Slow Jogging – Definition, Principles, Advantages, Book

Do you desire to be physically active, but have not found the correct discipline yet for yourself? Possibly, the answer to your requirements is the slow jogging. The slow jogging is a type of activity that does not necessitate too much of a person for exercising - just need some time and most importantly your willingness. The slow jogging does not exhaust you, it permits you to calm down and also relax. So what does the slow jogging consist of and can anyone train themselves with this training?

1. Slow Jogging - Definition

On a well-known website promoting the slow jogging and we read that it is a Japanese technique to longevity. Why Japanese? Because, the originator of the slow jogging is a Japanese Professor ,Hiroaki Tanaka, who comes from Land of the Rising Sun. For years, the professor are being tried to build up a method that can burn calories effectively, but does not need excessive hard work and one that can surely improve health.

The slow jogging is as the name proposes a means of running. It's one type of jogging in slow motion. The runner actually moves at a velocity of about 5 km / h. Yes, it's really very slow. During this time period, you may talk, meditate and admire the beauty of nature, see even small details around us.

The slow jogging might be accomplished at any time of the day. Basically, it does not matter how old you are and how athletic you are – you can just find a free time within a day, and then find yourself the desire to begin the slow jogging. The main philosophy of the slow jogging is to be able to more smile and approach best activities with a positive attitude while jogging.

2. Slow jogging - rules

The slow jogging is actually governed by its own rules. By practicing the slow jogging, we can move at a very slow speed, in such a move that even the walking passers can overtake us.

The slow jogging is really worth at least half an hour at every day - of course with big smile on your lips. It is very significant to ensure the accurate technique. During the slow jogging the posture must be correct. The back is on straight position and the head should at straight ahead. The foot must land on the mid-foot and we sniff the air and let it out with the lips.

If we begin the adventure with the slow jogging, we can start training 10 minutes a day or interweave of 5 minutes of running with just a minute of walking.

3. Slow jogging - advantages

The benefits of the slow jogging are numerous, you may include them:

  • oxygenation of your brain - thanks to this practice that our mind will work better, can reduce the risk of the heart attacks, and also improve our circulatory efficiency;
  • burning calories – we  can surely burn up to 300 calories during this  training;
  • strengthening our body - thanks to this regular training and we can  strengthen our bones as well as our joints ;
  • Increasing energy reserves –the slow jogging affects the state of our mind positively, which we are oriented towards people positively and everyday duties.

4. Slow jogging - book

More and more peoples are now training the slow jogging. They just tried and do not desire to stop anymore. Nevertheless, if we belong to a group of community who would like to trainging, but do not know how to do it perfectly, and then we have instructors who do everything to make the fewer people wonder "free runners" on the routes. If we train, we feel good about it and we want to check, you may take part in the marathon and can beat the route in the slow rhythm.

For those thirsty for theoretical knowledge, a book about slow jogging was even created. Thanks to it, you can find out exactly how to do our practice, what are the assumptions of the idea of the slow jogging. On the pages of the book, you can also find the answer to the question what life really is and what the method of everyday functioning is.

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