Training: why use a treadmill?

At the gym or in the comfort of their own home, many fitness fans regularly use a treadmill to supplement their workout. For some, more runners than bodybuilders, it’s the only way to run when the weather isn’t right.

While for others, the treadmill is a good addition to their outdoor training. But beyond its simplistic form, the treadmill has a lot more to offer than it looks. It offers a whole host of benefits and countless exercise variations to customize your training program. Overview of the main advantages of the treadmill.

What muscles can you work on a treadmill?
A real walking and running simulator, the treadmill can work almost all the muscles targeted by these two physical activities. This is also why it is one of the most effective fitness equipment for training, losing weight or simply refining your figure.

The treadmill to refine your figure
Running on a treadmill works two-thirds of the body’s muscle volume, almost as much as the elliptical trainer. Indeed, it targets not only the muscles of the legs, but also those of the upper limbs, such as the muscles of the arms and the abdominal belt.

In addition, the treadmill offers the advantage of adapting to your needs. You can therefore tilt its frame to target certain muscles in particular, such as the calves, thighs and glutes. On some models of the manufacturer Nordictrack, it is even possible to adjust the frame to have a negative slope. What to simulate a descent. In fact, consult this guide to find the treadmill that meets your specific needs.

In summary, a treadmill will allow you to work six main muscle groups:

the thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings)
the abdominal muscles (transverse, rectus abdominis and obliques)
gluteal muscles
lumbar muscles
calf muscles
as well as the muscles of the arms (biceps, deltoids and latissimus dorsi)
The treadmill to take care of your cardiovascular health
Along with cycling, the elliptical trainer and swimming, running is one of the sports that develops cardiovascular and respiratory capacities the most. Whether in nature or on a treadmill, running can control bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. In addition, by developing your breathing capacities with the help of a treadmill, you will be able to climb the stairs more easily without shouting, and even run longer without getting out of breath.

Why choose a treadmill?
In addition to its benefits on cardiovascular health, the treadmill is an effective device for losing weight, especially by easily burning calories. In addition, the opportunity to run at home, without depending on the weather, is a significant advantage for those who are more cautious.

In a few words, the treadmill is:

the advantage of running at home (or at the sports club) and at your own pace
a long-term economic investment
solid equipment accessible to everyone, to practice running in complete safety
equipment suitable for all users, whether it is to lose weight, maintain their health, refine their silhouette, or even for rehabilitation.
A control panel to personalize your exercises
Even though it is considered the simplest of indoor fitness equipment, the treadmill still offers some settings to help you adjust the running speed and incline of the frame . So you can simulate ribs and exercise more muscles and burn more calories. The incline of the chassis can be controlled manually or by the device itself, using a program that collects data from your ride.

Plenty of Exercises to Try Without Going Out
The treadmill offers a variety of exercises that allow you to simulate walking, jogging (moderate-pace jogging) and running. Most models have an adjustment wheel to change the incline of the mat: change the difficulty of the effort to put more strain on certain muscle groups, such as the glutes or thigh muscles. You can also go for a steep incline walk to take care of your joints and back, while maximizing the calorie burning potential.

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