Which Running Pants To Buy?

The majority of the runners do not think about their decent running pants at the very beginning of their running training, but it might be worth it. In my point of view, ensuring soothes and comfort is mostly crucial, also in the first phase when the running is definitely a bigger challenge to you. –Firstly, weak shoes - a basic mistake, bad running pants - generally can cause fewer problems. Old tracksuits are good enough in the short run; women may put on leggings by which they may gain at least comfort. Furthermore, loose trousers are rubbing, constraining your movements, they do not cope with heavy sweat, etc.

The running pants win with the fabric and cut. I personally cannot make up going on a run in trousers that do not let the sweat and do not breathe that I feel all the time and God forbid that might cause some painful abrasions. The best thing is that you need to find the model right for everyone and also for every season! At the very beginning, definitely I suggest whether we are more suited to the leggings or pants or gaiters. I know runners who, for the aesthetic reasons, would not took off leggings for anything in the world, even though they can see the disadvantage of the loose trousers. While the material and its properties of the trousers do not differ so much, the question of it convenience is of great meaning here.

Personally, I have a preference on leggings, which have close adherence to the body, do not have the problems to rub. In case of loose running pants, however, it can be really necessary to choose good running underwear, specifically for boxers, who can deal with the negatives of such trousers. At first I ran in loose pants, which I still use! Simultaneously when walking with a dog, or just trips to the forest. And here comes with the undoubted benefits - loose pants, especially men's - are really more universal, you might show up in them not only throughout the morning running and what more embarrassing gentlemen may feel much better in them.

Our Top Picks Of Running Pants 2019

If you want to choose and buy equipment in the category Running Pants, then we hope that the following ranking will help you. The table lists the most popular products currently available in the Running Pants section. The ranking data is updated by us every day.

Men's running pants

The division is simple and it’s short or long, loose or gaiters. If you run a lot and frequently, it is not a temporary whim, but more lifestyle - it is really worth having dissimilar models. Additionally, some waterproof and windproof can be added. For the summer, choose short and light definitely. Check their strength, and when trying on, please pay attention to sensitive areas that are so easy to wipe. If you decide on gaiters - let them be like a second skin for you - you must hardly feel them, nor might they be too big, because then their buying will pass with the goal completely. Regarding the material - the condition is one must breathe and have a sweat system as well.

Women's running pants

Just like men's - they have to be made of the exact material, after which we lastly invest in this type of garments. Ladies do not complain as much as the gentlemen on abrasions caused by the loose clothes, although even if they have, for instance, the sensitive skin on the thighs, they must lean towards the tight-fitting models, or leggings. Besides, women's models are much more unified, and women typically have no fear of the wearing leggings. I recommend this type of trousers, as the fabric performs better in them, and the freedom of the movement is much greater.

Running pants for rain - running pants in autumn

A key problem in the season between summer and winter are frequent rainfall. Many of us discourage them from running so efficiently that they may fall onto the treadmill for the autumn and winter session but there is absolutely no need to give up our refreshing mind and body running outdoors. All you need is to choose good clothing - and that's no problem if we recognize what to look for.

The whole running set in autumn might be made of waterproof and rainproof materials, but also possessing all properties, such as the classic running pants. The selection is large, and the price difference is small, if you are mostly serious about running - also such a set must be in your wardrobe, in particular that in the summer and spring we have several days less sun, and the wind in some parts of the country is something so constant than seasonal. You need to think about choosing only 2 sets - for the summer and winter season. One with short sleeves and short pants and the other protects from bad weather conditions and also gives tightly covering the whole body.

Winter running pants

There are certainly such enthusiasts among you who will not give up running in the winter even, for sure there are also people who will start their adventure with running (I myself started in winter - when there is motivation, there is no point in getting discouraged) season!). When the temperature falls below zero, just protection against wind and moisture is not enough, you have to invest in insulated trousers. This type of clothing is not much thicker or heavier than regular running pants, eg leggings have a small layer reminiscent of a fleece on the inside or are made of moisture-wicking material, but keep warm and even heat up - they are thermoactive pants. I personally recommend such a solution, but among loose trousers you can also find winter versions. These types of pants are made of a slightly thicker.

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