Treadmill Vs. Cross Trainer – Which one is best?

Actually, no precise statement can be made whether a treadmill or a crosstrainer is the optimized sports equipment for you. Each body reacts and works differently, although the organs and rough structures are almost the same in all humans.

It is you who knows your body best and therefore you have to decide for yourself which training device is the right one for you individually. For your very special fitness program, there is no all-round solution or just no universal recipe.

If you’ve done little or no exercise so far, then your stamina and strength will not be strong. Jogging and running on the treadmill, however, require a good endurance with the appropriate breathing technique , so you do not have to quickly out of breath and then give up. Therefore, as a non-athlete, running on a treadmill may be difficult for you in the early days.

Do not put yourself under pressure and do not let the initial difficulties put you off. You should always remember that you do not train for a triathlon (swimming, running, cycling) or marathon (running), but primarily for yourself.

Sport, and that applies to all equipment and every sport, should be the first Make the line fun and strengthen the body and keep it healthy . If you experience jogging, running, sprinting or no pleasure, then your performance will hardly improve. This applies to indoor as well as outdoor sports.

Bear in mind that if you want to run, it is better to train on a treadmill (eg from the treadmill test ), especially in winter , than to be exposed to wind and weather outside. This applies equally to both sports equipment.

If you have joint problems, then the treadmill is not the appropriate sports equipment for you. The same applies to problems with the respiratory and motor coordination, the motor dyslexia. Again, the treadmill is not the appropriate sports partner and you should opt for the crosstrainer.

The crosstrainer is a sports equipment in which not only legs and arms , but also the upper body is trained . By applying nearly equal amounts to the three parts of the body, you may find that training with the crosstrainer is less stressful than treadmill. However, this is not to say that the crosstrainer is worse in terms of effectiveness, quite the contrary.

If the use of the cross trainer in the home area is carried out correctly, then the use is just as effective, if not more effective, than on the treadmill. Also, it comes with training on the crosstrainer less problems with the joints .

Advantages and disadvantages of Treadmill or crosstrainer

To be able to compare the two so different sports equipment directly with each other, the pros and cons of both sports equipment should be juxtaposed. In this case, a comparison is drawn to the outdoor sporting activity with the appropriate device, which is the result of our treadmill comparison and crosstrainer comparison .

Advantages of the treadmill

  • Training in any weather and at any time of the day – constant indoor conditions throughout the year
  • good concentration on the technique , which is difficult for many runners in the outdoors – when running on the treadmill you do not have to dodge puddles, bypass other passers-by or even pay attention to traffic
  • Controlled, point-accurate training control – despite the GPS and heart rate monitor, you never have 100% control during your outdoor run
  • Pace and incline can be entered manually so that the heart rate and distance can be read.

Disadvantages of the treadmill

  • Since the band is not very wide , it is often crashes when the running z. B. holds on the handles or does not look to the front
  • the hold on the handle falsifies the training performance , as calves and gluteus are less strained
  • The performance on the treadmill can not be compared 1: 1 with those in nature
  • there is less coordination and muscular work than walking in nature
  • Running on the treadmill is quite monotonous and boring – but landscape simulations and music can help.

Advantages of the crosstrainer

  • Leg, arm and upper body muscles are trained and strengthened
  • It can be trained joint-gentle , because the athlete does not have to carry the weight – the training is also gentle, because it is trained with elliptical movement
  •  training on the crosstrainer burns a lot of calories – up to 700 – 900 an hour
  •  with TV , music or video, the athlete can distract himself from the monotonous endurance sports training
  •  Accurate and controlled training sequences are possible here and the tempo can be adjusted manually
  •   the training is possible in all weathers and at any time of the day
  • You do not have to pay attention to traffic , to other passers-by or even on the way .
  • Disadvantages of the crosstrainer
  • The body of the exerciser should always be held straight , with the upper body slightly bent forward
  • First, you have to rehearse the leg movements before you can take the arms.

When a decision is pending

Due to the space available and, of course, the cost of the treadmill or elliptical cross trainer, you must be sure to choose between one of the two devices when it comes to purchasing a home trainer. When you visit a gym, it’s all about which device suits you better.

An indisputable fact is that the motion sequences on both devices are fundamentally different. The Abrolltechnik the feet and arm posture are the same when running on the electric treadmill running in the wild . Only you have on the treadmill a smooth band, which is ideally shock-damped, which of course will not occur in nature. You’ll have to make sure that you do not fall off the belt during the run because it’s not that wide.

The movements on the crosstrainer, however, can not be equated with any movement in the wild. Imagine something as though you are doing a mix of cycling, walking and walking. In addition to the movements of the arms during the entire training phase, you also use the footboards on the crosstrainer and push off with your feet.

If you want to lose weight with the sports equipment, then the crosstrainer is recommended in any case. But also here is true: Only if you really intensive training on the elliptical machine, have fun in the matter and can increase your success ever further, then the weight loss on the crosstrainer is intense . If you only train gently and moderately, then of course you take off more during intensive training on the treadmill.

Studies have shown that the human body is able to adapt to enduring stress and thus consume less energy. To counteract this case, you should follow these training tips:

  • If possible, always vary in the type of movement – treadmill users should therefore jogging in between jump rope and users of Crosstrainers for a change
  • Training breaks should be taken at longer intervals so that the body does not get used to the movement sequences of the training
  • You should complete a varied interval training on your preferred training device – so you change the loads targeted and over again.

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