Ultimate Treadmill Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Fitness Goals

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If you are thinking of buying a treadmill, congratulations! This type of fitness machine provides a lot of benefits to its users. In any case, this is not a purchase that can be made lightly, but you have to think a lot about the type of use that will be given to the product based on the needs of its users.

That is why vigourguide provides ratings, analysis, opinions and comparisons of treadmills and makes the easiest choice for you to know which treadmill is best for you.

In this guide, we tell you what features are essential in your treadmill, taking into account what and how you will use it. We have often been asked about the best brand, how much a treadmill costs or what features it should have. 

And the answer is always the same: it depends on who will use it. So stop thinking about which brand has the most name and ask yourself: what is your goal?

Ultimate Treadmill Buying Guide: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Fitness Goals
Budget– Determine your spending limit– Entry-level: $300 – $800
 – Balance between cost and quality– Mid-range: $800 – $1,500
  – High-end: $1,500 – $5,000+
Motor and Performance– Look for a continuous duty (C.H.P) motor– Entry-level: 2.0 – 2.5 CHP
 – Consider motor strength based on user weight & usage– Mid-range: 2.5 – 3.5 CHP
 – Check for noise levels– High-end: 3.5+ CHP
Treadmill Size and Design– Measure available space– Folding treadmills for limited space
 – Consider treadmill dimensions– Non-folding treadmills for stability
 – Choose between folding & non-folding designs– Compact designs for small apartments

Please note that this table provides only an overview of the main factors to consider when buying a treadmill. There are additional factors such as workout programs, console features, weight capacity, warranty, and customer reviews that should also be taken into account when making your decision.

What types of treadmills are there?

First, you should know that there are two types of treadmills. Each has different characteristics, functionalities, and objectives, so it is very important to consider both when choosing the best treadmill. Run according to your needs: the curved or motorless treadmill and the electric treadmill.

Curved or motorless treadmill

It has no motor and is activated by the movement of the user. The tape only moves if you walk, so you keep the rhythm.

Curved treadmills, also called manual treadmills, do not have a motor. Therefore, it can be used even without electricity. These treadmills are very popular, especially among lovers of CrossFit or functional training. Curved treadmills demand a lot from the athlete who uses them, taking training to a different level, especially if we talk about self-propelled curved treadmills.

We recommend this machine to those who will give it intensive use. These non-motorized treadmills are designed for high-intensity training.

As for the price of curved treadmills, it is high since they are designed more for professional users, but there are all kinds of models. Low-end treadmills are also available, but they are designed for walking and are usually not very durable, unlike the higher-end ones for professional and commercial use.
electric treadmill

These tapes do have a motor, the power of which can vary depending on each machine. You may be used to them if you have ever been to the gym because the ones they have there are usually of this type. Motorized treadmills generally include training programs that guide users in reaching their goals.
treadmill dimensions

Although at Cintasdecorrer.info, we focus on facilitating the decision to buy a treadmill, we not only write reviews of treadmills, we care about every aspect that can influence your purchase when using the treadmill.

The dimension of the treadmills can vary depending on the type of treadmill, the brand and the model.

For it to be minimally comfortable, it should measure at least 120 cm x 40 cm, but normal (and what I recommend) is a 135 x 45 cm strap. You should opt for one of 145 x 55 cm if you are very tall.

This is mainly because as we increase the speed or intensity of the exercise, the strides are longer, so if we can choose a treadmill with a longer tread, we will end up thanking it.

One of the biggest fears when deciding on the best treadmill is that it will take up too much space and cannot be easily stored. Folding treadmills with wheels to transport it will be your great ally.

In all the opinions and evaluations of treadmills, you will find that space should be fine once folded since we can store the treadmill anywhere.

How much does a treadmill cost? – Prices

When purchasing, we always try to choose the best price-quality treadmill. Treadmills can cost anywhere from €300 to over €10,000, so we must set ourselves a maximum price. In this way, we will discard the brands and models of tape that we will not reach within our budget.

Quality does not always equal a high price. Today we can find treadmills with excellent features for less than we expect. Take a look at your objectives, at the characteristics that these require the machine to have and discard those that are above the budget that you have set for yourself.

If you want more guidance on how much a treadmill costs, check out this article on how much to spend on a treadmill.

When considering the treadmill’s price, I recommend that we only sometimes opt for the cheap treadmill since a mid-range treadmill may be more useful to us in our training sessions, be more durable and have guarantees.

For example, the cheapest tapes do not have. The most appropriate thing will be to see comparisons of treadmills to know what one can offer you and the other cannot.

Treadmill maintenance

To have a correct operation on your treadmill and to be able to enjoy it with complete safety and comfort, you must follow a routine for its maintenance:
Once a week, we will clean the treadmill, including the band, with a damp cloth. Thus we clean excess sweat and other dirt.

When we exceed 20 hours of training, we must lubricate the treadmill so that it works perfectly. The procedure is very simple. With a silicone spray, we will lift and spray one side of the band under it. We will do the same with the other side, putting the focus in the centre of the tape.

As long as the lubrication is well distributed throughout the band, we will turn on the treadmill and walk on it for about two minutes. It is important to do this below the band, not on top of it.

Finally, we recommend that a much deeper cleaning be done once a month. For this, we must disassemble the cover and carefully clean the dust and dirt inside it. To do this, we must first check if there is any light on in case the treadmill is still on.

Why is my treadmill making noise?

If you notice this problem on your treadmill, it may need deep cleaning. Once this has been done, we recommend continuing with the treadmill maintenance we detailed above. Your treadmill is making noise may be due to something more specific.

To do this, ensure there are no loose screws, and all the parts are in their correct place.
Another reason could be that the band is too tight or too loose. It is also possible that the motor is clogged. Review your treadmill’s instruction manual and make sure everything is correct.

Maximum user weight

Gym machines can hold a maximum weight, including data in their descriptions. You must notice if your weight is below what the treadmill can support. Normally, the larger and more robust the machine, the higher the maximum user weight.

The maximum user weight on treadmills is usually low, so we should be fine within the standards. There are even treadmills with a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Motor What motor power is best for my treadmill?

Depends. If you are only going to walk, you have plenty of a treadmill with a 1.75 CV motor or even a low-end treadmill without a motor. If you intend to run a few days a week, consider treadmills with motors between 1.75CV and 2.5CV. From 3CV, we are already talking about professional treadmills designed for intensive use.

The use you will give to the treadmill will be one of the main factors to consider when you start looking for the best treadmill.

You should analyze the type of training you want on the treadmill and if you will use it for walking or speed training. Another important factor is the number of people using the tape or the time you dedicate to it.

Having answered these questions, you can choose the most suitable tape. Here is a table that will help you decide, which will depend on the type of exercise and body weight.

These are our general recommendations for people weighing up to 90 kg:

Treadmill Recommendation According To Use:

  • Bodyweight > 90Kg Body weight < 90Kg
  • Walk 1.75 hp 12.75 hp
  • Jogging two hp two hp
  • Running 2.5 hp, three hp
  • speed and incline

The speed on a treadmill and its incline is the basis of the treadmill. Beginners or those who want to walk or perform light workouts will suffice with a speed of 12 km/h (even less if they want to walk). If you want to exercise more, look for a treadmill between 16 and 18 km/h. It is ideal for reaching 20 km/h or more if you give it intensive use.

The inclination is the sensation of the slope. When we run on real ground, we find ourselves with slopes, and it is important that we can simulate them when we do sports at home since they increase the level of difficulty and resistance.

Beginners usually only need an 8% incline, and I recommend more experienced players looking for a treadmill that provides a 15% or more incline.

The best treadmills have training programs that vary the incline to increase the difficulty, the feeling of realism and the effectiveness of the workouts. An incline treadmill will be the key to a more effective workout.

Treadmill with screen

We must know the characteristics of the exercise we are carrying out and our body’s reactions to it. Therefore, the screen of our treadmill should indicate at least the following:
current exercise

  • The speed at which we run
  • Incline level
  • Time elapsed during exercise
  • Distance Travelled

Currently, there are all kinds of treadmills with a screen. Mainly we can find three types. The more traditional monitors, usually LCD screens, are designed to see a small amount of data such as speed, heart rate, calories burned, inclination, etc.

The second type of screens are built-in tablets or touch screens, in which we will not only be able to monitor the most basic training information, but we will also be able to put on music, watch TV or connect to the Internet.

Finally, some screens have a space reserved for our tablet or phone, which we can connect to the treadmill through an app and control directly from our devices.
damping system

Take a good look at the cushioning system that the treadmill you will buy has since a good shock absorption system can prevent injuries to muscles and joints. It is a very important aspect. We must choose the treadmill with the best possible cushioning to avoid accidents.

The racing surface should be moderately soft, spongy, and as hard as asphalt. Find balance with the starting point that the cushioned treadmill should be firm and not wobble.

If you see that the description of the machine states that the cushioning system reduces impacts by 15% or more, that is the type of tape you should consider. If you are looking at high-end treadmills, you can even find them with a double damping system, which is often adjustable.

Programs and Functions on a treadmill

Treadmill training programs

Some treadmills have many programs, but that does not mean they are better or worse than those with fewer. If you want to walk for a while a day or run gently, you can even get a treadmill without a motor and programs. If, on the other hand, you want to train about four hours a week, you’ll need a little more, but you’ll have 8-10 programs to spare.

There are treadmills with up to 40 and 50 different programs, each for other functions: burn calories, gain resistance, burn fat, control heart rate… As for the training programs for treadmills, look for the list of programs of the tapes you are interested in, and see if they will be helpful in your training.
custom programs

Many treadmills include this option, with which you can create your program. With it, you can work what you want, at the speed and inclination you want and for as long as you consider appropriate. When training, you only have to select it, and you will see that all the options you have saved are automatically activated.

User profiles

This is great functionality if you plan to share your treadmill. These machines are often kept in the living room and used by all the members of the house, who usually have different objectives and abilities.

User profiles allow you to save preferences such as age, weight or recurring exercises and give them a name. For example, you can save John’s profile as a 30-year-old man, 200 pounds, and with a preferred set of exercises and speeds.

When Juan uses the machine again, he must only select his profile to recover those preferences. Some treadmills even allow you to track workouts.

Heart rate monitoring

It is interesting to know how our heart rate reacts to the exercise we are doing because if it is too high, we can suffer injuries, and if it is too low, we risk not achieving our goals.
We must know the heart rate level that allows us to train oriented towards what we are looking for, whether it is burning fat, calories, or gaining resistance is…

Some treadmills incorporate heart rate measurement sensors in the grips beside the console or sidebars.

We can select the heart rate control program, in which we will choose a heart rate level, and the treadmill will adapt the speed and inclination to keep us at that rate.
Heart rate monitoring can also be achieved wirelessly via chest straps.

Interactive Treadmills: Connections

Thanks to technological advances, many treadmills already incorporate interactive training systems. Some consoles can connect to the Internet, allowing users to access thousands of personalized workouts and other features. In addition, they can entertain themselves by visiting the web pages they want, watching videos or checking their mail.

There are also tapes that, although they do not connect directly to the Internet, have support for the tablet.

Systems like iFit or iConcept are very useful and interesting. They provide a personalized experience of the sport and, in addition to helping the user achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, make it much more fun.

They allow detailed monitoring of training to the point of approaching the services of a personal trainer. In addition, they include very fun features, such as the option to use Google Maps to simulate running anywhere in the world. In this way, you can choose the city you want, see its streets and feel as if you were running through them.


Listening to music helps motivate us when we do sports, but sometimes keeping an eye on your headphones is uncomfortable. For this reason, several treadmills are incorporating speakers to which almost any device can be connected.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems

This system, usually called AutoBreeze, consists of a small air conditioner around the console. During cooling down or even during exercise, the user can turn it on and enjoy cool air to cool off the exercise heat.

Built-in television or tablet

There are high-end treadmills that even incorporate television screens or interactive screens. They usually have quite large screens and have access to all DTT channels. They also allow you to listen to the radio and play music.

Difference between commercial and home treadmills

Most people need clarification when it comes to buying a treadmill. There are many models of treadmills on the market, and finding the best one is a real effort. Do you want to find the most suitable one for you that is also one of the TOP?

Treadmills for home

Residential treadmills usually come in both models, foldable and non-foldable so they can be stored at home. This is a plus point for those who have limited space and want to keep it close at hand. These treadmills come with various consoles with many options, and you can easily program a workout tailored to you. These tapes are designed for unusual use.

In the newer models, you can connect your mobile or tablet via cable or Bluetooth. They usually incorporate a virtual passport that allows you to feel as if you were travelling around the world. These little accessories make running on the treadmill more fun.

Professional and commercial treadmills

99% of these treadmills are static or non-foldable. This means that its size cannot be reduced, so you have to have space to save it. They are designed to withstand a high training volume for many hours daily.

Because of this, the frame tends to be stronger, and the components are of higher quality, which ensures its long-term durability. They tend to be in gyms, fitness centres, spas, or other public places. Although they have various programs, they may be more challenging than home treadmills.

Can I buy a home use treadmill for commercial use?

It is not recommended for several reasons:

  • They tend to be lighter and do not hold up to constant and regular use by multiple users.
  • The warranty on the machine is in your name. This means that you are responsible for any repairs needed and responsible if anyone gets hurt.
  • You may disappoint your clientele. They expect quality from the machines, and a home treadmill has only some of the options that the best treadmills on the market have.

Can I buy a commercial treadmill for home use?

On the other hand, buying a commercial treadmill to use at home is acceptable. You can look for a machine that can be folded to gain a little more space when you’re not using it, but that’s up to you. You should also consider your investment since they are usually more expensive, and you will use them less than if you were in a gym.

Finding the right treadmill depends on how often you use it. You are looking for a machine that meets all your requirements, so knowing the differences between residential and commercial treadmills is only the first step in choosing the right one for you. Consider your needs, the price and the space to buy the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Treadmills: more opinions and advice

Vigourguide is the blog for evaluations and opinions of treadmills that have been operating for more than ten years with the sole aim of making all the information available to the user to help them find the best treadmill, taking into account the needs and objectives of each case. We have tested and evaluated most treadmills from the leading brands and the most exciting models for the final consumer.

With detailed reviews and exhaustive treadmill opinions, this blog aims to provide complete and useful information to the user looking to buy a good treadmill for home or the most suitable machine for more professional or commercial use. , whether in a gym, a club, a medical centre, etc.

Our opinions are honest and disinterested, and we do not work for any brand or distributor. We test and evaluate every treadmill from brands like Life Fitness, Sole Fitness, Fuel, NordicTrack, BH Fitness, Spirit, Horizon Fitness, Octane, Halley Fitness, DKN, Star Trac, Vision Fitness, Technogym, Proform, Reebok, Treo, Tunturi, Kettler, LiveStrong, Salter Fitness, Domyos and more.

Benefits of treadmills

Regularly doing sports (such as walking or running on a treadmill) prevents heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis and senile dementia. Walking or running for 30 minutes daily helps improve cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

In addition, it improves the quality of sleep, which is very important for energy, weight control and a good mood. The sport itself makes us feel better. It can prevent and relieve depression since it reduces stress and generates endorphins.

One of the main reasons people buy treadmills is to maintain or improve fitness. Undoubtedly, the best trick to losing weight is to play sports. Persistence and effort are very important, but thanks to the number of features offered by many machines on the market, it is becoming easier to keep up with daily sports. If you want to know the treadmill’s benefits, you can consult this blog.

Is it worth buying a treadmill?


There are many reasons to use a treadmill. We know that sport is great for our health: it helps the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improves the quality of muscles and bones, and helps us secrete endorphins, also called “the happiness hormone.”

Every time you get on the treadmill, your heart gets stronger. And as this happens, your blood pressure drops, so walking or running helps your blood circulate better, which reduces stress. Correct circulation makes you breathe better and takes care of your lungs. In addition, it manages to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Your muscles get stronger and banish fat.


Running for 20 minutes or more on a treadmill steadily has been shown to help burn calories. Ideally, you should run 30 minutes or more, but if you are a beginner, start slowly: you will get the hang of it.

Being an aerobic exercise, running makes use of several important muscle groups. In this way, it contributes to burning calories and fat, leading you to achieve the desired figure and a fit body.

If you want to lose weight, don’t miss these tricks to burn more calories on the treadmill.


Most treadmills have a built-in console that informs you of your exercise data: distance travelled, calories burned, and even heart rate. This is very interesting because it allows you to measure your progress and consider new goals and methods.

Some machines also allow you to create multiple user profiles with your data and store your workout information so you can see how you’ve evolved. That’s why treadmills are perfect for specific goals, like losing weight or gaining stamina (for example, when you want to run a marathon), and they’re also perfect for keeping your body active.


Although we know all the good physical exercise can do for us, sometimes we need more time to practice it. Playing sports outside requires preparation and travel, as does going to the gym.

Therefore, one of the best alternatives to playing sports without wasting time is having a treadmill at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or cold outside: if you have a running machine in your home, you can practise sports anytime and for as long as you want.


Being able to exercise without leaving your home makes it easier for you to decide to practice it more often. There are many treadmills, some of which incorporate systems like the iFit, making sports fun.

Thanks to technological advances, it is possible to download Apps that function as personal trainers. You can also use the console of some treadmills or devices such as tablets to simulate running in any city: link iFit with Google Maps and walk the streets of the desired place without leaving the room.

There are simpler treadmills that do not have this technology, but the advantage of doing sports from home is having everything within reach. You can watch TV while you run, listen to music and even play with your tablet or mobile.


Treadmills are designed to make life easier for the user when doing sports, so an intuitive design is usually their main feature. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use the console: the basic and the most complex functions are visible so you won’t have any problems.

The facility is also applicable to training. If you are a person who finds it challenging to keep up or who goes slow during the climbs, a treadmill can be great for you to leave that behind. There will only be climbs when you want. You can walk or run at the speed you want and try to overcome those barriers at your own pace.


If you have limited space in your home, don’t worry! There are hundreds of folding treadmills designed for small places. They can be easily stored in any corner and transported to the preferred place to play sports since they incorporate practical wheels.


If what you hate about running outside is the monotony, welcome to the world of treadmills. One can end up tired of doing the same route every day, and in the end, it ceases to be a challenge. Many treadmills have built-in training programs that prevent this situation.

Each has a function, whether it is burning fat, and calories, gaining resistance or maintaining the heart rate at a specific level.

These programs make the sport much more fun and make it a challenge, preventing your body from getting used to always doing the same exercise and stopping burning fat and toning up.

You may be a beginner runner and will buy it to start doing sports. You will gradually get the hang of it and like it. If it helps you, we share these tips for beginner runners.
Tricks to get the most out of a treadmill



This trick is great for people with little time to play sports and who want to lose weight on a treadmill. It’s very simple: instead of running for twenty or thirty minutes at the same speed, alternate brisk walking with galloping and sprinting. In short: it varies in speed every two minutes or so.


Running faster burns more calories, but we must train our bodies gradually. Start by walking fast, and every two or three minutes, tap the +. Without looking, it hurts!


Many people wonder how much they should run on the treadmill to lose weight. If you have time, dedicate a little of it to make your workouts longer. Above all, it will help you improve your resistance, so you don’t have to do it daily. We recommend that you alternate workouts where you run for a long time with others in which you do intervals or work on increasing speed.



There are many the number of muscles that are exercised on the treadmill. Incline your treadmill! It will feel like you are climbing a hill, but it will strengthen many of the muscles in the lower frame. Come on, and it doesn’t hurt so much!


When you finish your workout, wait to get ready for the shower directly: do a few lunges or squats first. They are a great exercise that complements what you work on on the treadmill and helps you gain muscle.



You must get used to your body if you want to run faster and gain stamina. To do this, choose a speed you are not used to, set a temporary goal that you can meet… and meet it! Go little by little: every day, a little faster.


This technique is exciting: running at a speed, you feel comfortable with during the first half of the exercise and increasing it during the second. In this way, the body warms up, picks up the pace little by little, and when you start to run faster, it has more capacity to endure because you have reserved energy in the first half.


While running on the treadmill, increase the incline occasionally, and decrease it after a while. In this way, you will imitate the existence of slopes you would find when running on real ground.

* For more information on these tricks consult this article.

Six tips for beginning runners


If you have any physical problems, ask your doctor what type of exercise he recommends you practice. He can tell you what is more convenient for you and your body: low-impact (walking) or high-impact (running) exercise.


Just any slippers are not worth it: remember that you can hurt your feet and the muscles and joints of the whole body. Also, choosing a treadmill that is right for you would be best.


It’s very important! If you don’t, you could injure yourself because your body would start the exercise cold and might not know how to deal with it.


If you have chosen a treadmill with a console, take the opportunity to see how you are doing on the screen. The reactions that your body shows you (especially if the machine incorporates heart rate measurement) can help you achieve your goals and set new ones.


If you always run at the same speed and incline, your body will eventually get used to it, so you will stop burning calories and strengthening your muscles. An alternative to this problem is to alternate the speed and incline of your exercise every few minutes.


It is just as important as the warm-up. You can’t jump off the treadmill, but slow down little by little until you’re done walking, calmly get off the machine, and do a few stretches. You will avoid many injuries!

* Do not hesitate to read this article for more information on these tips.

Where to buy treadmills



Gymcompany is one of the best online fitness equipment stores. A fitness store with various high-end treadmill models such as Life Fitness and Vision. They have a very professional delivery service, and installation is included in the price of all Life Fitness treadmills. The post-purchase service is very good.

GymCompany is the largest independent retailer in Spain, specializing exclusively in fitness equipment.
Brands: LiveStrong, Life Fitness, BH, DKN, Le monde, Pilates, WaterRower, etc… Medium and high-end brands: good prices and very interesting offers.


El Corte Inglés is the option for the safe buyer. The customer service is very good, but their advice is not very useful. The customer service team is not specialised in cardio machines.
Brands: from the very cheap to the most expensive. The opinion of experts is missing, and the prices are a little higher than in other distributors.


The best store for the shopper on a more limited budget. They have all the low-end treadmills and even have their brand called ” Domyos “. You can find cheap treadmills for just over €100. If that’s your budget, it may be a good option.


A store specialized purely in fitness equipment. Professionals with many years of experience in the sector work here. They select all their products prioritizing quality over quantity.

The customer service is excellent, and their approach and advice to individuals and businesses are useful for making decisions. Without a doubt, it is one of the stores with the best advice at a private level. See discount coupons or read about the top bikes in the store.

Brands: Fuel Fitness, Spirit Fitness, Life Fitness, Life Fitness Platinum, Livestrong Fitness, BH Hipower.


Deporvillage has sports equipment of all kinds, including treadmills of various ranges and brands, but the medium-low and medium ranges prevail in the store.
Brands: Life Fitness, Finnlo, Treo, Tecnovita, Tunturi, Vision Fitness, Salter, Nautilus, DKN, Hammer, Horizon, Kettler, Reebok.

100 X 100 FITNESS

If you are looking for a simple treadmill of a rather low or medium range, you will surely find it at 100×100 fitness.
Tunturi, Salter, Bodytone, Halley, DKN, Treo, Horizon, Vision Fitness Professional and Fitter.


On Amazon, you can find items of all kinds, including treadmills of all ranges. They sell many different brands and even some second-hand machines. The delivery service is usually fast and efficient.

Discounts to buy treadmills

In treadmills, we have browsed the different online stores in the fitness sector and have contacted them to obtain discount coupons. If you want to find the best treadmills discounts, look at our selection.

Treadmills: opinions and much more

At vigourguide we help you find the ideal treadmill and get the most out of it. That is why any manufacturer does not condition our treadmill opinions and ratings. We focus on analyzing the tapes in the most objective way possible, making the pros and cons that we find available to all our users. We take treadmills and their opinions very seriously. If you disagree with any aspect or would like our opinion on a new model, you can contact us without any problem. We will answer all your questions. and suggestions.

John Smith is a passionate and experienced gym instructor, dedicated to empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves through fitness. With over 10 years of professional experience, John has become a trusted authority in the health and wellness industry. Having worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels, John has developed a unique approach that combines a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology with personalized fitness programs tailored to each client's goals and abilities. John's friendly and motivating demeanor enables him to build strong relationships with clients, guiding them on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

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