9 Tips to Improve Your Smartwatch Battery Life

Tips to Improve Battery Life on Your Smartwatch

In the world of lifestyle and fitness, smartwatches become the center of attraction. Gadget freaks are always feeling passionate about smartwatches and try to pick the latest one with unique features. And the most important part is its battery life. Have you ever thought about why your smartwatch battery gets drained so fast?

The gx-smartwatch honest review may help you to understand this fact. The battery life mostly depends on how much you can stretch it out. Also, the more features it has, the more energy it will consume. We will provide some essential tips and tricks in this article that will increase your smartwatch battery life.

1.0 Adjust the Brightness Level

Display plays a vital role in killing battery life. If you just adjust the brightness level, you can see a more significant increase in your smartwatch battery life. It’s obvious, the brighter screen looks great, but you have to think about its day-long service.

The first point to consider is selecting the auto-brightness mode. It will change depending on your lighting environment. This process is the best solution for power consumption. You should enter the app menu, open the watch’s setting option, and then go to adjust brightness. Select the auto option, and you are good to go.

2.0 Block Unnecessary Notification/application

The most common cause for battery drain is the unlimited notifications from different apps. You can block those unnecessary app notifications so that it can boost up the battery life of your smartwatch.

Also, you can sort the list of common notifications that will appear on your smartphone. You can go to our watch’s settings and find out app notification, then disable those notifications that you don’t need.

You can delete those apps that are not useful for you right now. Some apps are installed in the system ROM that you can’t uninstall. But the best thing is that you can disable them so that they cannot run in the background.

3.0 Limit Connectivity

Smartwatches always stay connected with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data. You can limit them to protect your battery from discharging and overheating. You have to rely on the Bluetooth connection to stay connected with your phone. So, you can turn off Wi-Fi to improve battery life. You should open the menu bar, go to the settings, click on Wi-Fi, and turn it off.

4.0 NFC (near-Field Communication)

This wireless service always keeps enabled by default. It will allow you to tap-to-pay using Android Pay, Apple Pay, or any other payment option at your favorite restaurants and stores. When needed, you can keep it on; otherwise, you can disable it. If you don’t need such functions, you can turn them off from your settings that are located in the connectivity menu.

Tips to Improve Battery Life of Smartwatch

5.0 Watch Faces

The watch face of your smartphone affects battery life most. Facer is an app that contains immense creative designs. Some designs feature additional info that keeps running in the background all the time.

Most third-party watch face apps have a huge influence to drain battery life. These types of apps highlight smartwatches by creating something different. But if you want to increase your battery life, you have to sacrifice these watch faces.

6.0 Enable the Cinema Mode

If you are going to attend a meeting or a private party and cinema, the best option will be enabling cinema mode. It will stop the watch from bothering you. It goes into a state of hibernating mode, which turns off the screen. The screen will switch on again when you use the power button.

After the screen woke up, cinema mode will deactivate automatically.  As your screen remains turned off, it will help to improve your battery life. To activate cinema mode, you have to pull the panel from the top and click on the watch icon.

7.0 Disable Wrist Gestures

When you lift your arm or turn the screen towards you, this feature automatically turns on the light of your screen. This thing can be unnecessary for some people. If you don’t need this you feature, you can simply disable the gesture.

By disabling this feature, you can ensure the long life of your smartwatch battery. To disable wrist gesture, you can open the menu sliding over to settings, and click on gesture to turn it off.

8.0 Turn off Notification

Snoozing is another cause of battery draining. For every single notification, your smartwatch turns on the screen and starts vibrating. It requires lots of battery power. Extending battery life by using snooze will be the best option.

By pulling down the main screen and turning off, the notification can save your smartwatch battery’s power. It will ensure that the screen won’t light up; also, there would be no vibration.

9.0 Monitor Your Battery

Monitor the battery is the final solution for improving battery life. Most of the smartwatches have a built-in tool. Which provides information about which apps are consuming battery power most. Also, you can see how long the battery will run. You can see these things in more detail from the Android Wear app.

Click on the setting option, open the menu bar, and go to the watch battery option. It will take some time to load. Then you can see the detailed information about which app consumes more power. This is the most useful solution by which you can manage the apps to save battery life.


Your attention or care can improve the lifespan of your smartwatch battery. Depending on your situation or environment, you can apply these tips for optimizing battery life. You may not use all these tips, but as per your preference, you can change them. Remember, the changes you will make will help your device battery to last long and provide you more extended service.

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