5 Tricks How Running On The Treadmill Becomes Even More Efficient

For many, when temperatures drop and it storms and snows, it is no reason for many to find that the body can not exercise. Running on a treadmill would be the simplest way to lose extra body fat.

Above all, the treadmill and other home trainers have become increasingly popular in recent years, so even in bad weather, some sports can be operated. But running on the treadmill is not the same, as the treadmill Test showed, because here are tricks and tips on how the success can show even more.

1. The right footwear and the right clothes

Even if it is assumed that the treadmill is just a convenient form of exercise at home, it should not be underestimated.

Again, as with running outdoors, the right footwear should not be missing. The foot should have a firm grip and while running should also be ensured a good state.

And that is only possible with a high-quality running shoe. Not only outdoors, but also in your own home, or in the fitness center should also be paid to appropriate clothing. The clothing should be loose and not constricting and also breathable.

2. The increase

Who runs outside, does not run constantly only on a straight line, because here changes not only the underground, but also the slope. The ground cannot be changed on the treadmill, but the inclination can be varied.

So that the running quality of those outdoors can be approximated, the treadmill should not be used when flat. An increase of at least 1 to 2 percent, as all treadmills from the treadmill test allow, should be in any case.

It is best to constantly change the angle of inclination while running, so that the training effect is more effective.

The recommendation of an increase of 1 to 2 percent even with a planned level training is based on two reasons. First, with this enhancement, the lack of air resistance that never exists in a closed space can be simulated.

The second reason is based on the running technique. When running outdoors, the impression and rolling behavior constantly changes . This circumstance remains . However, treadmill out. In nature, a different impression behavior is often required because the surface is constantly changing.

The treadmill, however, constantly moves the same ground under the legs, the impression and rolling behavior does not matter. If a small increase is envisaged, this effect can be somewhat counteracted. However, the increase should only be increased when the runner has become accustomed to the new conditions.

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3. The right strides length

Running on the treadmill is for many an unfamiliar feeling to which they first have to adapt. Often on the treadmill therefore another stride length is chosen, as is the case when running outdoors.

However, this is associated with a false sense of speed, which is why running on the treadmill often feels a lot faster than it actually is.

Therefore, especially in the first few units should only listen to your own body and the intensity and speed are completely ignored. Only when the feeling for the treadmill has developed can it be trained effectively.

4. Drink properly and adequately

Not only when running in the fresh air should be drunk enough. Even with the treadmill does not have to be dispensed with liquid. However, the situation with the treadmill is a little different.

In the open air, it is no problem for many that even a whole hour does not have to be resorted to a water bottle. When training on the treadmill but the thirst can show up very quickly.

The reason for this is that the room in which training is usually well tempered, so it sweats faster and more liquid is lost than when running in the fresh air.

Therefore, it is recommended that on or on the treadmill is a bottle to hand , so that at regular intervals, the water balance can be compensated. Full fluid should not be dispensed with, especially during prolonged training on the treadmill, otherwise the circulation could be affected.

5. Variety

The body gets used to requirements relatively quickly. And especially running on the treadmill can become monotonous very quickly. In order to make walking easier and not constantly looking at the clock to notice that time does not pass, there should be some variety.

In addition to running TV can be watched, but also music from the MP3 player makes you want to run. But not only in the distraction should be set to variety. This is also important in the training mode.

Once the treadmill has become accustomed to exercise, intensity , tempo or inclination should be varied. If the treadmill also takes a different mode while exercising, then the running in the open air is already quite close.

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