Treadmill Vs. Outside: Advantages and Disadvantages

The question of whether running outside or on the treadmill is better, the ghosts. There are the all-weather runners who go outside in any weather to keep their bodies fit.

Others, in bad weather, prefer the treadmill in the fitness center or in their own home. Both when running outside as well as the treadmill can be both advantages and disadvantages show.

The advantages of running outside

Especially the fresh air is a great advantage when running outside. In addition, the ground changes and the track can be changed at will. So can be decided for the park and the forest as well as for running on concrete.

Depending on the time of the day or the season, the runner constantly experiences new impressions in this way . Who runs outside, is not only exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions , especially the numerous sensory impressions make running a little easier.

In addition, the training while running in the fresh air constantly varied can be . Tracks can be lengthened or shortened as needed, flat paths can be exchanged for hilly landscapes.

The disadvantages of running outside

The weather conditions can be refreshing on the one hand, but who is not dressed accordingly, will not enjoy running outside. Once the clothing is soaked, it will not only be cold and chilly - running is no fun anymore.

In addition, the lighting on some running tracks leaves much to be desired. If you want to indulge in the fun of running at night, you may already have the problem that the roads are lit only poorly or not at all. A headlamp could be used here.

Nevertheless, the safety aspect should not be ignored in unlighted ways.

Many women feel insecure when walking in the dark and therefore deviate to fitness center . Older people do not want to take the risk that in bad weather, the risk of falling is increased.

After running, especially in cold temperatures, care must be taken that the body does not cool down. Running outdoors therefore requires a lot of experience. In addition, due to the track condition interval training runs or other special training units are not always possible.

Not everyone has an ideal running track in their immediate area , which is why sometimes longer journey times must be taken into account. This circumstance is particularly noticeable in the city when walking on the concrete is not desired.

Benefits of running on the treadmill

A treadmill from the treadmill comparison can be used at any time of day or season . It does not matter what the weather is outside, or whether the desire is awakened in the middle of the night. Safety also plays a big role.

The runner is either in their own four walls or surrounded by other people in the fitness center. In addition, the training on the treadmill can be designed very individually and is not dependent on the soil condition.

There are only a few buttons to press and you can control the power , intensity , speed and calorie consumption . The display allows the load and performance not only to be tracked, but also changed if necessary.

Instead of the sensory impressions that nature has to offer, the treadmill can either provide a TV set or an MP3 player for a change. After running, the way to the shower can be visited directly. An advantage arises with the damping.

While when running outdoors, the joints experience a load depending on the ground, high-quality treadmills like the treadmill Test have a good cushioning, which cushions the pressure and protects the joints. If you train on a treadmill in a fitness center, you have the added benefit of being able to stay in air-conditioned rooms even in the summer , without making the temperatures a burden.

Disadvantages when running on the treadmill

The big disadvantage when running on the treadmill is probably that the process can be very monotonous . There are no optical clues that could be targeted. Each runner runs on the treadmill like a hamster in his cage on the wheel.

Only the change in the tempo or the increase brings a little momentum in the matter and provide for change.

In addition, the substrate does not change on the treadmill. This means that the body with its balance and its displacement can adapt very quickly to the conditions of the ground.

Even the bad air that forms in the room can become a burden. Likewise, the noise is a disadvantage. There are certainly devices that quite an unpleasant volume level when running and during movement .

If you do not want to be disturbed by unpleasant noises, you should use a treadmill that runs quietly in advance. Another disadvantage of the treadmill is that the purchase incurs additional costs .

Even if the treadmill is used in a fitness center, there are costs associated with membership . The treadmill at home must also consider the power consumption , which is associated with electrical models.

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