How To Choose Treadmills For Running At Home? Which Will Be The Best For You?

What treadmill to buy? What are the most important technical parameters to pay attention at the time of purchasing a treadmill for your home?

The influence of the physical activity regularly for improving the condition of the body has been already confirmed many times by the scientist.

We need frequent running or walking, so it’s worth to anyone. We can do it at our sweet home - you just require buying the right equipment for your home gym. The best example of this equipment is the treadmill.

Forcing you to run or walk frequently in the forest, road, and gym or in the park, especially with excessive bad weather, is not a simple task merely.

Someone simply associated the amount of obstacles you could face with the need to set your routes are enormous. Leaving from the house effectively often discourages us from regular running.

All these problems must go into oblivion if you simply decide to buy a treadmill. Also, we advise on how to use it properly and what to look for at the time of buying it.

Fitness equipment - Treadmills For Running

Let’s start with a fundamental question. Is there any sense in buying running equipment for our home gym?

Although, it may look like that in order to run or walk, we only need a pair of shoes; the training track can also diversify the process significantly.

Of course, concern about various training programs. All this can turn into maximum performance.

We should not also forget that the equipment in this question often has an extensive set of additional functions that can help perform your desire workouts.

Here, the electric treadmill is exchanged primarily and the advanced computers use models of this electric type.

Advantages Of The Treadmill

  • It is possible to perform your workouts without leaving your house.

  • Support for different running modes (e.g. uphill).

  • Having rich training plans.

  • Can able to control or monitor own progress?

  •  Control the pulse, running speed and calories burned.

  • The ability to train and watch TV at the same time.

Disadvantages ​Of The Treadmill

  • Often a high price.
  • Large size of the device.
  • Loud work.

What Does The Treadmill Help You?

First, it can help us develop the muscle mass and lose your unnecessary kilograms.

They also assumed that running at least 15 meters allows you to burn 1 kilocalorie, surely.

It is really easy to figure out how much the benefits of using this treadmill can be.

Therefore, effectively it lowers your stomach, and that is healthy benefits to you.

What is most significant, however, we must always use it frequently, regardless of the bad weather.

Worth Knowing!

Studies have showed that using of a treadmill can be healthier than the traditional running.

Primarily, I am talking about the joints that are subjected to your lower loads on the equipment in the above question, especially when we compared it to running on asphalt.

The home treadmill is free of inequalities also, and it allows you to adjust your loads, which is not with little significance.

What Type Of Treadmill For Running At Home ?

As we have already known that how beneficial a treadmill can be and it’s really worth considering that what to look for when buying it.

There are at least many significant issues. At the beginning, it is actually worth considering that the types available of the treadmills on the market. P

Formerly, they differ in their design, mode of activity, and function. Taking this into account, I mention here the following type:

  • Mechanical treadmill – actually it belongs to the cheapest types of machines, and this is because the motor or engine do not drive it. The belt on which you run or walk is merely put into motion by yourselves. Using the manual treadmill might be more difficult for the beginners that have also fewer change functions.

  • Electric treadmill – in this machine, a motor or engine drives the running belt. We can adjust its speed. The electric treadmills can allow the use of a variety of programs that can differ in belt angle or inclines, speed and also intensity. Of course, these types of machines are more expensive. GOPLUSS, Horizon Fitness, Sapphire and Body Sculpture are most available on the market.

  • Anti - gravity treadmill – This is very modern equipment that allows you to relieve our body significantly. We can run more. I recommend this type of fitness gear for those people who are returning to activity after a significant injury. Its weakness is the exorbitant price, which is why it is being used in fitness clubs.

How To Choose A Treadmill? The Most Important Parameters Are---

Many parameters that can affect its capabilities and also its use to describe each treadmill.

Their analysis can allow choosing the equipment that is best suited to individual preferences when deciding to buy a treadmill.

  • Engine power - this applies only to the electric treadmill. Equipments with a power of about 2 hp are mostly suitable for jogging only. If we desire the bigger load, then we can decide for stronger models.

  • Load capacity – this is given only in kilograms and should also be adapted to the weight of your body. You need to buy treadmills that are weight like100 kg, 120 kg, 150 kg and 200 kg.

  • Size of the running belt – we have already known that too short or too narrow running track can also be uncomfortable. As a result, it is worth adjusting of these parameters to our heights. For tall people, 165x60 cm treadmill can be suitable.

  • Speed - many manufacturers have declared the information about the maximum speed of the running treadmill. On the market, you might find some models that can allow us to speed up to a speed level of 1 to over 20 km / h.

  • Incline–this is another parameter of the treadmill. With electrical treadmill machine, the angle of the belt can be easily and freely changed. Considering the market offer of various manufacturers, this value can differ in ranges from 3 to even 40 degrees.

  • Computer functions–This is also another parameter to pay attention of buying a treadmill. Built-in computers have usually very wide range of supported functions. The first thing to mention here is the measurement of the distance traveled, pulse rate, time, speed and energy burned. In addition, there are also huge built-in training programs that must allow you to adjust your load and the operating mode of the equipments.

  • Additional equipment – The manufacturers want to encourage the customer for purchasing of their equipments and all related accessories as well. Therefore, the treadmill must be equipped with the loudspeakers, a USB socket, and a 3.5 mm jack socket, a Bluetooth /Wi-Fi module, air vents and holders (space for a water bottle or mobile device). 

  • Price – The mechanical treadmills may easily buy from 100 dollars to 3000 dollars. They also equipped the Electric treadmills with a lot of additional functions and it might cost more dollars. I can pay the most advanced models even more.

  • The company – There are several manufacturer out there. Among them Fitness reality , welso, proform , 3g cardio and Horizon Fitness are best company who provide best quality products.

How to use the treadmill?

If you would like to use this machine in a safe and effective way, it’s really worth getting familiar with some practical tips.

  • Do not forget about the stretching! Stretching exercises are very much essential during your treadmill training.

  • At first, start the treadmill, and then enter the tread. Of course, you must start at low speed.

  • Run in the middle of the tread belt. Then, your movements can be natural, and you will not have to be got afraid of getting stuck from the tread.

  • Use the functions. Good treadmill can enable it among others, and you can adjust the speed and incline of the belt. So, it is really worth to diversify your training.

  • Training programs. It also recommended the beginner. It also recommended the beginner the program that is comprising 3 sequences: no.1- two-minute walk, no. 2- two-minute jog and no. 3- One minute sprint. The advanced runners may reverse these proportions and perform 2-3 mins on the sprint.

Important Note!

The treadmill running has the effect on the condition of the muscles and the joints.

When buying a treadmill machine, it is really worth paying attention to its parameter that is also referred to as its “depreciation level.

We have known that the higher it is, the better.

This is actually an individual matter of fact, but it is often assumed that an hour of running at a speed of 10 km / h can allow you to burn 600 kcal approximately.

Treadmill in pregnancy?

Yes, you can. But, for women who exercised regularly before they get pregnant. It is always worth consulting with your attending physician about the training program.

Treadmill or bike?

The training effects are almost similar. But, the bike is less risk for getting any injury; it takes a bit less space as well. However, the treadmill machine is richer in terms of its available functions and various workouts programs.

Treadmill or cross trainer?

During training on the cross trainer, you can train many parts of the body. They are weighted not only on your legs, but also on your hands. It is really a very useful machine for the beginners. However, for the runners treadmill is even better.

Final Talk

If you desire to provide yourself with a dose of active movement and want to improve your well-being, you do not need to leave your home at all.

All you require doing is getting the right training gear. The store offers many types of treadmills machine that are different in terms of usage methods, construction and vital technical parameters.

They are offered in extensive price ranges as well.

With most of the manufacturer, they offered also a free delivery, so you can consider buying one of the best treadmills for your own fitness.

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