​What’s up guys! I'm going to tell you some treadmill workouts for women that I accomplish on the treadmill and you can perform any of these treadmill workouts at your own pace and use your own strength and dumbbells.

Treadmill for women

Treadmill for women exercise

 Let’s start treadmill workouts for women and the first one is simply just warming up. After that,we're going to raise our treadmills to be highest the incline and we're going to be doing a reverse jog. This really burns out your thighs fat.Then, grab some dumbbells and just start walking with your dumbbells. You can do the shoulder press or bicep curls and your weights to be as heavy or light as you favor.

Next,we're going to accomplish a jog and squat. You need a jog for 60 seconds and drop down into a squat. Just complete 10 reps and repeat it all over again. You can even increase your job to a run. Now,we're going to execute a hanging leg lifts and these are perfect for your abs. just brace yourself onto your treadmill and lift those legs up. Then, crunching the ABS to make sure that you're very careful. You can stop the treadmill for that exercise. After that, we’re just going to run at your fastest pace for as long as you can. The last thing we want to do is a sideways jog on an incline. Those are my favorite exercises and I like to do on the treadmill.
These treadmill workouts for women can be helpful to achieve your goal within a very short time.

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