Treadmill to lose weight and run better

The treadmill allows you to follow an effective and uninterrupted running training program all year round and anywhere to lose weight , improve performance and get back in shape after an injury . Along with the elliptical , it is the cardio-training device most used by women in the gym; men prefer the rower .

Lose weight by following a treadmill walking / running program
Treadmills burn more calories than any other fitness device because more than two-thirds of the muscles are used.

the treadmill is perfect for losing weight by burning as many calories as possible
Associated with a heart rate monitor, it is one of the most efficient and reliable devices for the cardiovascular system. Combined with a diet, regular practice of walking on a treadmill, then alternating between walking and running, finally running alone, this is the ideal program to lose weight quickly and well, that is to say permanently and without yo-yo effect. A running program for people in average physical condition designed on the principle of slow walking-running alternation is available on the site. The first week of this beginner’s program consists of the following 3 sessions:

treadmill running first week of training
Better run
The treadmill optimizes training by making it fun and above all perfectly consistent with the biomechanical requirements of the running stride .

treadmill training
Running on a treadmill is no more difficult than outdoors; indeed treadmills have a running belt driven by a motor; the runner thus does not have to provide an additional effort compared to his natural stride to bring the tread. The impression of a real running is complete, except for the air resistance due to the movement. On a treadmill, if you really want to run while reproducing the resistance of the air, the trick is to choose a slope of 1%. It is indeed possible to vary the incline of the treadmill and therefore to approach, as outdoors, different profiles of height difference. The mat adapts to the specific sports projects of each.

treadmill for trainingTreadmill training is never disturbed by professional demands or the vagaries of the weather. It is possible to jog at any time. Unfolded in seconds, it can be used quickly. The race window thus fits much more easily into the schedule of the week, sheltered from the rain but also from urban pollution. An additional advantage compared to a subscription to a fitness room, the lifespan of a sports treadmill is very long so the purchase investment, albeit significant, is largely amortized over the long term. is to say over 3 to 4 years.

Get in shape: running on treadmill and light weight training without equipment
Running or walking on a treadmill saves the knees. The surfaces of roads and racing trails are sometimes too hard and wear out the cartilages of the knee. On a treadmill the shocks are absorbed as on the tartan of an athletics track. For people with reduced mobility, because of its simple and natural movement at the same time, it is possible, thanks to this device, to mobilize its body gradually and in complete safety and this even within the framework of a program of rehabilitation after injury or accident.

treadmill and cross-training program
The previous image shows a workout combining treadmill running with bodyweight strength training exercises and aiming for muscle toning without gaining volume. The indicated exercise times may be reduced at the start of the program. For example, you can start with a run on a treadmill for 5 minutes alternated with 30-second bodyweight exercises and then gradually approach, during the following sessions, the durations indicated in the image.

Run anytime and anywhere
The extreme example is that of astronauts but without going into space we can see that it is possible to completely free yourself from external conditions to run. Outside temperatures too low in the north of France or in Quebec or too high in Perpignan, Dakar or Lomé (Togo) one can always train in a stable and air-conditioned environment. The managers of hotel chains or the owners of guest rooms have clearly seen the need to equip their reception facilities with various fitness equipment. Running in the streets of an unfamiliar city or on completely foreign paths is certainly not lacking in charm, but most tourists also appreciate the safety of a gym to keep in shape, even when traveling.

Criteria for buying a treadmill
The wider and longer the tread pattern of the treadmill, the larger the running space. Make sure the length is beyond your stride. A good tread should be more than 40 cm minimum.

Usually expressed in HP, the motor is the centerpiece of the treadmill. The more powerful it is, the more enduring it will be. The speed will not be directly related to the power of the engine but it will slow down the wear of this one. Below 2 CV, the mat will be used for occasional training. From 2 CV the motor will be competitive and will allow a semi professional training

The incline will vary the workout, generally the inclines range from 0 to 10%. They are manual on low-end models and electric on high-end models. Some treadmills have built-in programs that vary the incline according to the running programs you are taking. It is usual to choose a slope of 1% in order to better simulate the resistance of the air that one normally feels when running outside and which, of course, does not exist on a carpet.

Integrated programs
The integrated training software manages all the data you need to prepare well: speed, average speed, calories lost, time, duration of the race, distance covered, heart rate and average heart rate. The computer also makes it possible to define the programs to be followed.

Mechanical or Motorized
A motorized treadmill has a motor that drives the tread while a mechanical treadmill has a flywheel that must be started and that drives the tread. For occasional use or for walking, a mechanical treadmill is sufficient, but as soon as you want to do a more sustained training with higher speeds, a motorized treadmill is essential.

Tips for better running
Run well
running strideTo run well, you must first move your foot back into the shoe with each stride. The ground support is taken from top to bottom and especially from front to back.

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Stretching while running
running stretchingThe running in stretching are essential to prevent injuries to the lower limbs, but also back.

Training software and download files
These training software allow personalized monitoring and the collection of essential information to optimize physical preparation for running, hiking or team sports. A spreadsheet is available to know its endurance index .

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