Walk, Jog, or Run: 3 Compelling Reasons to Incorporate Treadmill Workouts into Your Fitness Routine

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I’m Marcos Camín, and I’m a personal trainer. I help all kinds of athletes to achieve their goals in the best possible way, and they often ask me about treadmills. There is a lot of talk about these machines, but… are they perfect for training and adequate to achieve our goals?

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There are countless treadmills, but they all do the same job. In this article, I will not deal with a specific brand or model, but all existing treadmills will come into play.
Next, I will arrange, in order of importance, from my point of view, the three most notable advantages of this device and its use in training.

Key TakeawayDescription
1. Controlled EnvironmentA treadmill provides a consistent and safe environment for exercise, regardless of external weather conditions or safety concerns. This allows for uninterrupted and effective training sessions.
2. Customizable WorkoutsTreadmills offer various workout options, including adjustable speed, incline, and pre-set programs, allowing users to tailor their exercise routines to their fitness goals and needs. This can lead to more efficient and enjoyable workouts.
3. Accurate Performance TrackingTreadmills often include built-in monitoring features, such as distance, speed, time, and calorie tracking. This enables users to monitor their progress and make informed adjustments to their workout routines for optimal results.


A treadmill allows you to train at the intensity, speed, and incline you want. On the street, you are at the mercy of the lay of the land, ups, downs, curves, etc., which will cause you not to be able to run at your planned heart rate or suddenly run into an uphill that breaks your rhythm and ruins your training.

The treadmill lets you choose the incline, so you can run uphill for as long as you want without fear of running out and having to go down again to go up again, as you would if you were running on the street.

It also allows you to choose the speed at which you want to run in a fully measured way, as it forces you to keep striding at that pace, thus avoiding that without realizing it, you suddenly see yourself almost walking and demanding a heart rate according to the exercise you are doing. 

Precise speed and incline for systematic and controlled training – so there’s no doubt you’ve met the task set for the session!

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Being a tape, that is, a loop, there is no inconvenience of having to dodge people or stop at traffic lights. You will be able to run as long as you want in a straight line without having to brake and break your rhythm and without the possibility of running into stones, steps or curbs.

In addition, for frigid days and icy wind in winter and sweltering days in summer, it is an excellent option to avoid mishaps due to extreme temperatures, such as injuries, jerks, contractures, voltage drops, cooling, hoarseness, joint pain, etc.

And if you are also doing a more leisurely session, at a gentle jog, you can watch your favourite series in the meantime, so you don’t get bored and don’t repeat all the songs on the iPod that you already know by heart. Carrying a TV while you run on the street would be difficult because of its weight and the possibility of tripping and falling on the ground!


Some treadmills, the vast majority already, can measure heart rate and calories consumed.
You have to keep in mind that each person is different. As a personal trainer, I tell you that we work very differently. What makes one burn 200 kcal makes another burn 600 kcal.

For this reason, when measuring parameters, it is not necessary to generalize since it is essential to take into account the sport’s history of the subject, his level of activity, circumstances, somatotype, medical history, metabolism, etc.

However, the measurement of these parameters can guide you in a general way about the intensity and the burning of calories, which is why it is an advantage that treadmills offer us.

In addition, to perform a spirometry test to determine your aerobic power or to perform a treadmill and running technique test, it is necessary to use a treadmill since the subject must remain in place while performing the physical exercise to be able to measure the different material, physiological and technical parameters, which would be impossible if we ran on solid ground.

Here I have outlined three main reasons to use a treadmill. Now it is in your hands to get to know this device, experience it, become familiar with it and use it properly to improve your health and physical condition! If you want to know more about me as a personal trainer, please enter my Instagram profile.

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