Running outside or on a treadmill: the benefits of each practice

To achieve the same goal, it is possible to proceed in various ways. For example, in order to stay in shape , some may run outdoors for exercise, while others prefer the treadmill. Which practice is the most beneficial? Without passing any judgment whatsoever, this article will discuss the advantages of these two practices and the complementarity that may exist between the two.

The benefits of running outdoors
Running outdoors is a sport that has been anchored in human habits for generations. This way of proceeding still persists, despite the existence of equipment for practicing sport at home or indoors . Indeed, this practice is advantageous in several respects:

No subscription to run outdoors : Running is such a natural exercise that paying for equipment or paying a subscription to do so would be a waste of money . Just put on a T-shirt and sneakers and the race starts already from your portal.
Running outside encourages effort : just getting dressed and walking a path takes willpower and commitment . In doing so, the athlete strengthens his determination to improve .
No Queuing : For those who go to the gym, they must wait their turn before using the treadmill. This waiting time is a surplus to the time they had planned to do in the room. Outside, you have the freedom to start the race whenever you want .
Really feel the movement : Running outside allows you to really feel in motion. This makes it possible to measure oneself at a visible distance , a point of fall which is a concrete objective .
The benefits of running on a treadmill
The treadmill is a practice that is growing in popularity for several reasons:

the running surface : when jogging on a treadmill , the feet suffer less because they are on a flat surface
protection against the vagaries of the weather : running on an indoor treadmill gives you shelter when the weather is not favorable
calibration : by running on a treadmill, you can calibrate your run as you wish, in order to be faster
an automatic guide : running on a carpet means following the rhythm of the machine . Even if the adjustment is done by yourself, it is the device that takes you in its tracks.
What you must remember
In light of the above, running outside is almost different from running on a treadmill. This is justified by the means employed and the impact of the environment . It is recommended to run outdoors after treadmill sessions and vice versa. Favoring both running modes would be even more beneficial for your physical health . Combine nature and the device to have a better result would be a very good strategy to implement .

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