Twister – How To Train To Slim Down Your Waist And Sides?

Twister is a small but very clever exercise device. It allows you to easily slim your waist, get rid of bacon and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Twister version with links also helps to work on the muscles of the hands. How exactly does the magic circle work and how to practice on it to quickly notice the effects?

Twister is a light, portable abdominal muscle training machine. If you are not a gym enthusiast or simply do not have time for it, and you care about effective training, so that you get rid of the sides and strengthen your stomach, the twister is the perfect choice for you.

What Is A Twister For Exercise?

Twister is a small device for physical exercise. It has a disk appearance with a diameter of about 28 centimeters. It's located in a sports bag, you can store it in a closet or take it with you eg on holidays. The mechanism of its operation is based on a rotating plate, on which it becomes the legs and performs torso curves. The plate is set in motion with the help of leg muscles and the body.

Twister is available in many variants - all are connected by a turntable, but it differs, among other things, its finish or additional functionality of the equipment. The more expensive the device, the more advanced it is.

What Twister For Exercise To Choose?

Twisters With Insets

Some twisters have built-in digital counters that show weight, training time and number of calories burned

The twisters can thus be ordinary rotating plastic coated discs or have foot facilities. In more professional twister ach the surface on which we put the feet, is covered with appropriately placed protrusions or additionally contains magnetic elements. All this to first of all - improve the comfort of the feet during the exercise (insets and magnets massage the instep of the foot), but also positively affect the mental condition of the exerciser. Massage patches have a stimulating effect. They work similarly to acupuncture, activating on the foot points responsible for many ailments. Such a foot massage can eliminate the headache or bones or joints, counteracts osteoporosis , rheumatism and arthritis , and even, as some believe, inhibits hair loss and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It is also supposedly a good remedy for stress.

Twisters With Links

Some twisters, in addition to the protrusions, also have elements for hand training. These are the links ended with handles that extend from the sides of the plate. The tension of the cables causes that each time the handle is lifted upwards, it requires inserting a specific force. Thanks to the mounted cables, the device becomes multi-functional and significantly extends the range of exercises that we can perform with it.

Standing Twisters

The most advanced version of the device is a standing twister. It is an elaborate device that, apart from a rotating disc, also has a handle that allows you to stabilize your upper body during exercise. This type of twister is usually found in gyms.

What Are The Twister Prices?

Twister does not belong to expensive sports equipment. The simplest version can be obtained for about 20 dollars, the most expensive devices can cost up to several hundred dollars.

At the beginning, before buying, it is worth trying to work out on such equipment in the gym or fitness club to check if this type of exercise suits us. If we do not have such a possibility, it is not worth buying the most advanced and expensive device right away. All you need is the simplest version with handles for tens of gold.

How To Practice On A Twister?

An extremely important advantage of this device is versatility when it comes to the place to exercise. Twister is small, handy, does not require a special room or additional accessories. You can practice on it at home, at work, on vacation or in the park. However, it is good to be able to rest your hands somewhere if you are learning how to use this instrument.

The basis of each twister exercise is to perform torso movements. It's not difficult to master this skill, so you can exercise even while watching TV or listening to music - it certainly will not bother us.

We stand barefoot on the twister so that the performance of the studs is as effective as possible. The most important thing in twister exercises is to stabilize the body part from the waist up . This part should stand motionless, turns only the lower part of the body from the waist down. The turning place is at the waist. At the beginning the exercise without support can be difficult, therefore the easiest way is simply to stand on the twister in front of the wall, trees, wardrobes, doors, etc., put your hands on it (at the chest level) and put your feet in rotation. Then we can help ourselves with our hands, remembering that the corps should be stabilized. Turning once in one, the other way round, we should reach the moment when it is no longer possible to increase the rotation angle, because we feel the resistance of the abdominal muscles.

It is best to do this basic exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time, with time you can increase and length of turns and frequency of training.

How To Train On A Twister With Links?

Twister equipped with links with handles allows us to practice on this equipment without supporting it. The hands are occupied, and the links form a kind of torso stabilizer. In addition, they perform a training function.

Hold the rope holders with closed hands pointing downwards. During the exercise, we pull out the lines by flexing the arms in the elbows and bringing the hands closer to the chest. The elbows should be close to the torso all the time. Another way to engage the muscles of the hands in the twister exercise is to pull the lines above the head on straight hands or without bending the elbows to pull the cables sideways (imitating the movement of the wings). There are many more modifications. Hands can be directed straight ahead or behind you, straightened and bent.

Because twister exercises with handles make more effort than just hips, it's best to do them in three sets of 15 repetitions.

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Effects Of Exercises On The Twister

Twister has double action. Positively affects well-being thanks to the massage of points on the foot, but also improves the form and appearance:

  • Strengthens and shapes the abdominal muscles - due to the rotational movement during the torsion of the torso, we activate the abdominal oblique muscles , often forgotten and lazy;
  • Slender waist - thanks to regular exercises you can get a clear indentation in the waist;
  • Helps get rid of fat on the hips - it is even said that the twister is a conqueror of the bacon. There is a lot of truth in this, because slanting movements have a slender effect;
  • Strengthens the muscles of the hands - twister carves arms, outlining their musculature. By pulling up the lines to the chest or above the head, we have a similar feeling as when carrying small weights;
  • Improves the appearance of the legs and buttocks - it's enough to slightly modify the exercises and, for example, start training on two twisters to stimulate the work of the muscle parts below the waist;
  • It reduces fat tissue - and not just in the abdomen. The device allows you to burn about 100 kcal in 15 minutes . However, you can not count on spectacular and quick weight loss. To achieve clear results, you need to incorporate additional training and diet. For sure, however, the twister can help a lot in the process of thinning.

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