A Few Simple Running On The Treadmill Rules

When it’s raining outside or it’s just cold, it’s really sometimes hard to find inspiration to run or do extra outdoor activities. Therefore, on such days, the training on the treadmill can be a best solution.

Obviously, training on treadmill is governed by its own laws and is quite different from others outside running. It is worth remembering that the training on the treadmill is effective and safe.

Preparation for Running 

Regardless of your speed at which you will intend to work out, you will sweat certainly.

In order to feel relaxed at every stage of treadmill training, you may need a dress that might not cause any movement restriction and also ensure proper thermoregulation. Just put on well-fitting shorts and T-shirt and also wear a good sports shoe that is preferably give an additional reinforcement on the soles.

The treadmill shoes must provide effective protection to the heels and the bones of the feet. In addition, you can put the wristbands on your wrists for absorbing the excess sweat.

You can place a towel next to your treadmill to wipe the sweat off your face. Keep a bottle of water to the holder so that you can take as much water as you can at any time. If you want to see the favorite tv program or music , then you can turn on music or TV.


Before start running, you just need to warm up properly. Stretch your muscles a little, and relax them. By doing simple exercises before increasing the intensity, you can protect yourself from muscle and other types of injuries.

Also, before jumping on the treadmill, just try to walk or run for a while to get a better blood pumping. You can spend about, about 10% of the duration of your whole workout for this warm-up.

Body posture

Walking on the treadmill just requires your correct posture and this is really important for your well-being and fitness after finishing your workout. While you are practicing on the treadmill, try to keep your head straight and look straightly.

You can tilt slightly your body forward to engage the back and spine muscles. Try not to tilt too much, neither forward or back.  Because, you may fall and may get injured.

Try to tighten the abdominal muscles and your chest at forward position. Keep the hands at the sides. After getting the higher speeds, you can put the arms that are parallel to the sides and bent them at 90 degrees.

Time, speed and inclination, or basic training parameters 

The intensity, time duration of training and its frequency are very much important for efficiency. To stay safe and at the same time not to lose anything from the exercises, just increase one of the mentioned variables in a week. You may try the weight training by adding something like weights on the wrists.

1.Training time- It really depends on your capabilities and efficiency. Therefore, as a rule, walking on the treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes at least. If you are in a bad condition, just start with a 20-minute workout. For the visible results, you can exercise 3 times a week.

2.The pace of exercises- There are numerous theories about the speed at which you can run. In any case, the pace should be enough to stimulate your heart to work.

 If you are new exerciser on the treadmill, you can start with a slow stride and then you can increase it until you gain the right speed. It is expected that the suitablespeed is 3 steps per second.

3.Incline- Running and walking incline on the treadmill can be compared to going to uphill. Such training can burn more calories than simple walking on level ground. 

Changing the inclination on the treadmill is a good method to better burn calories, improve your muscles and protect your hipsknees, and lower back. Treadmill going uphillcan be a guarantee of faster effects for the weight loss goal in a shorter time period.

The  Simple Running On The Treadmill: Rules should follow

Before start running on the treadmill,you must read the following tips for better outcomes. By following them, you will avoid some common mistakes and your training must become more effective and safer ones.

1. Run the middle of the running belt– Running too close to the lane reduces your movement and is not natural way. An unstable step can cause tension in the back, shoulders and neck. 2. Do not stick to the railing– If you like stick to a handrail while you running, try to change this habits. This take an incorrect posture and thus the amount of calories burned might decrease automatically.

3. Do not look at your feet- when you are looking down, you create huge tension in the muscles which may probably cause disorientation and dizziness. So, it’s best to look at the forward. This might help you avoid some mistakes

.4. Do not lengthen your step artificially-The optimal speed is 3 steps per second and a longer step can increase the risk of injury certainly. Keep your feet above the ground and then place them as close as possible.

5. Break the routine- It can be really convenient to repeat the similar treadmill work out day after day. On the other hand, when you do the same exercises over and over again, your body adapts to intensity of the effort and you will certainly stop enjoying the benefits of taking treadmill running.

6. Do not overreact- Occasionally, the excessive muscle pain or getting worse with every workout is a sign that you are being trained well. If the disturbing signs appear, stop the workout simply, take rest and verify the training plan again. You don’t need to exercise your intensive training more than 2-3 times in a week and moderate exercise for 3-5 times in a week.

7.Relax- just trust your body and let it flow at your own way. Tension might cause pain in the spine and arms.8. Remember to finish your training-Some people remember to do it, and it’s really worth it that the training should end with a march of several minutes, progressively reducing its pace. In several advanced devices you can find the “cool down” function after the workout that automatically calms your body. Moreover, after getting off the treadmill, you may do some extra stretching exercises.9. Practice with the plan- Before starting your workout, you should prepare your own plan. Change the speed and incline when needed. Regardless of whether you are a new exerciser on the treadmill or askilled runner, you must learn something new and improve your score at day basis.

Walking on the treadmill – effects at your fingertips

Training on the treadmill is an attractive type of physical activity when the bad weather does not encourage you to accomplish your outdoor exercises.

 Several factors can influence the effectiveness and efficiency of treadmill training. For the own comfort you require a well-chosen running shoes, clothes, and last but not the least , a proper preparation for the running.

Don’t forget to warm up and take the correct posture for your safety. Exercise variously and gradually increase the time and the intensity of the training, but do not exaggerate yourself.

By following the above mentioned rules, you can protect your body from injury, and subsequently the training can bring much joy and dream effects for you.

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