers offer a variety of programs for effective training.

They made differences within the ergometer between devices that specify watts or heart rate. In an ergometer that has a training program with heart rate, the wattage adapts to the pulse.

For example, if the athlete’s pulse is too low, the resistance of the watt increases, the pulse is too high, the resistance of the watt down again. Only one ergometer has these functions .

To find out, not even a test is needed. Result, the better the software for the training, the more varied and extraordinary the training.

Even if there is not enough time or the ergometer at home can be comfortably used for the workout before and after work or on days off.

According to the tests carried out, the training device increases the performance of the cardiovascular system, the basic endurance and makes the muscles fit.

Especially semi-professional athletes want to have certain data. So they want to specify the training time and the distance, but also the speed and would like to know, of course, how the pulse, heart rate or calorie consumption was during the workout.

An ergometer records the data in training with the integrated computer and displays it on the display.

This allows athletes to choose a specific tailor-made program they can create themselves.

But even those who just want to lose weight can burn calories on the ergometer . They consume how many calories per training hour depends on many factors.

Of course, the disadvantage of ergometers is their higher price compared to a home trainer.

Although , both devices can not be compared in price here, since an ergometer not only provides others but also more power, such as a home trainer. A home trainer can not keep up here.

I could mention here another disadvantage of an ergometer as requiring power for operation.

But, whether batteries that are less powerful and need to be replaced again and again, are really the better alternative, is an open question.

There are ergometers that have 32 resistance levels and over 22 programs, four of which are pulse-controlled, with pulse measurement, and also with integrated hand pulse sensors and 8 to kg of flywheel, plus a pad mat included.

All this has its price, of course. Ergometers that dispose of these services are available for around $500 to buy. The simpler models are already available from $280 on the Internet to buy.

The best equipment, such as the Kettler ergometer ERGO R10, brings more equipment and function for a price of around $1400 and just up to 10 kg flywheel mass.

In addition, there is often the induction brake system or the storage of data for up to four users and one guest. Here, the buyer has to look carefully, which is really worthwhile for him in the end.

The Finnlo by Hammer ergometers also provides an induction brake system for less than half the price, which is maintenance free, has 18 programs for training and has a grooved belt system and a premium ball bearing for concentricity.

These are perfect ergometers. In the trade and on the Internet, there are ergometers not only in many price ranges, which have unique features and options for the measurements.

This allows users to differentiate between models for beginners and professionals.

The basic equipment always includes the data for the training time, the distance, the speed, the revolutions, the wattage, the consumption of calories and the pulse.

For example, a hand-held pulse meter integrated in the handlebar measures the pulse.

Test show it is convenient if the saddle can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

Incidentally, the flywheel should be at least 7.5 kg, because this mass handles the harmonic concentricity.

If you want more, make sure that the ergometer has data storage and the ability to retrieve performance charts over a longer time. In addition, we should set the profiles for training for several people to adjust.

And only professionals really need 30 levels of resistance and pulse-controlled training programs.

Very high-quality ergometers are also equipped with smartphone – and a PC interface.

These interfaces allow the athlete to download training programs via app or create more performance charts.

For example, high-performance athletes who are preparing for an off-road competition need this additional data.

What should a buyer of an ergometer pay attention to?

There is a lot to consider when buying. If you want to buy a superb ergometer, you should first rely on the DIN. DIN is the German industrial standard and EN the European standard.

It should be noted, however, that we divide the DIN for fitness equipment into three different categories.

We therefore split the DIN 32932 into the letters A, B, and C and in H and S.

The reason for this classification is that we have specified the functions and properties in the division of the letters.

The H stands for home use, the S for studio, the A is only for the ergometer, the B stands for high-quality exercise bikes and the C for simple exercise bike without freewheel. Classes B and C do not allow expulsion in watts.

Of these three letters, only the device that also has an A is really an ergometer and we may use only this one for medical in rehab or by doctors and occupational therapists.

Because it granted only the if the device has a certain accuracy, the power in watts and a freewheel. In addition, they must regulate the resistance to at least 250 watts.

Category B receive the high-quality exercise bikes, which withstand a mass at the momentum of 5 kg and have a resistance to pedaling, which is adjustable.

The C receive simple exercise bikes, which have a low weight and low flywheel mass. These are the exercise bikes, the man or woman for home, if you want to train with sports and fitness.

Therefore, the ergometers that receive an are these best fitness equipment in the current market.

Another very important point when buying a new ergometer is safety. Tests have proven that an ergometer must stand firmly on the ground so that it is safe for the user.

Since I often drove them quick, there is a risk that they tilt if they are not proper.

This means that the feet must be extremely stable, as well as the set screws that strengthen the stand again.

In addition, the screws are always adjusted once, for example, if the location of the device changes.

The second point is the weight with which the respective ergometer may be loaded. So the buyer has to look at what maximum load the ergometer has.

This should be the body weight of the people who will train on him. Models for beginners have a weight of up to 130 – 150 kg.

Bicycle ergometers for professionals, however, show over 150 kg and therefore cost more.

The third important point, as well as a criterion for the quality of an ergometer, is its drive system.

There are ergometer offered with poly-V-belt or chain drive on the market. The advantage of the Poly-V-belt system is that it ensures quiet running noise and is almost maintenance free.

Ergometers with the drive Poly V belts are available in all price ranges, as well as for beginners and professionals. The ergometer with a chain drive is significantly louder and must be oiled again and again.

Since the flywheel handles the running of the ergometer , buyers should not neglect this when buying.

The flywheel mass is crucial for the ergometer to run smoothly. Experts, therefore, say that the larger the existing flywheel mass, the more even the sequence of movement in an ergometer .

Therefore, buyers should not purchase ergometers whose flywheel mass is less than 7.5 kg.

With good and very good ergometers, customers can expect a flywheel mass of 8 or 10 kg and more.

Racer bikes must have an even higher flywheel, here at least 18 kg are required to give the athlete or the athlete the feeling of driving a road bike.

Let’s get to the next important point, that would be the saddle and the handlebars. Both should be adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

A gel-filled saddle is especially comfortable for the rider as it adapts to the particular body. Good pedals also ensure a secure grip.

They should, therefore, be non-slip and, above all, have a keeping loop for closing.

All aspiring cyclists should be careful to choose an ergometer that can replace the simple pedals with road bike pedals.

What and how do we train an ergometer?

The seat is adjusted so that the knees are only slightly bent when passing through. The hips have to stay straight.

I avoid only the optimal position of the seat guarantees that pain from the beginning.

They also started the beginner

They also started the beginner with the setting of the program for beginners. I can balance the program to increase the initial 20 to 30 minutes, which are completed two to three times a week.

Of course, we should make a gradual increase. This is best achieved by increasing the wattage.

It is also possible to increase the duration of the weekly training or to increase the frequency.

I achieved increases in performance, for example, by increasing the resistance while driving ever further.

What is the best ergometer currently on the market?

The companies Christopeit, Kinetic Sports, Skandika, Sport Plus and Tunturi have for many years been producing high-quality ergometers at really affordable prices for professionals and recreational athletes.

Also, in the test and in the comparison portals, the ergometers of the companies mentioned always performed well or very well.

For beginners, models in the price range between $200 and $500 are offered, while for ambitious athletes who want models with a more powerful training computer and extras like cup holders or one for MP3 players, the ergometer is priced between $500 and $1,000 .

And for the professionals is only a price of about $1,000 and more in question. Because a lot of technology characterizes the models, the competitive athletes.

So these ergometers include a training computer that can be connected to the smartphone and also equipped with a PC interface.

Top athletes thus download many programs for their training and create graphs for the performance over a longer period to see what they have achieved.

What remains? Of course, the wattage! Ergometers have a certain resistance when pedaling, this is stated in watts.

If you value a varied training, as a buyer should make sure that the ergometer has the power range of 100 to 400 watts.

In addition, the ergometer should have at least 16 levels to change the intensity of the workout.

Important for the braking system. Because this system allows only the setting of the different levels for the intensity of training.

Ergometers that have over 20 steps therefore offer the user wonderful opportunities for hiring, which thus also meets the requirements of professionals.

Consumers have the choice between the various commercially available ergometers, as there are the brake systems magnetic -, the eddy current – and the tape system.

A band brake system breaks the flywheel through a plastic band, making the barrel less harmonious and, therefore, noisy.

Rather recommendable here are the ergometers with the magnetic or the eddy current braking system.

Since the heart rate monitor for training is an outstanding feature, it should not be reliable in the end. Because the heart rate monitor is one advantage an ergometer has for the athlete.

Therefore, customers should pay attention to a high-quality heart rate monitor, which measures the exact heart rate and heart rate.

Better than the common thumb sensors are the chest straps, as they provide more accurate results. Ergometers without cables are also more comfortable for training.

Besides the pulse measurement , an ergometer which has been given an excellent rating has the automatic adaptation of the resistance when pedaling, so the pulse during driving lies in the previously entered target range.

In addition, the training computer for many athletes of great importance, as it can be set with his help on various programs for training.

Therefore, a good computer for the ergometer should have at fewest 16 programs, which can also be stored. Practical are the training computers, with which the respective plan for the training and the success analysis on the device can be adjusted.

Which manufacturers manufacture ergometers?

Company Christopeit

The company Christopeit Sport is a leader in the production of equipment for increasing physical fitness.

In 1976, the Bundesliga goalkeeper Horst Christopeit found the German company in Velbert.

The company became known through introducing the measurement of the pulse during training by hand pulse sensors and the first ergometer in the whole of Germany.

Above all, the sports products such as the running and cross trainer, as well as the stations for fitness, ergometers and exercise bikes are among the best-selling sports equipment from Christopeit.

Company Kettler

The German company Kettler from the Westphalian Ense – Parsit was founded in 1949.

Today the company produces sports equipment, vehicles and equipment for playing and table tennis in Werl, which are characterized by their high quality and functionality.

The still legendary Kettlcar has accompanied many generations of children on their way to growing up.

Since the fitness wave also found its way into Germany in the eighties, the company developed training and fitness equipment.

However, Kettler became known for his aluminum bike, which was the first wheel in the world made entirely of aluminum.

Many people today may be familiar with the Kettler brand, especially through its bicycles.

Company Tunturi

Tunturi is Finnish and stands for forest. The company Tunturi is a big Finnish manufacturer of bicycles and fitness equipment.

The company, which has existed since 1922, did not specialize in the production of fitness equipment until the beginning of 1970.

Thus, the company hit a nerve that first entered the US, but also in Europe, everyday life was soon enriched with sports and fitness.

The company Tunturi drew on their many years of experience in bicycle production to produce high-quality fitness equipment for the broad market and for many people.

Tunturi’s products and devices are distributed worldwide. Since 2003 Tunturi belongs to the Dutch company Accell.

Company Helkama

The company Helkama, now operating under the name of group Helkama Velox, also comes from Finland, from the beautiful Hanko.

From a small bicycle manufactory, founded in 1905, gradually became a large company that manufactures and sells not only outstanding bicycle models but also cables, refrigeration units and household appliances.

The legendary wheels of the model series Jopo, Aino and Oiva should be particularly well-known in the German market.

Company Horizon

The company Horizon comes from the German Lahn valley in North Rhine – Westphalia.

The people who actively practice sports and fitness in the USA know the name of Horizon.

Besides ergometers, the company offers various strength machines, rowing machines and treadmills in the global market, which are characterized by high innovation, versatile design and high quality.

Prophet GmbH

The company Prophete GmbH u. Co. KG, which has its headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, manufactures everything related to the bicycle.

The triumphal march of the manufacturer started in a small workshop for the repair of bicycles in Halle and der Saale. After the war, the move to North Rhine – Westphalia took place.

The well-known brand sport belongs to the German manufacturer Prophete. Prophete produces bicycles, fitness equipment and bicycle accessories especially for the major hardware stores and discounters.


The company Hammer has been the largest manufacturer of sports equipment and home fitness supplies in Europe for 100 years.

The history of the company begins in the 19th century. The family-owned company Hammer, founded by Heinrich Hammer, was first a sawmill.

The wooden objects for everyday use became wooden toboggan, cart, tennis rackets and skis ten years later.

The company thus remained associated with the raw material wood. This made the company the best German manufacturer of skis. Hammer soon made skis for the world’s best athletes.

I base hammer Sport AG in Neu-Ulm and still manufactures outstanding sports equipment because the employees never ran out of innovations.

This is how the company gave birth to the first plastic ski. Renaming and the company sales brought bills of exchange,

Practically and simply unsurpassable in the selection is the Internet

Unfortunately, the specialist trade here has the disadvantage, because the choice of buying an ergometer is simply unbeatable on the Internet.

The user just needs to enter the word ergometer in question into a search engine to get lots of offers and portals listed.

This will make the selection a problem. However, users who know what to look for when buying can only benefit from the offer. Therefore, budding buyers should inform themselves beforehand.

The easiest way to do this is in the product comparison portals, which provide information about the best fitness equipment on the market.

Here, customers should look at what features and features an ergometer must have in order for it to deserve the label and what qualities we offer.

The customer and customer only have to check the listed product features, decide between the winning models, the price he or she wants to spend on the selected ergometer.

then a link leads directly to the seller with the cheapest or best quality offer, depending on the claim ,

It’s also fun to just power up the PC, see what the market offers on fitness equipment, think about what your desires look like and then have the ergometer delivered to your doorstep.

There are no annoying opening hours or long order times in the weight.

Also, in the specialized trade, often the selected ergometer can not be tried out, since the dealer rarely holds the selection at all ready.

That would be far too expensive to maintain this storage capacity. Who as a customer knows what is important in a good ergometer , can make the choice with a table in a comparison portal without problems. Information and advice are free on top.

Even the comparison of prices is much easier on the Internet, because who still wants to drive from market to market today and search for the right ergometer to then compare the prices? Way too expensive. It also costs a lot of time, nerves and minor change.

Since the Internet, not only the selection of online shops has grown rapidly but also the portals, the test, comparisons and reviews.

Almost all offer these services to their users for free, who knows how to use them wisely, and gets tips and advice to then implement this when buying over the Internet.

The extensive tests and product descriptions help with the preselection. The days when customers and customers still had to question the security and transparency on the Internet are long gone.

Users should make sure that they shop at major and well-known online stores, as they transmit the data encrypted.

They also deliver the devices by invoice or cash on delivery, so that no abuse is possible.

Also, the award with seal of quality or with certificates, which are given by large organizations to the on-line shops, protects customers.

And if I tried the ergometer at home and did not meet the desired requirements, it can easily be returned to the dealer within 14 days.

This allows customers to exercise their right to withdrawal. Again, the buyers are on the safe side.

What else is there to know about the ergometer?

It is no wonder that so many manufacturers rely on products for the fitness industry, because according to the statistics, sales are increasing every year in the fitness industry.

The companies generate around five billion euros per year. Ergometers are also becoming increasingly popular at home, so several million people in Germany already work out on an ergometer weekly or in fitness clubs, with a steadily rising trend.

How is an ergometer structured?

Like a normal bike being driven on the street. However, an ergometer has a pedal that drives the wheels over a flywheel, while the pedal gives the wheels power.

A pedal shaft or a drive belt drives the flywheel. A brake can attenuate the speed achieved.

As with the normal bicycle, the saddle and the handlebar can be adjusted in height. Before the training, we can set a permanent resistance.

An ergometer also has a control console. You can read into this console and set a specific training goal or progression as needed.

The Differences Between Exercise Bike Crosstrainer Ergometer:

The crosstrainer trains the entire upper body of a human and the ergometer, especially the legs.

And they design the exercise bike for simple exercise for endurance and weight loss at home.

What does the European Standard EN 957-1 contain requirements for the ergometer?

The European standard specifies the classification for an ergometer . An ergometer must have over 250 wattage settings, own a freewheel, an adjustable brake force and certain tolerances in the wattage display. Only then is it an ergometer .

Is an ergometer suitable for all people?

Yes. It does not matter if you are 89 years old or 9 years old, everyone can ponder on the ergometer .

Whether as a complete beginner or as a person with a physical disability or as a professional or recreational athlete, through the wide range of products in the field, ergometer training is possible at any level of performance.

In doing so, the fitness equipment helps the professional maintain and increase his performance, while the beginners can effectively increase their training week by week to broaden their athletic levels and build their stamina.

What accessories does an ergometer need?

For the increase of comfort, powerful ergometers have an additional holder for the towel – and for the water bottle.

In addition, they usually have a larger display and a connection for the MP3.

High-quality ergometers also have a back-friendly recumbent so that a semi-recumbent position can be taken or highly effective indoor cycling.

But the manufacturers are working on other accessories that will increase comfort in the future.

How is an ergometer maintained?

Simply, at regular intervals, the bearing of the ergometer must be checked and possibly also lubricated.

The owner should also think about the belts and the brake unit and therefore check them. As on all fitness equipment and the screws must be tightened. 

Even a bump test, done now and then, can not hurt. It is important that after each training, the saddle and handlebars and the display of Switzerland and fingerprints are cleaned. The ergometer remains even after years a gem that serves fitness.

What types of ergometer are there?

The bicycle ergometer , the recumbent exercise bike or the spin bike and then, of course, the rudder ergometer , treadmill ergometer, crosstrainer ergometer.

And it is foreseeable that I will add recent developments that will expand the market.

An ergometer is very similar in form to a conventional bicycle. One big difference is that the force created during cycling does not push the bike forward, but moves the flywheel. On the ergometer, the person sits upright.

An ergometer is very similar in form to a conventional bicycle. One big difference is that the force created during cycling does not push the bike forward, but moves the flywheel. On the ergometer , the person sits upright.

No way! There are also ergometers on which humans can lie. This is the recumbent ergometer, which is therefore particularly back-friendly.

Recumbent bikes are also called recumbent bikes. Especially people who suffer from spinal or lumbar spine problems have less pain on a recumbent bike or seat ergometer .

I shifted the seat to the rear, so that the exerciser can assume an almost lying position.

Instead of a saddle, this recumbent bike has a larger seat. The backrest and the handles were attached laterally.

What is a racer bike and who drives it?

Usually in front of all ambitious cyclists , for the simple reason, because it feels like you are riding a road bike.

The flywheel, which can weigh over 18 kg, is therefore particularly heavy. The athletes can adjust their position while sitting so that the handlebar and the seat make it possible to drive with the upper body bent forward.

The effect, the amount of effort required for the training, is much higher when practicing on a racer bike than on a regular ergometer , as well as the consumption of calories.

I also known the racer bike as spin bike. In the sports and fitness clubs, I therefore used the racer bikes in indoor cycling. A classic ergometer and recumbent bike have a freewheel, but not spin wheels.

If the flywheel rotates, pedals and legs move as well. Since the spin bikes were designed for professionals, they cost from $800 upwards.

And what is a crosstrainer again?

An ergometer that allows a movement that is run like.

In a crosstrainer, besides the legs and the back, also the arms are trained. The result is a higher total body burden. A pleasant alternative is treadmill.

What is a bicycle ergometer?

A device for training in a room, which simulates training on a bicycle.

An ergometer analyzes the data and allows the setting of programs for training. Always the wattage and freewheel must be present.

How much space does an ergometer need?

There are different models of ergometers available on the market and on the internet, fits in every room an ergometer .

The bicycle ergometer is space saving, as are the spin wheels. Only the recumbent bike the recumbent bikes needed more space.

As smaller and smaller houses and apartments are becoming more and more popular.

There are ergometers that can be folded up or easily moved back and forth with the help of transport wheels. The user can pick up the device and roll it to the desired location.

The trends of the future

All manufacturers of crosstrainer do not want to stop on the spot, they want to bring new technology improved products on the market.

So continues to work the flywheel or the motor-driven magnetic brake systems, as they hardly wear out.

We should provide even more comfort in future by the easily adjustable handlebars and saddles, which are already adjustable and inclination with just one hand.

And of course, the manufacturers are working on the brain of the ergometer, the training computer, for example, to spice up LCDs, or to offer even more programs with many other effects.

Because the ergometer is the ideal fitness equipment.

Many goals can be achieved by training on the ergometer, whether the cardiovascular system should be strengthened or increase the condition or whether you want to lose weight.

Likewise, the muscles can be trained, and we can rev the physical fitness up.

A bicycle ergometer is the perfect training device when only a small amount of space is needed, always ready and can be programmed and operated according to your own wishes.

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