Teach you how to choose the right treadmill for you

The benefits of exercising are too much, precisely because of the various benefits, so running is one of the most popular sports, so people wanted the treadmill, Incomplete statistics, 40% of people buy a white collar treadmill at home, Another 40% are planning to buy a treadmill.

Prices for a very expensive treadmill, but we can't afford to buy a treadmill when it's not too expensive

The best way to buy a suitable home vehicle is one of the courses our sports enthusiasts need to buy the house mill. Which treillmill brand is good? From the current treadmill market, fitness agencies generally use international brands of treadmills and domestic brands of treadmills in general.

And the general use of the trellmill is concentrated in the domestic brand of the medium price and high prices, today to share with you a suitable home fitting share! Typically, leeches by classification can be divided into mechanical treadmills and electric treadmills, because the function and use of different methods, so mechanical treadmills and electric treadmills are two different treadmill experiences.

For current widespread use, electric treadmills are currently the mainstream.

Choose according to the different functions

Treadmill has a single and multifunctional function, the simplest difference is: no function limited treadmill for running, and multifunctional treadmill In addition to running added a number of other fitness, weight loss, muscle fitness and other functions.

Make a good budget and choose a brand What is a good treadmill brand? While it is said that price does not determine the value of a commodity, the price is often reflected in the quality of a commodity and the thickness of the craft.

When deciding to buy a homemade mill, budget the budget you can budget for, and then focus on choosing the brand and model of home bag that suits you.

Focus on pre-sales, after-sales service

Choosing a home treadmill when you have to pay attention to whether the treadmill has after-sales service, tickets can be developed, but some of the treadmill parameters such as horsepower, running space, motor shock absorber effect, home treadmill in the noise consider current size and so on. Now at home and abroad, more and more people began to take care of health, so domestic family members are more extensive, if non-professionals, when buying such as domestic, home treadmill prices have a lot of knowledge treadmill brand, in addition to the above, PEI and the people said these points, Do you want to buy a quality home vehicle that requires everyone from the buyer, word of mouth, buyer assessment and other aspects to consider in a comprehensive way .

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