Sport: 6 pro tips to burn more calories

Do you want to boost your sports sessions in order to burn more calories? Discover six expert tips for maximizing the effects of your workouts.

Prepare a lively sports playlist
Délia Landrein, sports coach: ” Music has an essential place in sport. Tempo and rhythm have an influence on motivation and stimulate us. The faster the music , the more motivating, the more we want to move, to surpass ourselves. . As a bonus, it allows you to think of something other than the effort and to forget the possible monotony of the exos. We thus have the impression that time passes faster, so we can hold out longer and tap into its reserves. Of course, music that we love will motivate us more. So do not hesitate to concoct a special playlist! “

Focus on the present moment
Patricia Colles, sophrologist: ” The relaxation therapy . Uses visualization and concentration to boost mental Many athletes use it to increase their performance it allows you to concentrate on what we are doing here and now Just.. Before a workout, visualize a white ball of energy that starts at the feet and travels up through your body. Focusing on your muscles makes them work harder, as does being in the present moment. you think about your shopping list during a workout, you will burn less calories than if you are concentrated on your body! “

Alternate cardio and muscle strengthening sessions
Philippe, sports coach at Keep Cool: ” To burn more calories, nothing like combining muscle building and cardio. By doing 20 minutes of muscle building, the expenditure will be light at the time, but you will boost your metabolism . You will therefore continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after the session and you will sculpt a harmonious silhouette. heart muscle. For maximum efficiency, do 2 to 3 sessions per week, without neglecting periods of rest. “

Adopt good breathing
Cassandra Kish, yoga teacher: ” On a daily basis, remember to stand up, to help your lungs to open. During your workout, but also as soon as you think about it, inhale at least for 3-4 beats, feeling your rib cage will inflate with air, then exhale slowly. And if you want a nice flat stomach, do not inflate your stomach during your exercises, but instead hold it with your abs. People with good posture burn 1 kcal more per minute than the others (ie 1000 kcal at the end of the day) and those who breathe correctly burn even more! “

Warm up and stretch correctly
Adriano Da Silva, physiotherapist: ” Besides avoiding injuries, warming up well increases your heart rate, prepares your muscles and improves their efficiency. If it is cold or your session is short, warm up longer. Immediately after the session, opt for long, static stretches . For the session itself, I recommend the interval, which burns a lot more calories than a regular session. Applicable to almost all sports, it is a question of alternating very intense short periods and periods of recovery roughly equal to the time of activity. “

Adapt your meals
Sybille Montignac, nutritionist : ” Playing sports without having a balanced diet is not very useful. I do not recommend playing sports in the morning on an empty stomach : the glucose level being lower after the night, you risk hypoglycemia . Give your body 30 minutes to wake up, and take the opportunity to snack on 3-4 dried apricots or figs before you start working out. Then, stretch and take a good shower before breakfast. On the menu: integral bread or oatmeal, with which you can combine oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), a little animal protein (ham, egg, smoked salmon) and fresh fruit. If you practice in the evening, eat a lunch of lean meat or fish, vegetables, and low GI starches. You can also have a small snack made from almonds and dried figs or apricots. And don’t forget the main thing: stay hydrated! “

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