What Bike To Buy? Choosing A Bicycle For Driving Style

What bike to buy so that you can ride it comfortably? Where to buy and what to look for when choosing a single-wheel drive? See what experts say about choosing a bike.

Four main types of bikes:

  • Road bike – it is a racing bike. It is light and fast, but it is only suitable for driving on an even, smooth surface (eg asphalt). He is sitting on it in a very comfortable, inclined position;
  • Mountain bike (MTB) – it is lightweight, has thick tires with a tread and a reinforced frame. Designed for driving in difficult terrain, so on asphalt it moves slower than road bikes. It takes a leaning position on it, so it can be uncomfortable for amateurs;
  • City bike (so-called Dutch) – it is quite heavy, has thin tires and large wheels. It is equipped with a basket or trunk, has lights and fenders. He sits on it in a comfortable, upright position. However, there are no shock absorbers or gears (rarely). Works well on asphalt roads;
  • Trekking bike – is a tourist bike. It has large wheels and thick tires. It is equipped with gears, shock absorbers, lights; you can mount the boot on it. Provides upright position while driving. It works well both in the city, on asphalt and on gravel roads.

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What Bike To Buy? Expert advice

PiotrBochnia, a road cycling instructor advises: if you want to buy a bike, it is not in a hypermarket. Choose a specialist store to have a guarantee and service (you will be able to do reviews in it). Do not look for the cheapest bike, because it’s an investment for years! The bike must be light and comfortable.

The choice of the model depends on your preferences, not necessarily on the destination, because, for example, a mountain bike can also be driven around the city, but tires with a small tread are needed. Also pay attention to cushioning – it is the driver who decides on the driving comfort. Do not save on her, especially if you have problems with your spine.

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what bike to buy

A comfortable bike, which is suited to you and your driving style

The bike should be adjusted to the physical conditions of the user, terrain and style (position) of the ride.

The size of the frame must be adapted to our height. A seller in a specialist store will select it for us. The idea is not to ride with your arms outstretched forward and your torso leaning low.

It is very important to properly adjust the height of the saddle – sitting on it, with the heel of your upright leg, you should touch the pedal closest to the ground. Thanks to this, we will avoid spine pains.

For recreational driving, the steering wheel should be far enough and high enough that the torso should be inclined to the ground at an angle of 45 degrees, and its weight should be equally based on the seat, arms and legs.

For driving around the city a better position is even better because you have to observe what is going on around you all the time. The wrists, elbows and shoulders are then relieved, and the neck and neck muscles do not stiffen.

 Unfortunately, the greater weight of the torso rests on the spine. In order to avoid the discopathy caused by sudden rock bursts at numerous holes in this position, it is best to ride a bicycle with front and rear shock absorption or at least put on thicker tires and do not pump inner tubes. You pedal a little harder then, but the spine is safer.


Comfortable driving depends largely on the position and this on the setting of individual elements of the bicycle. Therefore, do not be afraid to manipulate him. If, for example, you cross after a few rides, change the position of the saddle or steering wheel.

When your fingers are tingling, manipulate with the grips, replace the handles or gloves. If you have problems with your knees, set the saddle high enough to straighten the leg when the crank is low. Often, even small changes immediately bring effect.

What to look for when choosing a bike?

Lighting – the bicycle should be clearly visible to drivers, therefore it must have a front reflector, a rear lamp, reflectors.

The saddle – has to support sciatic tumors and do not rub the skin, so you have to choose them well. The sports saddles are hard and narrow, suitable for long routes in an inclined position. Wide, gel will work for short distances, but may cause pain and abrasions during a long ride.

Depreciation – is important for people with a back pain and also prevents wrist pain. But beware: in cheap units, the shock absorbers do not fulfill their function. Therefore, if you choose a bicycle with shock absorption, do not save on it.

Fenders – protect the cyclist from spurting mud and water. We choose them for the size of the wheels, which are available in two sizes 26 “and 28”. It is not worth buying the cheapest fenders, because they often loose and instead of improving the comfort of driving, they wobble and buzz on every terrain.

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