Anti gravity Treadmill: Slimming Training And Rehabilitation On An Anti gravity Treadmill

The anti gravity treadmill is a device recommended for overweight people who want to lose weight; in the rehabilitation of the lower limbs, as well as for professional runners who, by extending their training, fear excessive strain on the joints. See how the anti gravity treadmill works.

Anti gravity treadmill - how does it work?

antigravity treadmill

The way the anti gravity treadmill works is quite understandable and logical. The person using the device is dressed in special neoprene shorts connected with a sealing ring that wraps around the torso at waist level.

The legs are in a hermetically sealed space into which air is pumped by a compressor, pushing the body upwards. The pressure inside the device is 10% higher than the atmospheric pressure. All these factors make it possible to exercise with a weight loss of up to 80%.

In practice, this means that the locomotor system is considerably relieved, reducing the risk of injury and enabling longer training sessions.

Anti gravity treadmill - for whom?

The treadmill has a wide range of applications - it is a great tool for intensive training and effective rehabilitation. It is an excellent alternative for people who want to shape their figure and reduce body fat.

Regular anti gravity treadmill classes can be helpful for overweight people, who are usually offered a bicycle or Nordic walking instead of running. By relieving the body on the treadmill, you can run cardio training with a low risk of injury. 

This device is also used as an aid in the treatment of neurological diseases or as a way to maintain and develop physical fitness in the elderly - says Anna Marciniec, medical manager from Bristol ART & SPA Sanatorium in Busko-Zdrój. - On a daily basis, I recommend the use of a treadmill to rehabilitate patients after operations or fractures in the lower limbs, because it allows for painless and effective recovery.

Training on a treadmill is also recommended for people who want to restore the efficiency of the sense of balance or improve the condition of the flabby muscles of the musculoskeletal system.

The modern treadmill is also used by active athletes who want to increase the number of kilometers run during training. After increasing the volume of training for more than 180 kilometers run per week, the body may refuse to obey.

That is why the competitors of the world's best teams combine both running methods, using a plan, e.g., 180 km a week in the field and 80 km on an anti gravity treadmill.
Anti gravity treadmill - advantages

The anti gravity treadmill helps to improve respiratory efficiency, allows you to carry out interval training, extend the running step, and train with exceeding the speed barrier. Using a treadmill allows you to increase the effectiveness of training and burn fat faster.

IS anti gravity treadmill is for everyone?

While using the properties of such a treadmill for rehabilitation under the supervision of a physiotherapist or extending running training for people preparing for long-distance running is advisable, it is not recommended to start your adventure with running with training on this device.

People who start running with an anti gravity treadmill are at a much higher risk of injury and disappointment when they switch to running in real conditions. First, they may be surprised at how hard they are running. Second, they may want to develop speeds similar to their treadmill speeds, and this is very likely to result in an injury.

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