Which Sports Watch Should I Choose? What Will Be The Best?

In the age of very fast technological development, we might observe the innovative emergence of more and more new gadgets and also electronic equipment for the athletes. This is just a step in the correct direction because it can allow us to monitor our training fully. One of them is the sports watch, which, similar to a heart rate monitor, is frequently the most popular alternative for many athletes. What sports watch to buy? In this blog article, I’ll show you what the best sports watch should we shop.

Sports Watch - What Does It Bestow Us?

Sports watches are the specific group of watches which you can find has a lot of useful functions in its possession in addition to the display of the hour and which will help many sportsmen undoubtedly. It is not only an attractive look, but also the ability to view a range of fundamental signs and helpful functions in your training at home and outside as well. These watches have a good repute, because of their key functionality, resistance to bad weather conditions, and the fact that they can  perform evenly well in daily use, when they are just an common watch.

Sports watch - Ranking and price 2019

We have already known what a sports watch is all about, it's time to decide the right equipment for ourselves. Keep in mind, first of all, it must be comfortable, it must fulfill all the functions that we really need, but we also liked it. We present a list of sports watches where you can find a recommended one.

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Sports Watch - For Whom?

At this time, the market offers us a very varied range of the watches, which can be undoubtedly divided into men's, women's, and youngest peoples, or watches for children.

Women's Sports Watch

The sports watches for women are primarily distinguished by their size. Positively, women like more subtle watches with a belt and a smaller envelope. The strap can be thinner, narrower, and shorter to fit your wrist better. The women's sports watches may appear in diverse colors, for their aesthetic reasons. If we're just talking about the ladies' watches, it's really worth mentioning that the smart watches are often selected which are smaller noticeably. Instead of a large envelope, they get a small and rectangular display that is more subtle.

Men's Sports Watch

The watches for men are full-size watches with the large dials and also decent thick stripes. They are very durable and also not prone to mechanical harm. These watches are used frequently by men every day, so to fit into their fashion canon, the look often resembles the classic watches that can be fit even  at formal attire. The watches have also a longer strap and a larger envelope.

Sports Watches For Children

It is just nothing more than a more durable; having a lot of interesting features watches you’re your children that are small enough to fit their small wrist. The manufacturers also offer a lot of different models in terms of the aesthetics value, so that both boys and girls can like them.

Which Sports Watch To Choose – As Watch Functions

As with the collection of any electronic equipment, it is really worth bearing in mind some particular aspects that can allow us to decide good sports watch. The most significant functions include:

  • Timer and stopwatch - quite a essential function that should be offered to us by the watch. We might use it throughout a series of exercises, interval training or running.
  • The heart rate monitor - regardless of one of the most significant positions that a sports watch has. The special sensor that adheres to our wrist, we might monitor our heart activity throughout our training,
  • GPS- this sensor allows us to follow the route we have overcome during our training and after connecting to a computer or smartphone, carefully analyze it. An interesting choice for cyclists or runners who like to analyze their route and know its exact course and distance covered.
  • Pedometer - a very practical function. Often used by people who practice Nordic walking, or simply when we are curious about how many steps we make during the day,
  • A counter of calories burned - this is an evenly important aspect. For people who care about lines or plan to lose unnecessary kilograms, this meter can be very useful information.

As you may see, sports watches have many helpful features that work in numerous cases, and sports. They can allow us to diversify our training also through your ability to plan the training, monitoring on a regular basis, and analysis after finished your training.

The Garmin is one of the most popular manufacturers of the sports watches.

Other Sorts Of Sports Watch Going To Be Chosen?

There is no particular place here, or rather the discipline in which the watches have the most functionality. They have become mostly popular in a lot of areas of physical activity; however, there are numerous groups that most frequently use these devices.

  • Sports watch for the runners - this is a group that maybe most often reaches for such watches, because they may use almost all of its functions throughout their training. Its length, current pulse, intensity, and even the route covered, which might then be recreated on its map.
  • Sport watches for the cyclists- cyclists reach for them as frequently as runners. This is a discipline where the distances are nearly much greater than in the case of the running, so here the GPS might be very useful throughout the trip in a place that we do not quite be acquainted with this.
  • Watches for the swimmers - this group also values the ports watches. Evidently, these are special models, adapted for long stay under the water. They have a lot of attractive features, such as recognizing the swimming styles, or a counter of the swimming pool lengths.

Certainly, these are just examples of some applications. In fact, these watches might prove themselves in any other discipline and if they are helpful to us, it is really worth having them in your hand. Numerous people perform aerobic exercises when using a treadmill, and they can use such watches.

What to look for when choosing?

Not only functions will be important in buying sports watches. When shopping, it is really worth knowing what parameters of the watch would be crucial in the choice. Remember that we can be sure that we need to purchase the best sports watch.

  • Resistance to dust - dust is one of the parameters that are key in the choice. The manufacturers give this in the parameters of the watch as IP, i.e. the degree of resistance to dust and powder. Let's prefer the watches with the right resistance class to be further sure that your watch must cope with its tasks even in the toughest and bad conditions. 
  • Waterproof - nowadays, this is the basis. Each watch ought to be waterproof. For the swimmers and divers, this must be pressure resistance that accompanies them throughout descent up to several dozen meters under the water. If, we do not belong to this group, we have enough spill resistance and less flooding as well. 
  • Synchronization - if you want our watch to be able to connect with your phone or computer, choose a model that will be compatible with iOS or Android. This allows for deeper analysis and saving of our achievements in special smartphone applications.
  • Convenience - this ought to be the most important issue, because we will wear this watch. It must be comfortable for us, the strap fits and the envelope of the suitable size. 
  • Additional features - the more functions you have, the more highly developed your equipment will be and can offer you more interesting monitoring options. Regrettably, let us remember that the price is growing along with them. 
  • Watch brand - let's prefer watches only from the reputable manufacturers who have at least one year warranty on the products. It can give us more confidence that we purchase good quality equipment that has passed the tests and all of their parameters are based on them. 
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