The Health Benefits Of Cycling

An hour of quiet cycling allows you to burn about 500 calories.And without much effort! Systematic driving will improve your fitness, lose a few kilos and relieve stress. Discover other health benefits of cycling.

An hour of quiet cycling allows you to burn about 500 calories. And without much effort! Can there be a more pleasant way to maintain a nice figure? Added to this are the health effects that give even half-hour pedaling. The muscles stimulated to work take energy from fat cells, thanks to which we not only lose weight but also normalize blood sugar levels.

Thanks to cycling trips, you will become more resistant to fatigue, and you can tolerate stressful situations much better. In addition, cycling will give you the opportunity to experience nature, calm down and truly relax. And what is important - it is an appropriate type of movement for everyone, almost without restrictions. The only contraindications to cycling are serious cardiovascular diseases and advanced disease of the joints and spine.

Regular rides (3-4 times a week) allow you to lower the level of "bad" cholesterol and increase "good". An even, monotonous effort increases the lung capacity, the blood is oxygenated and the heart works better. Thanks to this, the overall efficiency of the body is improved. Strength and muscle strength increases (especially calves and thighs).

Actual Health Benefits of Cycling

Health benefits of cycling are even given by a not too strenuous, short bicycle trip. The muscles stimulated for work need more fuel, so they take energy from fat cells. This causes that the blood sugar level is normalized. Therefore, it is essential for the person who is diabetic to make friends with the bike (the effort increases the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, thanks to which the patient may use smaller doses) or endangered.

The bike is also recommended by cardiologists as an excellent "medicine" protecting against atherosclerosis. Just four times a week, drive before 30-40 minutes, so that no pills not only lower the level of "bad" cholesterol (LDL), but also increase the level of "good" (HDL).

Why is it worth riding a bike?

The benefits of slimming from cycling

The benefits of cycling for healthy people are obvious. An even, monotonous effort increases the lung capacity, the blood is oxygenated, and the heart works better. Thanks to this, the overall efficiency of the body is improved. Increases endurance and muscle strength - especially the triceps calf muscle and quadriceps thigh. We become more resistant to fatigue, because the body gets accustomed to more physical exertion. The levels of endorphins (hormones of happiness) are raised and stress situations are better.

At the same time, the demand for energy increases, so we start to burn its supplies accumulated in adipose tissue and loses weight. But for the bike to actually give this effect, the ride must last a little longer than half an hour. Why? Muscle uses two types of fuel: glucose and fatty acids. In the first minutes of the ride, muscles use their own glucose stores. But after 30 minutes, glucose from the liver is consumed and fat begins to be burned.

How much time to ride a bike to notice the effects?

It's better when the ride lasts longer and is less intense. So let's try to pedal in a calm, even pace - on the straight road about 15 km per hour.

If we are able to control your heart rate while driving, it is best if it is: 115-150 beats per minute for 30-year-olds, 110-140 for 40-year-olds and 90-120 for 70-year-olds.

We start from short routes, then gradually increase the distance and physical effort. Slowly getting the muscles to work allows us to avoid sours. However, let's remember to refill fluids while driving! Always take with you water or isotonic nutrients and drink a few sips from time to time (do not wait until you feel thirsty).

The advantages of cycling on a stationary bike

A stationary bike will never replace us with a real one. But he also has his followers. Its advantage is that it enables training regardless of the weather and season. This bike is equipped with odometer. We can also regulate the speed and load of the wheels. Place the saddle and steering wheel so that you sit in an upright position - more advantageous for the spine than leaning forward.

For systematic people, such a bike is a good solution. But those who are less patient will get bored quickly. And one more thing - we will not go to the forest with our loved ones on a stationary bike! And a Sunday bike trip with family outside the city will surely bring more benefits to everyone than pedaling in front of the TV.

A TABLE of calories that can be burned by riding a bicycle

How many calories you can burn, driving 20 km / h

driving time / body weight

60 kg

70 kg

80 kg

15 min

30 minutes

60 min

125 kCal

250 kCal

500 kCal

145 kCal

290 kCal

580 kCal

165 kCal

330 kCal

660 kCal

The exact number of calories burned depends on the type of surface, terrain and type of bicycle (mountain, city), not only on body weight and driving time.

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