Training on the treadmill to lose weight – Good or Bad for your running?

By training on the treadmill, you can burn fat, if you set with 60-80% of your maximum heart rate running. Training on the treadmill makes it easier to lose more weight and is an excellent alternative for the people who feel unpleasant at lousy weather that led to the resignation of the running outdoors as well. 

It can be a stable element of the gymnasium workouts as well. Learn what training on the treadmill should suit you to burn body fat effectively and also learn about all the running techniques on this machine and get familiar with the training plan for the beginners. The article is solely for the learning of the interval exercises on the treadmills.

Training on the treadmill - Good or Bad for your running? Video Explanation

Training on the treadmill has its supporters and opponents parties to give their opinion. The opponent’s parties complain about monotony state that runners are running in a closed and artificial lighted room with eyes fixed on a rigid wall.

Others parties, on the opposite, appreciate its suitability in slimming training. Another fact is that it can also be used regardless of threatening or inclement weather.

If you belong to the latter opinion, remember that the training on the treadmill is completely different from the running outside. This is one of the elements of the right technique to shed more weight quickly.

Techniques of Training On The Treadmill

1. Take Running Clothes And Shoes

Even before you launch the training on the treadmill, try to prepare your appropriate outfit at first. First of all, it must be a comfortable one and not restrict movement. It is worth to put on the thermo-active clothing’s which can strengthen your comfort of exercises. Footwear is also essential here. 

You can choose the standard training shoes as you need not take as good cushioning as when running at outdoors. On the other hand, if you train at the outdoors regularly, nothing can prevent you from taking the running shoes. A towel for soaking sweat and water bottle might be useful on this occasion.

2. Remember To Warm Up And Finish Your Training

Training on the treadmill at home must start with warm-up, appropriate run and a finishing phase. For the introduction and end of your workout, take about 20 percent of its total duration. 

As part of the warm-up, you can start to the lowest possible speed as you can on the treadmill or do some other exercises, e.g., sideways slopes, forward bends, on the inside and back of your thighs etc. In the finishing phase, the running at the lowest possible speed is also recommended.

3. Run The Running Belt Before Running On The Treadmill

Beginners often make this mistake at the very beginning of the treadmill running. They activate the running belt after entering on the running or join the belt started immediately and set the high speed of the treadmill machine. 

You should activate the running belt before entering the treadmill or placed feet on the sides of the treadmill and after setting the low speed. Then, you are allowed to enter the running belt and running the treadmill.

4. Run Along The Middle of The Running Belt

Don’t jog too close to the side edges of the running belt and too close of the panel. Just try to keep yourself in the middle of the running belt.

You can keep the full motion range and the chance of setting of the natural length of your steps. You can get the best cushioning also and do not make unnecessary injuries in your back, arms and neck.

5. Do not Look At Your Feet

Try to keep your body straight. While running on the treadmill, we look down at the display automatically. What's more, in this pose, the treadmill causes "rejection" of your legs back, and we suddenly stop running.

It is best to stare at the front of you at eye level. It is significant not to hold the handles bar while training on the treadmill as well. These are used to help you when entering and leaving the treadmill machine, and you can use them while you need to change the speed.

6. Set the Appropriate Incline

Running on the treadmill can help you to achieve a better result with less effort than the natural running on the outsides. The running on the treadmill belt is like running on a simple surface without facing any obstacles in the form of sand, stones and hills.

However, if somebody desire to run in such conditions resembling those (sand, rocks and hills ) in the bosom of nature, then he has an option to set the inclination angle on this treadmill machine.

The best solution for beginners is to choose an inclination angle of 1-4% slope (even zero percent can be a good alternative at the very beginning of the training). It is strongly inadvisable to put a pitch that is greater than eight percent because that increases the risk of your muscles injury.

7. Gradually Increases Effort

Start and finish of your every run with a slight march. If you are starting your training on the treadmill, just do not be getting afraid of slow walking and running. You might get better results in this way than getting too dizzy and breathless from the fast pace. 

Just control your pulse .most often, every treadmill machines screen the heart rate, and usually, you have to keep your both hands on the pulse sensors, then the result appears within 5 seconds. Nonetheless, these are only estimated results, so it is better to have professional heart rate equipment with you.

8. Drink Enough Water

When you are on training on the treadmill or doing any exercise, you just need to care for the proper hydration of your body. Drink two glasses of water before two hours of starting the workout.

Take one glass of water during the exercise at 20-minute intervals. However, after the training on the treadmill, just drink two glasses of water.

Remember that exercise in the room is more comfortable to dehydrate than the activity on the outsides because the air can help to cool down the body while workouts at outside.

9. Take Care Of Variety Program

Running in the fresh air or outside of home mean that not only continually changes the landscapes, but also changing the weather as well as running conditions; for example, a sudden appearance of the car on a nearby road.

Consequently, it requires more attentiveness and at the same time, it also seems more attractive than running in a similar place in a closed room. Under these conditions, it isn't easy to give actual concentration, but you might help yourself.

Therefore, the great idea is to listen to your favourite inspiring music or change the programs or incline your running lane.

The Correct Posture While Training On The Treadmill

  • head are straight,
  • eyes are directed straightly ahead (not down);
  • shoulders are loosely lowered;
  • arms are bent and held closely to body;
  • back are straight;
  • belly are  pulled in;

How To Exercise On The Treadmill To Lose Weight?

1. Control Your Heart Rate

2. Practice No Less Than 30 Minutes

3. Run Regularly

4. Take As Many Steps As You Can

5. Listen To Music

Training Effects On The Treadmill

  • Strengthened and toned the calves, quadriceps , buttocks  and arm muscles;
  • Stronger heart
  • Better blood circulation;
  • Accurate mobility of the joints;
  • Reduced the blood pressure ;
  • Decreased the triglyceride levels ;
  • Good" HDL cholesterol in the body;
  • Lower risk of heart attack
  • Lower risk of stroke ;
  • Improve lung function.

Training On The Treadmill: A training plan for beginners

Interval Training On The Treadmill

People who mainly care about losing some kilograms and burning more fat from places that we get rid of it from the most difficult (thighs, abdomen, hips) organ. We can choose Interval training on the treadmill for this case.

It is worth adding. Nevertheless, this is not a challenge for beginners. Only when we have moulded already, we can afford this effort. Interval training on the treadmill must not last any longer than 40 minutes (together with the warm-up and the finishing phase). It involves enormous energy expenditure.

The Interval training on the treadmill comprises of interweaving short but very intense cycles that can go for alternately with the low-intensity gears. Treadmill intervals can be carried out at 2-3 times a week (interlacing them with the cardio exercises) regularly.

During the interval training, a relatively moderate effort (maximum heart rate level of 60-75%) is interspersed with the intensive effort of 75-90% of the top heart rate level. We can make it short and intense intervals or more extended. But, we can do it by a bit less severe that is at the level of 80 percent of the heart rate (maximum).

The first option can allow you to burn body fat quickly, but it is solely designed for people with an excellent health condition. The second one will be great for those people who have trained already, but so far they are being focused on cardio exercises mainly.

Interval training on the treadmill must be slowly introduced, and it can be systematically increased wit its speed and also the angle of inclination.

What Are The Benefits Of Interval Training On The Treadmill?

We can appreciate the interval training on the treadmill by which we can burn up to 3 times more calories in comparison to the other cardio training. All is due to the increased post-exercise oxygen demand (called EPOC). 

Therefore, the intervals of training are very demanding. The body needs more time to recover from this training. In the process of reconstruction of the muscles mass, we need in a large amount of oxygen supply to the body.

For this reason, energy from fat is being taken. The regeneration of muscles can continue for many hours and after the end of exercises. That is why the fat tissue is being burned even whenever we are sitting or sleeping.

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