Frequently asked questions about the treadmill and weight loss

All these questions you ask yourself have an answer!

Through our years of experience, we have listed the questions I have asked us so often to provide you with a short answer!

Treadmill for weight loss:

Does running on a treadmill make you lose weight?

Lose weight with the treadmill Running is the best choice for weight loss. You are in control of your movements during the treadmill running!

You will even advance your leg and move your arms (unlike other devices) which promotes energy expenditure! The whole body is in motion, which allows you to burn more calories!

This fitness device is ideal for slimming the thighs and stimulating fat loss all over the body! Thanks to the treadmill, you can lose your arms, stomach, legs).

Indeed, the blood circulates throughout the body for a maximum of lost calories and for a rapid weight loss.

How to lose weight on a treadmill?

For weight loss on a treadmill , it is advisable to have a regular practice. The ideal is to run on a minimum mat every 2 days to see results!

During your run, remember to play on the incline! The more the incline of the treadmill is at its maximum, the more you increase your energy expenditure. treadmill about how to lose weight

The best way to lose weight on a mat is to train in the heart rate zone that burns maximum calories! This zone is at 60 – 70% of your maximum heart rate (HRM).

The FCM is 226 – age for women and 220 – age for men. Then just apply the 2 percentages (60 and 70%) to your result to determine your ideal heart zone for burning calories.

At first you will lose weight quickly. In the long run, the body gets used to the effort and you will see slower results on your cardio machine.

For this reason, it is necessary to increase the duration as you integrate interval training sessions (about 2 times a week).

Running on an empty stomach may be a solution if you are stuck in your weight loss. However, this practice is recommended for people in good physical condition.

Is the treadmill a good choice for weight loss?

Yes, you can lose belly weight while you run! Indeed, by running, you will not only slim the thighs.

The whole body is in motion, which encourages blood circulation throughout the body and helps burn fat everywhere!

Treadmill for weight loss belly

To lose belly fat faster, consider slimming down while you run. Consider bringing the navel closer to the spine.

If you find it difficult to gain weight while running, brisk walking can be an excellent addition. Brisk walking is great for building muscle mass.

Obviously, you won’t see results if you don’t eat a healthy diet. If you supplement regular physical activity with good eating habits, it will reach your flat stomach goal!

Do you have a treadmill weight loss program?

Our sports coach offers you a small training program to lose weight! treadmill program to lose weight

Brisk walk for 5 minutes to warm up.
Run 25 minutes with maximum incline at 60 – 70% of your max heart rate (HRM calculation). The speed will depend on your heart rate.
Finish with 15 minutes flat (without tilting) while jogging.

And yes, contrary to what you may think, there is no need to be constant stamina or short of breath to burn more calories.

You see that by following this small program 2 to 3 times a week by adding a balanced diet, there will be results.

It may also be beneficial to do 2 endurance sessions per week on your fitness equipment.

Can you lose weight while walking?

Lose weight with walking mat

Using a treadmill or taking a brisk walk on a treadmill is great for turning body fat into muscle mass. Running is very effective at burning more calories.

Walking is, however, an excellent complement to refine and sculpt your thighs and glutes.

Starting with walking is very effective for getting back into shape. A beginner can alternate between walking and running until the day they are ready to run for 30 minutes or more.

Brisk walking is excellent for muscle toning and is also suitable for experienced athletes! Don’t underestimate it and add it to your weight loss program!

Also remember to play on the incline of the mat, your heart rate and monitor the diet!

Bike or treadmill to lose weight?

Are you hesitating between an exercise bike and a treadmill? Do you want a cardio training machine that burns as many calories as possible? Bike or treadmill to lose weight

Go on a treadmill! It is the most effective fitness device for burning fat. Indeed, unlike the exercise bike, your whole body is dynamic during the run which encourages energy expenditure! Losing weight will therefore be easier on this cardio machine!

The exercise bike only solicits the lower limbs. It is used above all to strengthen the lower body.

Weight loss is likely on the bike as long as you train at the right heart rate.

The elliptical trainer will be a better choice for this purpose, however, since you will have your whole body in motion.

Treadmill or elliptical trainer?

Running or cardio training on an elliptical machine? These 2 devices are excellent for weight loss! However, they both have advantages and disadvantages!

elliptical bike or treadmill for weight lossTreadmills:

Advantages :

Best fitness device for weight loss: you are in control of your movements which increases energy expenditure.

Allows you to lose weight all over your body.

Great diversity during your physical activity (incline, speed, brisk walking).
Can be used for muscle building with brisk walking and max incline.


Risk of injury: impact on the ground, risk of poor posture.
Not suitable during perineum rehabilitation.
Bulky device.
Elliptical trainers: elliptical bike or treadmill for weight loss

Does not help to build muscle.
Less diversity in training.
Less efficient than the treadmill in terms of calories burned.
As you will have understood, if you are in good physical shape, favor the treadmill, which allows you to burn more calories. If you are obese or need to avoid affects on the ground, opt for an elliptical.

Advantages :

Guides you in the movements: little risk of injury.
Protects your joints.
Often compact cardio machines.
Allows you to lose weight all over your body.
Suitable for women who are in perineum rehabilitation.

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