Treadmill for cats

It may sound amusing and certainly not a treadmill for any cat, but they really do exist, the treadmills for overweight tummy tigers. For hamsters a normal device, which belongs in each cage, should now be used for thick, lazy cats.

The idea for this had Sean Farley from California, of which initially only $ 10,000 for the campaign have been estimated. Within days, this idea turned into a $ 300,000 accumulation and the child was given a name - “One Fast Cat ". Something completely new for Stubentiger.

This device consists of a rubber tire standing on turned skateboard axles together with 4 wheels. If the cat goes into this tire and gets momentum, then the tire turns and the cat has to run.

A fun for any cat , as long as they join in, which one can never predict with the various tiger tigers. In the worst case, she "turns the wheel" if she likes it and not because she wants it.

So it gets attention, if the owners just do not want it. Unfortunately, the idea is not quite so cheap, because the now gone into series model costs about 200 dollars. However, it is still unclear whether the product, which is already well marketed in the USA, will also reach the specialist shops in Europe. Since this treadmill or impeller enjoys great popularity, however, this is only a matter of time.

Cats are testing a treadmill

For cats a curious novelty in the domestic living space- the treadmill of people as we test them in the treadmill compare on which the pet owner walks or constantly moves. It also makes funny noises and a band is running, which does not even stop when you paw it with the paw. In any case, the monster is first tested and if there are several cats in the household, then this is great fun for cat and master or mistress.

In any case, the treadmill will be put through its paces. Also trying to get under the band, which promises a lot of fun for all spectators. Rare specimens can even run together with the athlete on the treadmill, but lose control at too high speed and can easily slide down. In any case, the novelty is tested extensively.

Treadmill for slimming for all cats

A special feature for overfed cats is the water treadmill , which should help the cat to get rid of extra pounds and thereby to protect the joints. Once the cat is so thick that it can not properly clean itself, then this is urgently needed. Three times a week, the cat was supposed to do some sports and use the water treadmill for 7 to 10 minutes.

However, this is only possible if the cat is not afraid of water, which unfortunately have a lot of tiger tigers in common.

In any case, the cat must be led by masters or mistresses in the exercises or detained, because voluntarily she certainly does not do this. Then, however, within a few weeks significant weight loss should be visible , also the diet of the cat should be changed. Away from the remnants of the human food, it means for overweight cats in any case, in addition to the exercise, to healthy cat food.

This greatly improves the quality of life of the cats , because overweight cats have little fun in their daily lives and also die very early. However, you should not resort to drastic diets, because then there may be health problems. Losing a pound a month is perfectly fine and sufficient.

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