The Cross Bike – ( Reviews In 2020)

A cross bike is a variation of a trekking bike without accessories – in a great simplification. Which model is the most often chosen?Cross-bred bikes are very popular among buyers, all due to their versatility and wide application. Bicycles of this type work well on both asphalt roads and on the ground surface. Cross-bikes are a good alternative for typical mountain or typical bikes, if you intend to travel both in the city and on trips in the open air.

Cross Bike Test – Updated for 2020

Cross bikes are very popular. Which ones have gained the most confidence from the Presto store customers?
The Cross brand is well known to cycling enthusiasts. In the assortment of this manufacturer we can find mountain bikes, tourist bicycles, two-wheelers for children, city bikes and even cross-country bikes. These are two-wheeled vehicles very often chosen and well rated by users. Which of them are particularly noteworthy? Which ones are bought most often?

What Gears For The Bicycle? Which Choose?

Bicycle gears are an inseparable piece of equipment that makes it easier and easier to ride a bike on any type of road. It is worth devoting a moment to their right choice and learning how to properly change gears.

Bicycle Glasses – What to choose?

bicycle glasses

Eye protection when riding a bicycle is very important. It will be guaranteed by properly selected glasses.
Sharp sun, flying insects, sand shooting from under the wheels, strong wind – there may be different reasons why you should wear cycling goggles. In any case, however, the most important seems to be driving comfort as well as our safety. It is easy to imagine a situation in which the glaring sun blinds us for a moment, causing the fall or gravel particles to hit us in the eye, which is associated with painful irritation.