The foldable treadmill, the best solution for exercising in an apartment

You’ve found that the treadmill is the right cardio machine for your needs. The only thing is, you can’t find a place for him in your apartment.

The right treadmill for you, then, is the one you can fold up and put away in a corner after your workouts.

We tell you all about the foldable version of the treadmill, which offers you the same features for a smaller footprint.

The advantages of the foldable treadmill

Its size and its ability to fold up have made the foldable treadmill the darling of sportsmen in apartments .

Measuring, on average, 150 cm in length and 50 cm in width, you can easily slip it under your bed or store it in a cupboard after your exercises in order to regain the occupied space.

The vast majority of folding mat models are equipped with casters, allowing them to be moved easily.

A significant advantage, which will allow you to do it in front of your TV show in the living room, or in your bedroom for example.

The foldable treadmill is no less efficient than its sedentary counterpart.

You will find a wide range of devices that will allow you to choose between a manual or motorized model , a flexible or firm running surface depending on the effort and the desired damping, inclination options, and even connected treadmills , which will allow you to schedule your training sessions and get more details on your efforts.

Efforts that will make you work the muscles in the lower part of your body, starting with the abdominals, working your way down to the calves, while going through your thighs and your gluteal muscles.

The foldable treadmill does not innovate at this level, you will get the same results as on a normal treadmill, that is to say, you will be able to refine your lower body, without inflating your muscles. Which means effective weight loss.

Exercising on a foldable treadmill will also improve your breathing and endurance, and regulate your heart rate .

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlevel, you will find models capped at 16 km / h for your beginnings, and others more powerful, going up to 24 km / h for professionals. For your safety, it will be advisable to take a model with an emergency stop button on the arms, and a safety cord .

Also called a security key , this lanyard hooks to the bulletin board on one side and your clothes on the other end. If you slip, this cord will come loose from the machine, and stop the treadmill automatically to prevent damage.

How to choose your foldable treadmill?

When choosing your foldable treadmill , choose a model that includes a minimum one-year warranty . If you want to perform daily exercises or, if your weight is over eighty kilograms, you will choose a model with a powerful motor that will ensure good durability.

Also think about the weight, neither too heavy nor too light. A heavy treadmill will give you more stability, to ensure fluidity and comfort during your exercises, just make sure that it is light enough to be transported and stored easily.

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