10 Treadmill For The Office {Reviews 2020 With Buying Guide}

Treadmill can be used in anywhere. Most often they are found in the gym, where it is used by the members. As treadmill tests show, many people have treadmills in their own home. Because people do not want to get rid of high fees for gym membership. Choose a folding treadmill for home as they are fold-able to save space.

Office is a place where treadmills are barely found. However, some new companies set up gyms for their employee. If you want to set up a treadmill at work , there are two possible scenarios you can face.

You are your own boss - treadmill is no problem

The simple variant is that you run your own business, so there is no one left in the hierarchy. This circumstance makes it very easy to set up a treadmill in your office , because you do not have to ask anyone for permission, but you can decide it yourself. The only thing that needs to be clarified is where the treadmill finds its place in your office .

If the office is big enough, you could cover the treadmill with a curtain or screen. In this way, the device remains hidden from the eyes of business associates or clients you are likely to receive in your office at appointments.

Treadmill in the office as an employee - obtain permission

The task of setting up a treadmill in the office will be more difficult if you are employed in a company as an employee. Even if you have your own office, you can not just bring a treadmill and put it up there.

First, you can not just after your discretion have the space and secondly consumes a treadmill if it is an electrical device, of course, power. However , it is not you, but the company, who is paying for this energy. 

For these reasons, it is necessary to ask your supervisor if you are allowed to place a treadmill in your office. Probably with him also the question will be clarified to what extent and at what times you want to use the treadmill or may. After all, you are, after all, working in the company.

Arguments for a treadmill in the office

To convince the supervisor of the necessity of a treadmill in the office, very good arguments are probably necessary . After all, he should agree to a not very cost-effective purchase, the first claimed space, secondly to be used during business operations. Important arguments for such an acquisition could be that:

  •  The employees are motivated again after use
  • The treadmill supports the health of employees
  • gives the employees a feeling of benevolence on the part of the supervisor
  • The purchase price is amortized by less sickness-related absences
  • The working atmosphere improves fundamentally

Particularly in the case of young companies such as Google or Facebook, people are increasingly focusing on recreational, recreation and sports areas, because they want to give employees the feeling that they care for and take care of them .

A treadmill for the office is not only a means to improve the fitness of the workforce, but also serves to improve the mood in the workplace.

Treadmill for the office - which models are suitable?

It does not matter if you decide it yourself or if your supervisor has agreed. It raises the question of the appropriate models for a treadmill in the office. Here the treadmill comparison helps. 

The same criteria can be used as for searching for a place in your own home. The office in which the treadmill should stand must be well ventilated, not too dark and of course not too small. In an office, a collapsible treadmill is definitely worth it, because it can easily be deposited in a corner or behind a seating group where it is not noticeable. In addition, a quiet treadmill should be chosen when buying. 

A special type of treadmill are those models that easily fit directly under a height-adjustable desk or under a high desk. In such treadmills , the training computer is not firmly connected to the treadmill , but by means of a cable and can be very easily positioned on the desk. 

However, these treadmills are maximally suitable for a fast walking during the work, for the jogging the engine is too weak. It would be ideal, of course, if the superior had his own room to set up from one device or even multiple treadmills. Then the company would have a gym in which the employees would be compensated for their long sitting at their desks during their break.

Special case employee with handicap

More and more companies are working on the term inclusion and are also hiring employees who are struggling with a handicap. Not infrequently, such people need health-promoting measures in the form of massages, physiotherapy or even sporty ones during working hours Activity. 

Especially in the context of this topic, supervisors are often willing to purchase needed equipment. Here you could hook in and suggest to buy a treadmill for the office, which can also be used for rehabilitation purposes.

That's what science says about the treadmill for the office

This idea of the treadmill in the office , which was originally born in the USA, has not only occupied the treadmill manufacturers, but also science. This has highlighted some aspects that speak for this type of exercise during office hours :

  • The movement burns more calories (about 400 per week)
  • The blood sugar level remains constant (diabetes precaution)
  • The use of the treadmill prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Working while standing can reduce back pain
  • Working in running increases the energy level and improves the mood
  • Walking increases productivity
  • Working in standing and running can extend the life span

The price range for treadmills for the office

The costs play a not insignificant role in the purchase of a treadmill for the office . Collapsible and space-saving devices are already available for just under 2000 dollars. If you want to buy a so-called desk treadmill, you should start with costs starting at about 600  dollars.

At the top, the price scale is open and above all dependent on what the treadmill should be able to do for the office.

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