Read and Run: Keeping Your Mind Engaged with Treadmill Book Holders for Enjoyable Workouts

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Reading while exercising can be a great way to pass the time and make your workout more enjoyable. However, it can be difficult to hold a book or magazine while walking or running on a treadmill. This is where a treadmill book holder comes in.

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In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what a treadmill book holder is, its benefits, and how it can enhance your workout experience.

Key Takeaway

Key TakeawayDescription
Enhanced EntertainmentA treadmill book holder allows users to read books, magazines, or other printed materials during workouts, providing mental stimulation and making exercise more enjoyable.
Easy InstallationTreadmill book holders are designed for hassle-free installation, typically with adjustable clamps or brackets, ensuring a secure and stable fit on most treadmill models.
CompatibilityMost treadmill book holders are designed to be compatible with various treadmill brands and models, ensuring a perfect fit for your workout equipment.
Adjustable AngleMany treadmill book holders come with adjustable angle settings, allowing users to position their reading materials for optimal visibility and comfort during use.
Sturdy ConstructionBuilt with high-quality materials, treadmill book holders provide a stable and durable platform that can withstand the demands of a workout environment.
Size VariabilityTreadmill book holders are available in different sizes and designs, accommodating various book sizes and types, including tablets or e-readers.
Hands-Free ReadingTreadmill book holders enable hands-free reading, allowing users to maintain proper form and focus on their workout while enjoying their reading materials.
Multi-FunctionalSome treadmill book holders can also be used to hold tablets, smartphones, or other devices, providing additional entertainment options during workouts.
Space-SavingTreadmill book holders offer a compact and efficient way to integrate reading into workouts without the need for additional furniture or storage solutions.
Price RangeTreadmill book holders are available in various price ranges, catering to different budgets and user preferences.


What is a Treadmill Book Holder?

A treadmill book holder is a device that attaches to the front of a treadmill and holds a book or magazine in place. It is typically made of a durable material such as plastic or metal and is designed to withstand the motion of the treadmill.

Some book holders come with adjustable arms or clamps to position the book at the desired angle and height.

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Benefits of a Treadmill Book Holder

Using a treadmill book holder can provide numerous benefits to the user. Here are some of the advantages of using a treadmill book holder:

Enhanced workout experience 

Reading while exercising can make your workout more enjoyable and help to pass the time.

Improved posture 

A book holder allows you to position your book at a comfortable height and angle, which can help to improve your posture while walking or running.

Reduced eye strain

Holding a book or magazine while exercising can cause eye strain. A book holder allows you to position your reading material at a comfortable distance, reducing the strain on your eyes.

Hands-free workout

With a book holder, you can read while exercising without having to hold the book or magazine in your hands. This allows you to use your hands to hold onto the treadmill rails or use hand weights for an added workout.

Variety of reading options 

A book holder can hold various reading materials, including books, magazines, and tablets. This adds variety to your reading options and can keep your workout interesting.

How to Use a Treadmill Book Holder

Using a treadmill book holder is easy. Here are the basic steps:

Attach the book holder 

Attach the book holder to the front of the treadmill using the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Adjust the angle and height

Use the adjustable arms or clamps to position the book or magazine at a comfortable angle and height.

Start your workout 

Begin walking or running on the treadmill.

Read your book 

Read your book or magazine while exercising, using your hands-free to hold onto the treadmill rails or use hand weights.

End your workout

When you finish your workout, remove the book holder from the treadmill.

TopicScientific FindingsScientific References
Cognitive BenefitsReading while exercising can provide cognitive benefits, such as increased attention and memory, improved mental agility, and reduced stress levels.C. L. O’Brien and S. L. Mahoney, “The Effects of Music and Text Content on Reading and Exercise Performance,” Journal of Physical Activity and Health, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 276-283, 2013, doi: 10.1123/jpah.10.2.276.
Posture and ComfortTreadmill book holders can improve posture and comfort while reading on a treadmill, reducing the risk of neck, shoulder, and back strain.S. B. Park, Y. S. Hwang, and H. S. Lim, “Effects of treadmill workstations on office workers’ physical performance, workload, and satisfaction,” Journal of Physical Therapy Science, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 938-942, 2017, doi: 10.1589/jpts.29.938.
Design and CompatibilityTreadmill book holders come in different designs and compatibility with different types of reading materials, such as books, magazines, and tablets. Some book holders may be adjustable to different reading angles, while others may have built-in lights or storage compartments.J. P. Lee and J. Lee, “Book holder for a treadmill,” US Patent 7,902,646, 8 Mar. 2011.

The table above provides scientific information and references related to treadmill book holders. The scientific findings suggest that reading while exercising can provide cognitive benefits, and using a book holder can improve posture and comfort while reading on a treadmill. The design and compatibility of book holders may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you read a book while running on a treadmill?

  • Reading a book while running on a treadmill can be a bit challenging due to the movement, but it’s possible with the right setup. Here are some tips:
  • Use a book holder or reading stand specifically designed for treadmills. These holders attach to the treadmill’s console or handrails and keep the book stable while you run.
  • Opt for a larger print book or increase the font size on your e-reader, making it easier to read while in motion.
  • Adjust the angle of the book or e-reader so it’s at eye level, minimizing the need to move your head and neck while running.
  • Start with a slower running pace to get comfortable with reading and gradually increase the speed as you get more accustomed to it.

Is it OK to read a book while on the treadmill?

Yes, it’s OK to read a book while on the treadmill, as long as you can maintain proper form, balance, and safety. Reading can help pass the time and make your workout more enjoyable. However, be mindful of your posture and ensure you’re not straining your neck or compromising your form while reading. If you find reading too challenging while running, consider walking or using a slower pace.

Can you read Kindle on treadmill?

Yes, you can read a Kindle on a treadmill using a tablet holder or reading stand designed for treadmills. These holders keep your Kindle stable and secure while you run or walk, allowing you to read comfortably. Adjust the font size and screen brightness to make reading easier during your workout.

Is it good to read while working out?

Reading while working out can be beneficial for some people, as it can make the workout more enjoyable, reduce boredom, and help the time pass more quickly. However, it’s essential to maintain proper form and safety while reading during a workout. If you find reading too distracting or it negatively impacts your exercise performance, consider other forms of entertainment, such as listening to music or podcasts.

Treadmill book holder target:

Treadmill book holders are available at various retailers, including Target. These holders are designed to attach to the treadmill and provide a stable platform for holding books, e-readers, or tablets during a workout. Look for a holder that is adjustable, easy to install, and compatible with your treadmill model.

NordicTrack treadmill book holder:

NordicTrack treadmills may have compatible book holders or reading stands designed specifically for their models. You can check the NordicTrack website or authorized retailers for compatible book holders. Ensure the holder you choose is compatible with your NordicTrack treadmill model and securely holds your book or e-reader.

Reading stand:

A reading stand is a device designed to hold books, e-readers, or tablets at a comfortable reading angle. They can be used on various surfaces like desks, tables, or treadmills. When selecting a reading stand for treadmill use, look for one that attaches securely to the treadmill and has an adjustable angle for optimal viewing.

Treadmill desk:

A treadmill desk combines a treadmill with a desk or workstation, allowing you to walk or run while working, reading, or using a computer. Treadmill desks typically feature a sturdy surface for placing a laptop, tablet, or book, making it easy to read or work while exercising. Some treadmill desks are standalone units; others are attachments designed for specific treadmill models.


The FlipKlip is a portable book holder that can be used on treadmills or other surfaces. It keeps the book open to your desired page while you exercise, making it easier to read hands-free. 


In conclusion, a treadmill book holder is valuable to any treadmill workout. It allows you to read while exercising, improving your posture, reducing eye strain, and making your workout more enjoyable.

If you enjoy reading and want to make your workout more interesting, consider purchasing a treadmill book holder to enhance your experience.

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