Urban Bike Reviews 2022

Urban bikes cannot be separated clearly from other wheels. In this category you will find Holland bikes and e-bikes, fixies and single speed bikes, sometimes even trekking bikes and fitness bikes. What sets Urban Bikes apart is that they allow for a more comfortable sitting posture, driving is more or less upright. And they are very pleasant to drive for short distances, easily reach high speeds. The Urban Bike Comparison 2020 will tell you how the Urban Bike performs in the test, where the manufacturers set priorities.

What are urban bikes and how do they work?

Noteworthy advantages from an Urban Bike test comparison for customers Urban bikes are not a clear category compared to other bicycles. These bikes are often referred to as city bike. They are comfortable to drive, well suited for short distances and can also reach high speeds . Usually you sit more upright on these wheels, which can come along as Fixies or Single Speed, but can also be equipped with an electric motor or like a trekking bike or Dutch bike are built. They only one thing in common: In the city you drive in everyday life very comfortable with it, they usually replace the small city car. Urban bikes are rather light, low maintenance and easy to maintain. In comparison with others wheels are simply designed. There are the urban bikes both in the chic retro look as well as modern.

Urban Bikes are mainly driven in everyday life and within cities and towns . They are not suitable for cycling, racing or mountain sports. As a comfortable bike , they can be used for shopping, for the way to work or to university and school. They serve as means of transport for short distances, which should be covered quickly. Urban Bikes are low-maintenance and easy-care compared to other bikes, making them ideal for short distances in the city. As fixie or single speed they are extremely easy to build.

What types of urban bikes are there?

Compared to the different kinds of bicycles sold under urban bikes or city bikes, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Urban bikes have turned out to be extremely different in the test, resulting in extremely different application areas .

City wheel with gearshift

How does an urban bike work in the test and comparison? The city bike with gearshift can be used well in hilly places and with payload . Anyone who has to climb hills on the way to kindergarten, transports a trailer with children or luggage carrier bags full of purchases, is probably grateful for the gear shift. Disadvantage: A gear wheel needs a little more care compared to other wheels and is more susceptible to defects. Urban bikes with gears but also on the way to work can be used pleasantly and help with longer distances and distances over land, not too much to work up a sweat.

As under the term Urban Bikes, everything under the City Bike is summarized, which can be comfortably driven. Alternatively, the term touring bike is often used, every now and then one reads of all-purpose wheels . Upright seating position and spring-loaded, padded saddle are natural. The chain case can be closed, on the rear wheel is often a strainer (coat protector or skirt protection called) attached.

The handlebar is usually wide and curved. Wide tires in 28 inches and metal fenders , lighting system, luggage rack and shopping basket are included.

E-bike makes everyday life easier

What is an Urban Bike Test and Comparison? If you use the bike as a replacement for the car, it's not always easy. People travel between office and home, to shopping, to school and kindergarten up to 20 km per day . In the test, it has been found that then an electric motor for support is quite pleasant. In particular, people with injuries of the musculoskeletal system -aged and older are using a electric bike more mobile and able to independently manage their everyday lives.

Because with the e-bike you are independent of public transport and comes at least in the community environment without much effort where you want. E-bikes are much more cost-intensive than other urban bikes, and the batteries of the wheels last only a limited number of kilometers. Regular charging is therefore necessary, and who drives a lot, sees this at some point on the domestic electricity bill.

Fixie for the minimalists

The best urban bikes in the test actually, the wheels are used with the rigid gear and without freewheel in the track and art cycling and come in the Radball used. Meanwhile, the fixated but also on the road to find. The fixie has been back in fashion since the turn of the millennium. The bike contributes to the development of healthy muscles in the legs and trained with regular use the cardiovascular system much better than a wheel with gearshift. However, gradients are difficult with the single speed wheel, and every payload is noticeable. In steep cornering the ever-rotatable pedals are a source of danger, and also the up and down dismount requires a certain skill.

Above all, the chain must be well maintained, because when it jumps, the speed control is difficult. Thus, the fixie is not exactly low maintenance. In addition, the track frame in the traffic is anything but safe.

Compared with other urban bikes, the operation of the fixie requires a high driving skill . Brakes, mud guards and other components can hardly be mounted on a track frame.

A larger handlebar impact is also impossible, because then the pedals would touch the front wheel. The fixies allowed on the road are therefore more moderate in construction and strictly speaking are not train bicycles. Fixie is a buzzword, the wheels are also correctly referred to as single speed wheels .

Fitness bike for city and terrain

Advantages of an Urban Bike test comparison Cobblestones, parks, curbs and tram lines - Cycling in the city sometimes places high demands on the material. The fitness bike carries the bill. As a mix between mountain bike and road bike , it is suitable for both paved roads and uneven terrain. In contrast to the road bike , it has a straight handlebar, which halfway upright sitting is possible. The tire size is 28 inches on the fitness bike , which enables high speeds compared to other bikes. In the test against especially people who want to get fit and lose weight fitness bike to drive. The sporty aspect is therefore more in the focus of this form of urban bike than other wheels .

The 28 mm tires of the fitness bike show less rolling resistance compared to the mountain bike, which also has a positive effect on the speed . Fitness bikes often come without fenders and racks, making them streamlined and lighter compared to other urban bikes. The aluminum frame is light but susceptible to falls. In the test, costly models were equipped with a carbon frame. Fitness bikes are equipped with a gearshift that often has up to 30 gears.

However, fitness bikes are once again an extremely diverse category within urban bikes, and the wheels can be adapted to just about any need in terms of material and technology .

Hollandrad - touring bike of Dutch design

These tips must pay attention to a * product topic + test winner's purchase?The Holland bike or city bike is actually a touring bike. It is characterized by the upright sitting position of the driver and should be particularly robust and high quality. Full chain guard and rear wheel side fairing are characteristic features of this wheel. In the urban areas of Northern Germany, the Dutch bicycle is very widespread. In design, it leans against historic wheels in comparison to conventional touring bikes . A bit retro are also the straight slotted fork ends of frame tube, which there are nowadays only on the Dutch bike .

Usually bikes have dropouts. The straight sitting position and posture comes about because the Dutch bike has a large caster and a complex sprung saddle. The handlebar is positioned close to the body. Accordingly, the seating position on this bike is pleasant , but always a bit grandmotherly and not very sporty. Special models are transport wheels, which sometimes have a rather large cargo area .

Holland wheels are available with the Omarahmen, Dutch Omafiets, which has a straight utnerrohr and a simply bent, raised top tube. The men's bike is equipped with a diamond frame.

Flat handlebar head angle of about 65 ° , sprung leather saddle, three-speed gear, coaster brake and a dynamo driven front light are typical. The luggage carrier is three rubber bands instead of the metal bracket. The wheels are extremely low maintenance, which also contributes to the closed chain case .

Urban bikes for people, not for target groups

The manufacturer Winora advertises that non-uniform target groups, but the needs of the individual cyclist are crucial. Sustainable mobility is always a keyword when it comes to urban bikes, and Winona values ​​safe, clean and autonomous mobility. The company was founded by Engelbert Wiener, who in 1921 made the first bicycles for his two daughters by hand. Because , at that time there were no standard bikes that children could have used. The Winora Group has it’s Sith in Schweinfurt. Among the brands of the manufacturer count

This is how urban bikes are tested

After these test criteria Urban Bike are compared with us. There are different ways to subject a bike to a test. The test may target material weaknesses, may concern traffic safety or comfort. The ADFC brings in his papers from time to time a test, which is usually concerned with the safety in the operation. We find that in a test on urban bikes, the comfort in daily use must not be neglected. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to make a comparison with a range of different bikes as the Urban Bikes.

How do you want to make a comparison between a fixie, a holland bike and a fitness bike? Urban bikes are just too diverse for a single test. Therefore, we only give categories to you , after which you should necessarily ask when buying an urban bike. Since many of the featured brands are sold only in direct sales or authorized dealers, not only the manufacturer's information, but also the information of the respective dealer play an important role. Our criteria in the test should give you an orientation guide. And you should pay attention to this in our opinion :

Where do you want to go? Urban bikes can be suitable for well-developed roads, but also for terrain.

How many gears should the bike have? In the test, this depends not only on your sportiness, but also on whether you transport loads or children.

Which frame shape do you prefer? Some are more comfortable compared to others.

Which accessories do you need? Not all urban bikes can be equipped in the test with luggage rack, basket or child seat.

Do you prefer a sporty design, or should it rather be a bit vintage?

How much time are you willing to invest in maintaining and maintaining your urban bike? In the test wheels without gears are not necessarily low maintenance.

How safe are you driving?

How important is the aspect of fitness to you?

Urban bikes are also stolen - depending on what they look like. How important is the wheel to you as a status symbol?

How much service and support do you need? Some bicycles are easier to care for than the others in comparison with others.

How much money do you want to invest?

Do you prefer to buy cheap wheels for large chains, where every repair and inspection is charged extra, or do you prefer a costly bike from the small retailer, who usually does the maintenance for free?

If you really know what your personal requirements are for Urban Bikes, you can decide relatively quickly whether you prefer a single speed bike, a Dutch bike , a trekking bike or any other type of city bike. Most urban bikes are also available in an e-bike version, albeit often from a different manufacturer.

Since urban bikes usually cost a lot of money, you should consider how long you expect to use the bike.

A foresighted purchase usually means that the wheel can be retrofitted with a motor that components such as child seat, basket, trailer, luggage carrier bags and other parts can be purchased and assembled as needed. Therefore, the frame shape is important, because not every frame allows it all. Also, remember where you park the bike. If you want to tow the bike twice in the basement or attic every day, you should pay attention to a correspondingly low weight .

Common flaws and vulnerabilities - I have to pay attention to this when buying an urban bike!

The most important advantages of an Urban Bike test winner in the overview not all defects and weaknesses, the customers and customers complain, are due to manufacturer error. Mostly not even bad quality behind it, but often only improper use or normal wear. We carry the most common complaints in Urban Bikes subsequently bullet points for you, so that you know what you compared the individual Urban Bikes at purchase must be careful.

Battery performance decreases

It is normal for the battery to eventually go down after many charge cycles.

Chain jumps out when switching

A gearshift must always be cleaned and readjusted regularly. If that does not happen, the chain will eventually jump out when switching. That is normal.

Huge trouble with the delivery

The company with which different dealers work for the delivery varies . Not every logistics company works cleanly and reliably, so that problems can definitely arise.

However, it helps to provide complete contact details for the delivery, including a phone number for inquiries.

Small distance between saddle and handlebar

This is normal for a fix or single speed bike. It helps to pay close attention to what is sold here in the Urban Bikes category. In the test one finds again and again course bicycles in this category.

Warranty expires after repair

Which Urban Bike models are there in a test comparison? If a repair is necessary within the warranty period, you should always check with the manufacturer, whether you are allowed to do the repair yourself, whether you should bring the bike to the workshop of your choice or send it to the manufacturer . And you should clarify whether the repair may have an effect on the warranty. This applies to all measures that are carried out in the course of maintenance, servicing and maintenance . Because the manufacturer can actually shorten the warranty period if handled improperly.

Too bad saddle

How hard or soft a bicycle saddle should be depends on the individual body shape and the use of the bike . The manufacturers usually offer two or three different saddle shapes and hardnesses, so that urban bikes can also be individually equipped. This works in the test but only on wheels, which are purchased in stores and not at the discount store.

Wheel damaged at delivery

The test shows that not all delivery companies handle the entrusted goods with care. When parcels literally fly around the area, are not properly secured in the van, or fall off the sack truck, urban bikes are damaged.

This must be claimed immediately and should go back to the transmitter . Only then can the delivery company be held accountable.

All screws loose on delivery

If you do not get your bike ready for use from a local dealer , but have it delivered, you should retighten all the screws . In fact, the wheels are often delivered with only slightly tightened screws. This is not a quality defect.

Perforated hose

The exact functioning of an urban bike in the test and comparison? Material defects occur again and again. If this is also a problem with your Urban Bike, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the bike. Usually there is no need for replacement and repair.

Technical weaknesses and defective processing

In the case of a lack of quality , goods can be returned to the dealer within the statutory deadline without giving reasons . If Urban Bikes have technical weaknesses or are poorly processed, this is a safety issue and you should simply return the bike.

Internet vs. Retailers: Where do I buy urban bikes the best?

What do I have to look out for when buying an Urban Bike test winner? Buying a bike is a matter of trust, the test shows. This is no different for Urban Bikes than for other bicycles. Whether you have the confidence to buy a bike on the Internet is a matter of information. If you know exactly what Urban Bikes are, which features of Urban Bikes are important to you and which manufacturers stand for quality and safety, you can order your bike online. The test has no qualitative difference between the retailers on the Internet and local retailers can make out. In both cases, you can request professionally competent advice, and in the test, the online retailer Urban Bikes have individualized requirements compiled.

The test also shows that Urban Bikes are cheaper on the Internet in comparison. And the choice is bigger. If you are unsure about which type of urban bike you are looking for, you can take the test at the local dealer . Let different models show, ask the staff holes in the stomach.

If you know what you want, you can still order your dream bike online . Because probably the dealer on the spot does not have the bike in stock anyway, but must first order it from the manufacturer.

Some dealers also offer to order the bike for you over the Internet and then set it up for you. In this case pay attention to the costs, it may be that you pay more than if you order the bike yourself and get it adjusted to your size in stores .

Worth knowing & advice

The evolution of urban bikes over time

The following important information must be considered in a * product topic + test winner's purchase? Urban bikes are by definition not a category or special design of bicycles. In the test it has been shown that everything is sold as urban bikes, which arrives fashionable just in the urban environment. These can be fixies , but can also be Dutch bicycles or e-bikes. Urban bikes are not a separate category and therefore have no history of development.

In the cities, bicycles have always been used for daily routines and not just for sporting purposes, as the test shows. What exactly is done depends on the geography, the age group, the marital status and the current zeitgeist. For example, Fixies and Single Speed ​​Wheels were hard to find in everyday life and all-purpose bikes in the city before the 2000s .

Make / make urban bikes yourself

According to the test, it is not customary to put together the everyday wheel of individual components. It is possible. When you buy the frames, tires, gears and other bike parts you want , you can also bolt together Urban Bikes yourself.

This ensures that the bike really meets your individual requirements . In the test, however, it was less tedious and often even cost-effective to have urban bikes from the dealer to put together according to their own wishes.

There are even configurations on the internet that help. However, the test has also shown that no configurator can replace the expert advice at the merchant online or offline. When assembling your city ​​bike yourself, follow the manufacturer's instructions. You should follow the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the compatibility of the Urban Bike components .

Safety instructions when dealing with urban bikes

The different areas of application from an Urban Bike test comparisonEven if single speed bikes, fixies and train bikes are in fashion, you should make sure that the bike also meets the road safety requirements in road traffic. The test has shown that this is not the case with many models, not least because train bicycles strictly speaking have no brakes. Only use your bike in road traffic, if you are really sure about it. If you endanger yourself and others by cycling, this can be punished by the police as much as it is with motorists .

Assemble Urban Bikes in X Steps?

We would like to take this place like a few different installation instructions give the various manufacturers on hand to help you to compare the various Urban Bikes. But normally urban bikes are actually delivered fully assembled.

If you want to replace or supplement individual components , please follow the manufacturer's instructions and make sure that the parts are really compatible with your bike.

Tips for care and maintenance

The bestsellers from an Urban Bike Test and Comparison Like any bike , urban bikes need regular cleaning. The sensitive parts such as chains, brakes and so on may only be treated with special cleaners . On the rest of the wheel (painted metal parts, plastic parts, etc.), it has proven in the test to be good with a soft cloth and possibly a little warm water with detergent to remove the coarsest dirt. In addition, the moving parts should be regularly provided with protective oil. Also, the chain of urban bikes showed in the test a longer shelf life, if it was regularly treated with chain oil

The test showed that bicycles should be regularly taken to the workshop for an inspection . Technically savvy people who like to take their time can also check their own chain, brakes and other aspects and readjust them if necessary after a test.

However, in comparison, the inspection is rather inexpensive and is usually carried out within a day, so that the workshop is usually more attractive than to get your fingers dirty. How often urban bikes should be inspected depends on the model in the test .  And how intensively and in what environment the bike is used.

Useful accessories

Depending on who exactly uses which type of urban bike, accessories such as child safety seat , luggage carrier bags, saddlebags, bottle holders and shopping baskets were very useful in the test. Who has no covered parking for his bike, should get a suitable weather protection . In the test, strong weather influences permanently damage the bike.

W questions

How many aisles do urban bikes have?

The currently best products from an Urban Bike Test at a glance In the test Urban Bikes were found without or with up to a 30-speed gearshift.

What do urban bikes cost?

Compared rather simple equipped Urban Bikes are available from about 200 dollars . Up is no limit. The test has also shown that the price is not necessarily related to the quality .

Where can I buy Urban Bikes?

Urban bikes should basically only be purchased from the dealer . Whether a retailer is online or offline does not matter in terms of security and quality .

What are urban bikes?

Urban bikes are not a fixed category. These are bicycles that are used in the urban environment as a general purpose. How exactly a bike looks like depends on your personal taste .

How long have urban bikes been around?

The different application areas from an Urban Bike test comparison in the test could not be determined, since when the term Urban Bikes is used. As City wheel Allzweckrad or everyday bike, city bike or simply bike wheels are used in the city for over 100 years.

Are Urban Bikes Safe?

No, in the test models are repeatedly found that lack individual components such as reflectors, sufficient lighting or even brakes. As a driver you are responsible for traffic safety .

Can Urban Bikes be driven on the road?

If the bicycle meets the road safety requirements, it may be used on the road.

Alternatives to Urban Bikes

What types of urban bikes are there in a test comparison? Urban Bikes are locomotion and transport in urban areas. Alternatively you can:

  • To Run
  • Travel By Car
  • Use Public Transport
  • Stay At Home
  • Go By Motorcycle
  • Use A Ride
  • Or Use Any Other Secure Bicycle.

In the test urban bikes are by no means without alternative. The problem begins with distinguishing urban bikes from other bikes.

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