Vita Pos Eye Ointment 5g -Vitamin A

The vita pos eye ointment improves the quality of the tear film, defends the surface of your eye. You can use it without any hesitation.Additionally, some eyes problems can occur during long-term work in front of the computer, or while night driving and watching TV.

The tube holds 5 g of ointment. One of the ointment elements - vitamin A, which is a natural component of the tear film, mixing with tears, guarantees a positive tolerance of the ointment. The feeling of dryness, burning, and tiredness of the eyes is reduced, blinking becomes so easier.

Indications Of Vita Pos Eye Ointment 

The vita pos can be used in itching, burning, and drying of the eyes. It is also used in the presence of a foreign body (under the influence of cold, sunlight, wind, smoke or air conditioning). 

Contraindications Of Vita Pos Eye Ointment 

 It is Hypersensitivity to the vitamin A or other components of the preparation. The vita pos should not use in case of pregnancy and feeding period.

Side effects Of Vita Pos Eye Ointment 

Blurred vision can be occurred after applying an ointment.

Dosing Of Vita Pos Eye Ointment 

Locally used, for the conjunctival sac, the VitA-POS is typically used at 3 times in a day, especially before going to bed.

Active substance Of Vita Pos Eye Ointment 


Preparation Of  VitA-POS VitA  Ointment 

POS is a sterile eye ointment containing alongside 250 IE / g retinol palmitate (vitamin A) solid and liquid paraffin, wax, and white petrolatum.

When to use VitA-POS 

Under the influence of wind, cold, sunlight, smoke or air conditioning, it frequently occurs for baking, itching and drying eyes and the sensation of a foreign body. These problems can also occur during long-term work at the computer, watching TV or night driving.

The use of contact lenses might make the symptoms worse. The VitA-POS can lower the above symptoms, creating a pleasant and protective film on the surface of your eye. The preparation with an ointment consistency can cause slight visual acuity disturbance after its administration, which is why it is suitable especially for use before going to the bed.

This way, you should avoid complaints when opening your eyes in the morning.

How to use the VitA-POS 

 Remove the cap from the tube, slightly tilt the head back, subtly stretch the lower the eyelid squeezing the tube carefully, place the minimal stripe of the ointment in your conjunctival sac, slowly close the eye, after that close the tube with the cap carefully.

Avoid touching the eye at the same time as your face and skin. What other tips must be followed Due to the occurrence of the fatty parts, after applying the ointment to your conjunctival sac, temporary vision is blurred.

During this time, you should not drive a car, vigorously participate in road traffic, operate, and perform work without providing adequate support. The VitA-POS cannot be used with the use of contact lenses simultaneously.

VitA-POS must not be administered with other topically-used ophthalmic medicines. Therefore, if necessary, the VitA-POS® can be applied 30 minutes later.

How often and how long can the VitA-POS be used?

The frequency of use of the VitA-POS solely depends on the severity of the symptoms and any individual habits.

 With a generous degree of your eye dryness, the VitA-POS is typically used at 3 times in a day, especially earlier than going to the bed. There is no limit to the duration of use of this preparation. When not to use  the VitA-POS in case of your known hypersensitivity to any of the components of this preparation, and also using contact lenses at the similar time

How to store VitA-POS

The VitA-POS must be stored at room temperature, (i.e. 15-25 ° C). VitA-POS must not be used after its expiry date. Keep the VitA-POS out of the reach of your children.

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