Things to know to train well on the treadmill

Did you know that it isn’t very easy to train on a treadmill? There is a treadmill that can be used as a training tool. I told you about that before that happened. I haven’t explained to you why I think it works and how to use it correctly. We are going to tell you all about that today.

I have had some people ask me, “How did you learn to do the things you do?” I can only answer that with one word, “Practice”. But what is practice and how does it help us in our daily life? Let’s find out.

9-point treadmill training

If you use the treadmill correctly, it will be an extremely effective tool. You have to understand the differences between outdoor running and treadmill running in order to maximize your training on the treadmill.

There are a few key points that will make or break your training sessions. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best treadmill for your fitness goals. What is the ideal treadmill speed for me? Treadmills are commonly used for cardiovascular training.

1- Have fans

If you have a fan in front of you, the mat training is really effective. The biggest problem with the treadmill is that we don’t move so the air on our skin doesn’t cool us down.

As we spend around 80% of our energy as heat when we run… cooling down becomes crucial when there is no wind to do so (you will have noticed this when you are running in the middle of summer, this is much more complicated to be efficient).

The best way to create the wind is by using a good fan. The Nordictrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is equipped with fans. And I did the test, that’s what I did. I can tell you that training is more effective than it is without it. If we don

‘t have this air to cool down, our body uses more energy to cool itself than it does to run fast. We limit ourselves if we don’t have a good fan because it’s good if we want to prepare for a race in the heat… but in terms of training efficiency and progress in our running skills…

having a good fan is a must! The Nordictrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is equipped with a fan. This fan is really powerful. It creates enough air to cool you down. A fan on the back of the treadmill. You can hear it well… it’s really powerful!

I’m pretty sure that you’ll be impressed by the fan when you see it close up! But if you’re wondering how it works, it’s not that complicated. We are always surrounded by air.

It is our normal environment. So when we move, we create a little bit of air and it moves around us. This is called wind. When we run, the air is pushed away from us and goes to the side. It’s like a wall. If there is no wind… we are in a bad shape.

The air goes to the side and the heat stays on us. The fan creates a wind around the runner so the heat is pushed to the side. It’s like an “air curtain” That’s the reason why I decided to test it and you’ll see how effective it is. First, I did the test with the fan off.

2- Add a slope percentage

There is a resistance that the wind applies to us when we run outside. Our speed of movement is reduced by a little by this resistance. We don’t move and we don’t have resistance, so we have to adjust our carpet a little to recreate the outside.

The easiest way to compensate for this resistance is to use the incline of the mat. I made a tour of the serious studies on the subject, concerning the percentage of slope to use. There are overlaps but I found the most complete coming from the American professional.

I have a mat in my car and I always use it when I go running. It’s not very convenient to run outside and I like the idea of being able to practice in the car. I’m not good at remembering what position I was in, so I have the mat ready for my next run.

The mat is a good way to start running outside. You can see how your pace will change if you use an incline of 1% or 2%. The first thing you notice is that you lose some speed. You don’t need much time to get used to it, but you do need to be patient.

Wind resistance
0.5% : up to 4’30 / km
1%: from 4’30 to 3’30 / km
1.5%: 3’30 / km and faster

You know that the incline of the treadmill is zero before you step on it. If the mat is not adjusted correctly, it will skew everything. If you want to test that, you can use an application like “measure” on both of those platforms.

I am using a $80 treadmill with a $30 mat and an $85 monitor for $155. The only thing I don’t like about this is that I have to use the hand controls to operate the treadmill.

3- Running on a mat is more difficult

It is normal that running on a carpet is more difficult because it is linked to the fixed plane on which we are. There is no scrolling of the landscape like on the outside, we just have your effort to focus on, that makes the mental aspect more complicated, that’s why I almost always do interval training when I run on carpet.

You can see in the picture the difference between indoor and outdoor running. The indoor one has to be more focused on the effort of running (the same with cycling), whereas outdoors it is easier to “run” because the landscape is not fixed and you are free to move as you wish. That is why I think that indoor running is more difficult than outdoor running.

4- The mat absorbs shocks

shocks absorbed by modern treadmills This is a very important point because it helps to reduce the mechanical stress of the race and thus to avoid injuries. If you have no other choice but to run on asphalt, running from time to time on a carpet allows you to be on a softer ground and reduces the risks, it also works when you run on a track because the surface is soft.

The use of these surfaces is not restricted to the practice of sports. For example, they are often used for the training of horses.

But for us, their main use is the practice of athletics. The most famous is the one in the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. There are more than 3,000 runners and more than 200,000 spectators at the end of the race. But the practice of athletics is not only based on the use of tracks.

5- You can also injure yourself on a mat

The treadmill has a slightly different stride that can lead to injury or balance issues. We do not want to run all of the time on the mat.

When running on a treadmill, there is an underuse of ischios, which are used to push on the ground. The ground does not have to push as much as outside because it scrolls by itself. Yes, running on a carpet, but alternating with the outside!

It is also important to keep the body in motion. If we sit for long periods of time, the muscles get stiff and it can be hard to move. What should I wear?

I recommend wearing shoes that are similar to your normal running shoe. If you wear shoes with a heel, you may want to wear a pair of shoes with a more neutral heel. This will help you to land on your mid foot and not on your heel.

6- Training on a mat is different for everyone

Treadmill training is easier for some people and more difficult for others, compared to running outdoors, because of scrolling the ground.

There are many different categories of runners. Those who have a phase of pushing the ground more important than the air return phase will be punished by the ground, which will make it harder for them because their strength is taken away. In terms of perception, it feels good, but it is not a huge difference.

The difference is in the resistance and the effort required. The air return phase is more important. The ground is less important and the speed is less important, but the effort is the same.

On the treadmill, you can control the effort, the speed, and the distance. If you have a problem with your legs, this exercise will help you strengthen the legs. If you have a problem with your breathing, this exercise will help you strengthen the lungs.

If you have a problem with your chest, this exercise will help you strengthen the chest. If you have a problem with your breathing, this exercise will help you strengthen the lungs.

7- No stress on carpet

There is a major advantage of training on a mat. The temperature is cold. There will be a lot of time saved in preparing your race. Like in summer, shorts, a t-shirt, and you are ready. You don’t have to worry about safety at night, you won’t get mugged and you won’t have an accident.

As the most important thing to progress is to train regularly and to have a week that includes both fundamental endurance and interval training, the mat helps to maintain this habit even when you have less the weather.

The best part is that it can be done alone if you want to. You don’t have to have friends or family with you because you do it in front of a mirror. If you want to go for a run without your friends, you can do that too. There is no time limit or distance that you have to cover.

It is completely up to you and you can do whatever you want. You will learn how to walk, jog, and run by yourself. You can even skip a few steps if you feel like it. This is the perfect place for beginners. You don’t need any equipment other than the mat.

8- The mat helps us to be regular

Continuation is necessary to progress, but also involves respecting your paces during interval training. The mat is great for that because we don’t have to think about the pace, it is created automatically and we have to follow.

When you are easy, you are less likely to go faster than you should. We can say that when we are in the rough, we just have to hold on to the end without giving up!

A: I’m not sure how you’re supposed to do this, but here are some tips I’ve found useful for keeping up with my running partners: As soon as you see them, slow down a bit.

If you’re going to run faster, you need to be able to react quickly to avoid a collision. Run at a comfortable pace, but don’t be afraid to pick up the pace if they slow down.

9- We can do rib sessions on a mat

You can run on a hill for people who don’t have one nearby, it’s one advantage of the carpet. The sessions of ribs on the mat are just as effective on the mat as they are on the outside, so they shouldn’t deprive us of it!

I was just wondering if anyone here could comment on this question:

Do you practice running on a treadmill?

You know that despite the disadvantages of the carpet, I think the advantages of using it are more important than making up for it!

The figures are the best proof because I have been running a lot on the carpet in the winter for the past 5 years and each time I have been in good shape for my Spring competition. I don’t know if you use the mat on a daily basis. Is it also effective for you, if so?

I use the mat daily and love it. It has saved me from countless injuries over the years and I’m still running every day. The only time I’ve had a problem was when I stopped running on it for 3 months.

I’m now back to using it regularly and am looking forward to the next 10 years on the mat! I have had great results with the mat. I run on it at least once a week. The only time I’ve had any problems is when I stopped running on it.

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