Skates Ranking In 2020- Which One To Choose And Buy For A Child, And Which For Adults?

Good skates need to protect the leg, while ensuring maximum comfort. If you plan to skate regularly, it is more profitable to buy your own pair than to rent them from the rental shop every now and then, especially since it is much more comfortable in your own skates. Therefore, we advise you what to look for when buying skates.

Is it worth skating?

Of course it's worth it. Skatingbrings many benefits that we do not notice every day. Skating is a sport that perfectly influences the development of every child. Ice skates are, above all, the movement in the fresh air, oxygenating the body, strengthening immunity. Skating is a great aerobic workout that improves the overall condition of the body. In addition, it is one of the winter sports that greatly affects the figure. Skating engages the whole body to work. It is also a portion of great fun for adults and a way to move into the world of children for a while, when skates (next to skis or sledges) were the best option of spending free time with their peers. What's important, unlike other winter sports, to skate, you do not have to plan a long vacation or buy expensive equipment. Winter is a great time,

A family outing for ice skates can provide a lot of fun, but also positively influences the child's physical development.

What skates to buy? Types and types of skates

Preparation for the skating season starts with the right choice of skates. In USA, for a couple of years, there has been a growing interest in ice skating and skating. "Hockey pens", "figurines", pancakes - these are the three most popular types of skates. The huge number of skates available on the market makes it often a very difficult choice that can absorb us many hours and days spent consulting friends, searching through online forums and consulting with sellers. We have many models to choose from, differing in terms of construction, use and recommended for various age groups. Before we go to the store, we need to ask ourselves a few questions so as not to regret the money spent. Some also buy used skates, which are cheaper and "checked". Unfortunately, apparent saving can effectively discourage us from this sport. First of all, you should consider what style of driving we prefer. The best skates for a beginner to learn to drive are plastic skates, because the buckles are well stiffened ankle.

What are the different types of skates?

  • hockey skates
  • figure skates
  • skates
  • skates and rollers 2 in 1

How much do skates cost?

Nowadays you only have to go to the market to buy skates. Experts from ice skating say that the price of skates increases with quality. We will buy the cheapest figure skates for about USD 70, and the average price is about USD100-150. Unfortunately, skates at a very low price are often suitable for disposal after the first use. And the initial saving ends with duplication of expenses. It is worth considering whether we focus on quality or at the lowest possible cost. If you're planning a lot of ice skating, it's worth buying high-end brand equipment. Then you have to take into account the expenditure of USD  300-400. The children's models will be slightly cheaper.

Skates - Price and Ranking 2019

The table below lists the Ranking and Price of the most popular and best products in the Skates category .

How to choose the size of skates?

The right size of the skate regardless of whether they are figure skates or hockey skates, whether they are skates for 250 USD should be the main and superior condition for the purchase of this, not a different model. Numbering of skates is not the same as normal shoes bought in the store. Badly selected length of the insole, for example the same as in everyday shoes, may result in injury and cause leg fatigue, despite relatively little effort. Most manufacturers allow the shoe to be a maximum of 10 mm from the foot length for younger children and those who practice this amateur discipline. Remember that the leg should not move inside the skate. In addition to the length of the insert, its width is also important. Models for children often have a regulation that allows size adjustment. The child's rate grows very quickly and hard,

What kind of skates for a child?

Figure skating is an early sport, the riders have started their adventure with ice at the age of 3 - 6 years. Condition? Double skids and good balance by the child. Skates for children can be rented on the ice rink, but when a toddler wants to train regularly, it is better to invest in own purchases. If our child is just beginning the adventure with skating, you have to think about the right skid, which will provide him the best possible stabilization while driving and will help you catch your balance. It's worth getting acquainted with different types of skates to make the right choice for yourself and your child.

If we want to take care of our body, we should remember about regular sporting throughout the year, even when the weather conditions do not encourage it. If you have not tried ice skating yet, go to the ice rink as soon as possible!

Children's skates - Price and Ranking 2019

The table below lists the Ranking and the Price of the most popular and best products in the Skates for Children category .

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