What Distinguishes A Professional Treadmill?

Especially in gyms and medical practices or rehabilitation facilities you will find very high quality professional treadmills, which differ significantly from treadmills from the middle price segment. The differences lie mainly in the processing of materials, the size of the tread, the power of the engine and the quality of the training computer .

Highest quality materials and excellent workmanship

For a professional treadmill like the treadmill test , do not use cheap plastic or other inferior materials. Important parts are carefully welded, and castors or feet are designed to withstand the highest loads.

The covers are made of scratch-resistant, highly resistant plastic , the handles and side handrails are covered with non-slip, non-slip coatings that absorb the sweat optimally.

The tread is also made of special, very soft material with excellent cushioning properties. Overall, professional treadmills are often built much more robust than cheaper devices.

This is a not insignificant quality feature, as this very often a higher stability is achieved, which makes positive at the latest when using , because nothing wobbles or squeaks. In addition, it speaks for a good quality, if the device rarely needs to be maintained.

A large, muted tread testifies to quality

For reasons of cost, inexpensive treadmills often have to save on the material and therefore on the size of the device. Of course, this also affects the available tread.

A professional treadmill usually has a running surface of 50 cm x 150 cm or even more. As a result, even a tall runner has enough space and no problems with his larger stride length .

The generous tread on professional treadmills reduces the risk of stepping immediately next to the tread and, in the worst case, of overthrowing them. In addition, the length of the surface prevents the runner from being supported by the tread on the back.

In addition to the size of the tread and their damping plays an important role . The damping elements should be of such high quality that the runner remains protected from damage to the joints even on very long runs on the device. Manufacturers are always coming up with new technologies such as FlexDeck, EAS damping or similar systems.

The engine performance as a quality feature

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Among the most important quality features of a professional treadmill from the treadmill test is the engine power with which the treadmill is moved. There are different views on how much power is sufficient. However, professional equipment should provide a higher speed than the 8 to 18 km / h, the treadmills in the middle price segment are able to afford.

Many top-quality treadmills provide top speeds of up to 23 km / h , making them suitable for ambitious marathon training, for example.

In order to be able to keep such speeds without problems for longer periods of time, the engine should provide a continuous power of 2.5 to 4 hp .

Adjustable pitch angle

Professional running training on the treadmill also includes mountain running. You can achieve this by adjusting the pitch angle of the tread. Medium-price treadmills can usually be set to 15 degrees , which is already a very decent slope.

A Professional treadmill, on the other hand, has the option of setting the running surface even steeper, usually up to a gradient between 20 and 24 degrees . Ideally, the adjustment is almost infinitely possible. Many devices can be adjusted in 0.5 degree increments .

Quality feature training computer

Probably the most important feature for the quality of a treadmill is its computer . Especially professional treadmills usually have an extremely powerful training computer. This not only has a clear and as large as possible display , but can, for example, save user profiles and provide several training programs.

Multi-functional display

Among the basic features of such a computer first counts a sufficiently large display , which can be read without difficulty even when running smoothly. On a high-quality display can also read several training values simultaneously .

It would be ideal if the training time, the tempo, the distance already traveled, the calories burned and of course the heart rate ( the heart rate) were read in parallel on the screen .

An advantage is when the computer can be operated via direct selection keys on the display (touchscreen technology) .

Pulse measurement on professional treadmills

So that the heart rate can be specified, the training computer needs a heart rate monitor . This should be integrated with a professional treadmill, because the users often attach importance to move during training always on a load level, which guarantees the greatest possible training effect .

If the treadmill has such a heart rate monitor, you no longer need a heart rate monitor, but simply read your values from the display of the treadmill computer. So that the measured data are also absolutely accurate, it makes sense to use a chest strap.

Professional treadmills can read and transfer their data via an infrared interface . In some manufacturers of professional treadmills such Brustgurte are included in the price. for others, you can buy the strap extra.

Program diversity is evidence of quality

The running training on the treadmill can be monotonous. Therefore, many people value the fact that the training computer has various training programs that can be used to make the training more varied. It is well known that the performance can be sustainably increased by a variable, varied training.

High-quality treadmills therefore have computers in which various programs have already been pre-installed .

These include programs in the categories:

•           Quick Start Training

•           Classic Workouts

•           Healthy Heart Workouts

•           Performance workouts (eg interval training)

•           Goal Workouts

Many professional treadmills have special cool-down programs for cooling down after strenuous running sessions . All in all, professional treadmills offer up to 40 different training programs , from which you can simply activate the right one for you by pressing a button.

Special features - for professional treadmills of course

In treadmills in the so-called high-end segment, there are often special features that are missing on cheaper models. This starts with large shelvesfor the smartphone or the book and continues with brackets for the tablet PC.

Many devices also have a USB port for multimedia devices, or are able to show movies or apps on the computer screen , have built-in speakers, or can increase their shelf space through a slot. Such features are only possible because the training computer very strong and fast processors were installed, which have large storage capacity . An important additional feature is the ability to fold the treadmill for saving space.

Conclusion about treadmill

The topics covered here, "buying a used treadmill", "foldable treadmills and their pros and cons", "setting up the treadmill at home", treadmill for the office "and" professional treadmills and their quality features "have shown that treadmills are a science in themselves are.

The ever-increasing demand for such devices has created a market where you can get everything from used or extremely cheap treadmills to professional treadmills . As far as the question of the right place in your own home or office is concerned, it depends above all on the circumstances that you find in your home.

When you want a treadmill in the office , you have to wait for the decision your supervisor makes. Basically, it makes sense to obtain as much information as possible before purchasing a treadmill and to compare the individual devices with each other. So you will surely find the treadmill that meets your needs .

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