How to Safely Use a Treadmill with Kids or Pets Around

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Using a treadmill is an excellent way to stay active and maintain your fitness level. However, when you have kids or pets around, it’s essential to prioritize safety to prevent accidents and ensure everyone’s well-being. 

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This article will discuss various strategies and safety measures to help you use a treadmill safely with children and pets in your household.

Establishing Ground Rules for Kids

To ensure that children understand the importance of treadmill safety:

Teaching children about treadmill safety:

Explain the potential dangers of the treadmill and the importance of following safety guidelines. Use age-appropriate language and encourage them to ask questions.

Setting age-appropriate rules and expectations:

Establish clear rules for when and how children are allowed to use or be around the treadmill. This may include not touching the treadmill without adult supervision for younger children.

Encouraging open communication and questions:

Encourage children to ask questions and share any concerns about treadmill safety. By maintaining open lines of communication, you can address potential issues before they become problematic.

Supervising Children and Pets

To ensure a safe environment during your treadmill workouts:

Monitoring children during treadmill workouts: Keep an eye on your children while you’re using the treadmill. Ensure they maintain a safe distance and adhere to the established rules.

Keeping pets safely away from the treadmill: Monitor your pets during workouts and keep them at a safe distance from the treadmill. This may require using baby gates or placing them in a separate room.

Utilizing baby gates or pet barriers: If necessary, use baby gates or pet barriers to create a designated space for your treadmill workouts. This can help keep children and pets away from the machine while you exercise.

Creating a Safe Environment

To create a secure environment for treadmill workouts with kids and pets around:

Ensuring adequate space around the treadmill: Maintain sufficient clearance around the treadmill to allow for safe entry, exit, and movement during your workout. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recommends a minimum of 6.5 feet of clearance behind the treadmill and 2 feet on each side.

Securing cords and eliminating hazards: Keep cords and other potential hazards out of reach of children and pets. This includes securing the treadmill power cord and removing any objects that could cause tripping or distractions.

Designating a separate play area for kids and pets: If possible, create a designated play area for children and pets away from the treadmill. This can help keep them occupied and safe while you exercise.

Treadmill Safety Features and Accessories

Utilize safety features and accessories to enhance treadmill safety for your family:

Using safety keys and emergency stop features:

Always use the treadmill’s safety key and emergency stop feature during workouts. This ensures that the machine will stop quickly in case of an emergency or if a child or pet comes too close.

Installing treadmill safety guards or covers:

Consider adding safety guards or covers to your treadmill to prevent children and pets from accessing the belt or other moving parts.

Considering treadmills with built-in safety features:

When purchasing a treadmill, look for models with built-in safety features, such as auto-stop sensors or integrated child locks.

Educating Kids and Pets about Boundaries

Teach children and pets to respect the treadmill as exercise equipment:

Teaching kids to respect the treadmill as exercise equipment:

Explain to children that the treadmill is not a toy and should only be used for its intended purpose— exercising. Encourage them to respect the machine and follow safety guidelines.

Training pets to stay away from the treadmill:

Use positive reinforcement and consistent training to teach your pets to stay away from the treadmill. This may involve rewarding them for staying in their designated area during your workouts or using commands to keep them at a safe distance.

Modeling Safe Treadmill Behavior

Demonstrate proper treadmill use and safety practices to set a good example for your family:

Demonstrating proper treadmill use and safety practices:

Show your children and others in your household how to safely use the treadmill by following the guidelines discussed in this article. By modeling safe behavior, you can encourage a culture of safety within your family.

Encouraging a culture of safety within the household:

Create an atmosphere where safety is a priority by discussing the importance of treadmill safety, regularly inspecting the equipment, and following the established safety rules.

Knowing When to Pause Your Workout

Recognize potential distractions or hazards and know when to pause your workout:

Recognizing potential distractions or hazards: Be aware of your surroundings and the activities of your children and pets during your workout. If you notice any potential hazards or distractions, take action to address them before continuing your workout.

Stopping the treadmill when necessary for safety:

If your children or pets come too close to the treadmill, or if you observe any potential safety risks, stop the machine immediately to prevent accidents. It’s essential to prioritize safety over completing your workout.


Ensuring the safety of your kids and pets while using a treadmill is crucial for a worry-free workout experience.

By establishing ground rules, supervising children and pets, creating a safe environment, and modeling safe treadmill behavior, you can confidently exercise while keeping your family safe.

Remember to remain vigilant during your workouts and prioritize the well-being of your loved ones as you maintain your fitness routine.

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