Thera-Band Tapes – How To Use Them? Exercises With Thera-Band

Thera-Band tapes are equipment created to increase mobility, that is strength, endurance and mobility of our body. Thera-Band was initially created for rehabilitation and physiotherapy purposes to restore patients to health. At present, also people without physical trauma do exercises with Thera-Band to prevent injuries, overloads and muscle weakness. Thera-Band, depending on the color of the tape, has different strength and stretch, which allows you to choose the right tape to your needs and goals. Check what the Thera-Band tapes characterize, learn how to use them and learn about the most effective exercises performed with their help.

Thera-Band tapes were created in the United States in Akron, and they came into use in 1978. They are used primarily for exercises that mobilize joints , restore muscular strength and increase the ranges of mobility. Hence the use of Thera-Band mainly in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. However, exercises with Thera-Band can also be used by healthy people who want to prevent injuries and joint and muscle pain . Thera-Band tapes have been created so that their colors suggest the power and stretch of the tape. Thanks to that, it's easy to fit them to your needs.

It is worth knowing that in 1999 the Thera-Band Academy was founded, an organization that deals with training, trainings and scientific research devoted to Thera-Band tapes. The organization is working on improving these innovative tapes, modern training programs and increasing the use of training tools from Thera-Band.For these purposes, he cooperates with specialists and professionals in the field of sports and medicine from around the world.

What Are Thera-Band Tapes?

Thera-Band tapes are made of special latex rubber, which is thin, stretchy and at the same time very durable. The Thera-Band resembles a somewhat stretched unstopped balloon. Thanks to the delicate, latex material we can successfully use tapes directly on the skin, without fear of irritation and excessive pressure of soft tissues. For people who have a latex allergy , special hypoallergenic Thera-Band without latex is recommended.

Thera-Band is widely used in therapies, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and fitness classes. Tapes most often are held with your own hands and hooked them on the feet or other parts of the body, such as the back or thighs.

However, training with Thera-Band has so many different applications and variants of exercise that sometimes our own body may not be enough. To this end, training accessories from Thera-Band are available on the market, such as strap holders, door handles, plastic handles, sport handles and Velcro fasteners. These tools allow to increase the use of tapes and diversify the training.

Thera-Band Tape Colors

The Thera-Band tape colors suggest their maximum stretch and resistance.There are seven colors available on the market: yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver and gold.

The resistance of the tape increases depending on the percentage increase in its length. The percentages are distributed here: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 225%, 250%. For the above measures, the appropriate load allocated by the tape in the given extension is allocated. Thera-Band tapes can have a minimum strength of 0.5 kg to a maximum of 18.2 kg, but the possibilities of a given tape depend on its color.

For example: if we choose a green tape and extend it to 50%, it will have a resistance of 1.5 kg, and if we decide on a blue tape and extend it to 200%, it will be 5 kg.

The strength and capabilities of Thera-Band tapes are divided successively into the following colors, starting from the weakest: yellow tape, red tape, green tape, blue tape, black tape, silver tape, gold tape.

In order to choose the right color of Thera-Band tapes for your needs, you need to pay attention to the individual and current state of strength and health of our body. The tape should be selected to perform fifteen repetitions of the exercise with no problem. The tape should extend no more than three meters.

Women usually choose red tape and men choose green and blue.However, for the elderly, a yellow tape is recommended, and for professional athletes a silver and gold tape.

Exercises With Thera-Band Tapes

Depending on the specific exercise with the Thera-Band tape, we will have to properly attach the tape to your hand, foot or other part of the body.

Fixing on the hand: Holds the tape spread wide and wraps it around the axis of the hand, in the middle and hold it with your thumb. It's a bit like wrapping a hand with a bandage when we hurt. Such attachment prevents the web from slipping out of the hand and hand ischemia.

Fixing on the foot: We stand at one end of the tape, and the other grab in the hand or make a loop on one foot, the other foot we stand on the next fragment of the tape and grab the end.

Before you start practicing with Thera-Band tapes, you need to follow a few important rules:

  • Remember to move slowly and accurately, and repeat each repetition at a steady pace.
  • Try to keep the right track during each exercise. This will prevent injuries and joint overload.
  • If you feel pain when performing any exercise, stop it immediately and do the other.

Sample exercises with Thera-Band tapes:

  • Stand on the tape with one leg extended and slightly bent in the knee and grab the ends of the tape. Bend your hands in the elbow joints and make your arms rise up, aiming for her extension. Remember that the leg must be constantly tensioned. Do this exercise on both legs after 15 repetitions.
  • Stand with both legs on the tape and grab the ends. Then cross the tape and bend your hands in the elbow joints. Make shoulders rise, straightening them up and sideways. Make 15 repetitions.
  • Stand with both legs on the tape and grab the ends. Then lean back to the left, extending your left arm up, tearing and straightening your right leg. Do the same for 15 reps on each side.
  • Lie on a mat with bent knees. Put the tape around the neck and hook it to your feet. Then lift the legs upwards at a 90-degree angle, and put your hands behind your head. Make the crunches, gently pulling the blades away from the ground. Do this exercise in 20 repetitions.
  •  Take the position of a supported kneel. Grab both ends of the tape and put it on your foot. Then slowly straighten the leg backwards. In this position, do 15 repetitions.
  • Place the tape over your knees so that you can stand with it at your hips width. Then do a gentle squat, bending your legs to a maximum of 90 degrees. Repeat 15 times.

Effects of exercises with Thera-Band tapes

The effects of the exercises you can get with Thera-Band tapes are invaluable! These unique tapes act healthily on the joints, muscles , ligaments and tendons of the entire body. Depending on the muscle lot and joints we are training, we can observe satisfactory results in a short time. The most important effects of exercises with Thera-Band tapes include:

  • Better body stabilization
  • A greater sense of balance
  • Stronger deep muscles
  • Increased range of joint mobility
  • Greater flexibility of the body
  • Increase in muscle strength and endurance
  • Modeling the figure
  • Improving posture
  • Greater joint mobility
  • Weight reduction

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