Treadmill For The Home – Ideal Places

Not everyone wants to train in front of many strangers in a gym, but prefers to be in familiar surroundings. For this reason, many sports enthusiasts want to buy a treadmill for at home . In this case, however, first the not unimportant question to clarify, where one after a treadmill comparison , such a sports equipment because at all should or can? Not everyone has an infinite amount of space in the house or apartment. In addition, not every room is suitable for setting up a sports equipment.

Criteria for a suitable location for installation

You would not believe it all when it comes to finding a suitable place for a treadmill from the treadmill test . You have to think about the room air, the necessary light and things like that. Only when the right place is found, you can calmly and without disturbing other people , train on the treadmill. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing your location:

  •  the place should be sufficiently oxygenated (window)
  • it should be a dry place
  • The device should not be exposed to direct sunlight
  •  the place should be protected from drafts (because of the risk of colds)
  • The floor should be as level as possible (concrete would be ideal
  • The place should be protected from prying eyes
  • the place should be chosen so that the current band does not disturb neighbors
  • The treadmill should not be next to furniture (spatter)

As you can see, a used treadmill needs a not very easy place to put it up. So, before you buy, think about what space in the house or apartment meets all of these requirements and, in your opinion, is suitable as a training location .

Find places for a treadmill

Knowing the space requirements for a treadmill , you can now go through the premises of your home or home and search for the right location for your used treadmill . The more rooms available, the greater the chance to find the right place.

In principle, the room should be large enough , because the treadmill is often up to 2 meters long and can be up to 1 meter wide .

Although some fold up and save space in this way, but for the operation you have to unfold them to their full size.

Possible rooms for a treadmill

Let's start with the rooms that could be suitable for setting up a treadmill . Maybe you have a large bedroom with enough space? Then this could be a good place for the treadmill . Also the living room would be conceivable with a sufficient size, however you should consider that the device could disturb , if you get visitors. If you want to put it there, the room should be well accessible with the device.

Of course, it would be a stroke of luck if you had a room that you use as an office or directly as a leisure, hobby or sports room . Here, a treadmill can be set up well, since it is not immediately visible to the normal visitor, you disturb anyone during the training by the operating noise or block another room.

Another possible space for setting up such a sports equipment would possibly be a hobby room in the basement or in the attic.

Both would have to have a heater or a window or at least sufficient ventilation . Especially in the attic, it can be quite warm in summer. The cellar, on the other hand, cools down quickly in the cold seasons and therefore needs to be heated. If you own a conservatory , it is also a possible place for your treadmill . Conservatories are often bright, well insulated and let in a lot of light. In addition, they always have large windows to open.

Unsuitable rooms for a treadmill

The place where you want to set up a treadmill must, in principle, provide enough space for the treadmill . It also makes sense if he is not too busy. That's the only way to train in peaceand not to be distracted all the time. Therefore, the hall probably falls out as a possible place, as it is crossed by the residents very often, is usually not large enough and also very rarely has a window . As a result, the supply of fresh air is not guaranteed.

Also in the kitchen you should not set up a treadmill. First, it is usually not big enough, second, there are very often people on there and third, there is cooked. As a result, more fat and other contaminants can reach the device , which has an adverse effect. The bathroom is in our opinion also as a site, because it is clearly too wet due to the daily used sanitary facilities such as shower or bath . In addition, the place that everyone has to visit at some point would be blocked during long training sessions for other residents, which would certainly lead to stress.

Possible outdoor locations

Some athletes attach great importance to fresh air during exercise , even on treadmill runs .

That's why they just put their treadmill on the balcony of their apartment. This works only if it is a balcony that is well protected from rain and snow .

So the treadmill can not get wet and can be used even in very bad weather. The same is of course for putting up on a terrace . Only if this is built so that the treadmill is protected, you can put it there and train regardless of the weather. What must be present on the balcony as well as on the terrace is a power outlet , because an electric treadmill is only ready for use.

Where is it?

We have some places where a treadmill can be set up. Which of these places you ultimately choose remains, you leave . But you should consider in the choice but the aspect of room quality (bright, dry room with sufficient air and electricity) and noise insulation (thick floor mat to mitigate the so-called impact sound transmission, quiet engine for quiet operation, remote location as a contribution to noise protection) , Of these, it ultimately depends on whether you enjoy training, stay healthy and do not have to deal with disturbed neighbors.

What to consider choosing the best treadmill?

Before making a purchase decision, consider the following aspects that will help you make your purchase the right one.

Manufacturing materials

The materials with which the treadmill is made is essential to consider, since this depends on the strength and durability of the machine. Make sure that these are strong, some of the most recommended are those of iron and aluminum, the first ones are resistant and stable but on many occasions they tend to oxidize, instead those of aluminum do not oxidize.

Damping system

It is essential, since the care of your body is the most important, when a treadmill has a cushioning system, it protects the joints, avoiding any wear, tear and injuries, so you will ensure that the routine is effective and healthy.

Treadmill size

The measures are fundamental, since many people who need to buy a treadmill, need to be clear about the space they have at home, on the other hand the folding models are the most recommended, since that will not be a problem, because it They can fold easily and store, either in your closet or under the bed.

In turn, depending on your height you should look for a treadmill that has the necessary measures, because being very small and your steps are long, you can step on false and have an injury, so try to have the necessary measures for your training be effective

Treadmill programs

A treadmill that has programs is essential, since you can perform your pre-established routines, you can also adjust those programs according to your need, either with the appropriate inclination or you can also adjust the time intervals, a period of low intensity and another high, so that the body does not wear out or damage occurs, if your body is not prepared for accelerated and fast routines, start with a low intensity.

Treadmill motor

The engine is essential, since according to the power you have you can adjust the speed, the higher the speed of your training, the greater its power should be, if your workouts are professional, make sure the speed range reaches up to 20km / h.

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