What does the treadmill work for?

In the gym or at your home, the treadmill allows you to train at your own pace in any season. Ideal for working out your physical shape and endurance, this material refines your figure and contributes to weight loss.

Various muscles are involved during a treadmill exercise. To better tone them, firm them and to preserve their health, it is recommended to follow some suitable advice. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, relieve stress and stay in shape by performing walking or running exercises with a treadmill. However, remember to consult your doctor to avoid any contraindication or injury.

Intended to strengthen and stabilize the lumbar muscles, the treadmill helps to tone them, to shape them and to make them firmer. Your silhouette will then be refined without your muscles gaining volume.

In the thighs, it is especially the hamstrings and quadriceps that work during the race. Located on the anterior aspect of the thigh, the quadriceps help to extend the leg by leaning on the thigh. As for the hamstrings located at the back of the thighs, they allow you to flex the leg with the help of the thigh. These different muscles will then work simultaneously while walking or running.

The muscles used

The rectus abdominis, the transverse and the obliques which form the abdominal muscles are also used. Since the race is carried out asymmetrically, this muscle zone will intervene to bring some stability to the body. In addition to stability, these muscles generate a transfer of force between the upper and lower body. Thus, during the race the lumbar region is sheathed.

Whether you are walking or running on a treadmill, your calf muscles step in to support you in your tracks. They are involved to allow the ankle to extend. In order to better stretch your calves, you can work in incline. It is the same for the glutes which will work better during the walk or the race on the mats integrating an incline like the Proform mats .

Optimize your training to achieve your goals
You should know above all that the treadmill is not designed to promote the development of muscles, that is to say, it does not make them bigger. Indeed, this material, which mainly uses the muscles of your legs, your calves and your buttocks, will strengthen your muscles and tone them.

If you have pain in your joints and / or muscles, use the treadmill with caution, especially if your knees, ankles or thighs are affected. If you still want to train despite the pain, do not take any risks and instead prefer to perform your physical exercises on an elliptical trainer. Indeed, the latter allows smoother movements and produces a weaker impact on the joints of the lower limbs.

treadmill workouts

Set the duration and frequency of your workouts according to your age, goal, state of fitness or health, your progress and your results. It is also important to adapt the working time according to your free time and your ability to recover. However, if you are healthy and fit, you can do 3 sessions of 30 to 45 minutes per week.

Warm up well to better tone your muscles
The warm-up stage is very important to prepare the muscles and avoid any accidents. It is recommended to start each session by walking slowly to gradually increase your speed. The walking speed must therefore increase in intensity and time.

warming up

If you are a beginner, opt for one to two walking sessions per week at the rate of 10 minutes per session. Increase the duration and intensity of walking gradually over the course of your workouts.

Stretching exercises at the end of the session should also not be neglected to take good care of your muscles. Stretch all muscle groups in the lower extremities after every walk or run.

The rules to follow
In order to achieve a better result, remember to control your heart rate and drink plenty of water during each workout. Stay upright when you run. To do this, look straight ahead and avoid turning around as much as possible. Also avoid looking at the tread. Remember to run at a certain pace and control your speed.

Since the joints of the lower limbs and spine work a lot during your workouts, you should see a doctor. Indeed, taking into account the advice of a doctor before performing your physical exercises will help protect you from possible injuries or contraindications.

Maintain your health by exercising in a well-ventilated, spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated place. If you have decided to have your own mat, order one that meets your expectations to make it easier to reach your goals.

Avoid trauma to the muscles by wearing technical shoes that will take into account the support zones of the foot.

The rules to follow

Make time to exercise regularly. This will help promote the firming of your muscles.

Take at least a day to space out the sessions and give your muscles time to recover.

To make sure you’re not straining in your workouts, equip yourself with a heart rate monitor if your treadmill doesn’t record your heart rate. In this way, you will be able to regulate and control your workouts. To improve its lifespan and optimize its performance, consider maintaining it well . And if you need to change it, don’t forget to consult our advice to choose it well, that is to say choose it according to your objectives.

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