What is a underwater treadmill and how does it work?

The aqua training is known from human physiotherapy and is also in animals used. Here, the treadmill is in a container of water, so that the animal can stand with his legs in this water or run on the treadmill. In dogs and horses, this therapy couch is already well known.

First, the animal must be very carefully by the veterinarian or therapist to the therapy couch. This is followed by running on the treadmill in an initially dry pool. After some time, the animal has become accustomed to the environment and knows that walking on the band is desired. Then the pelvis is filled with water step by step until the legs of the animal are completely covered. This requires a lot of patience, especially in cats, and does not go without the pet owner, who can calm his pet. Many animals are afraid of water and especially cats.

So that the cat can not jump out of the pelvis and to secure her, her straps are put on. Also, the animal specially made life jackets tightened to prevent drowning. When filling the pool it must be considered that the higher the water level in the tank, the less weight the cat has to carry.

The animal needs more power to stand and walk when the water level is very low. So you can decide how strenuous the training will be. A further increase in the effectiveness of the training sessions is provided by the resistance during running, which is achieved here with a countercurrent system and / or weights.

The training sessions are only performed for a few minutes and the intensity of the units is increased very slowly. If the desired weight is reached, the units can be aborted. Only another use should be used only for the fun of the animal and to increase the performance. In any case, it is absolutely harmless to the animals, increases the play instinct and the movement.

In the meantime, cat treadmills play a major role in veterinary medicine. Not just for fun, but rather for exercise in cats that are kept indoors, these treadmills are ideal.

If running on the treadmill for cats, whether human treadmill, special cat treadmill or underwater treadmill, extra for overweight, immobile cats is used, fitter then in any case.

The prerequisite, however, is that the cat plays along, because there are certain "comrades" who simply stand dead or asleep when the exercises are due. Here, a great deal of patience is required of the pet owner and last but not least, you should take advantage of the play instinct of the animal. In any case, it is healthy for the cat, provides sufficient exercise in the often too small apartments and has a great entertainment value for the viewer.

By the way, treadmills for the owner can be found in the treadmill comparison or treadmill test .

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