Running on a treadmill

Winter is upon us. For us, runners in towns and villages in Quebec and other northern cities around the world, the snow and the cold will certainly discourage some runners while others will rub their hands at the idea of ​​refreshing outings to run on white. coating, armed with cleats. There are also those who will choose the comfort of an indoor treadmill to stay in shape until spring. But is running on a treadmill the same as running outdoors?

Not quite. The treadmill is slightly less physically demanding due to the lack of relative wind normally caused by running speed. The ground under the treadmill will often be very absorbent and detrimental to the impact moderating biomechanical behavior responsible for shock absorption. However, and we will never stop repeating it at La Clinique Du Coureur, no matter how you run, the shoes you wear, the speed / duration / frequency of your outings … the important thing is to run. (or engage in physical activity) *. So for those who have chosen the treadmill, here are some important tips:

Always be progressive when there is a change in surface (such as bitumen on the treadmill) because this implies, however small, a change in terms of the muscle group stimulated. Remember to do the same when you get back outside at the end of winter.
Do not neglect the warm-up at the start of the exercise or the return to calm at the end of the exercise. (the latter especially because you will notice dizziness)
Giving the treadmill a slight elevation angle of 1 to 3 degrees can simulate the additional physiological requirement of running outside (cutting through the air).
Favor changes in speed rather than large changes in the elevation angle of the belt to add to the effort. Be careful to exceed 7 degrees of elevation. If you want to incorporate incline into your exercise, make sure it is in short frequencies like it would be outdoors with occasional climbs.
Make sure to keep the same stride as in the road race so as not to take bad folds. The controlled environment that is the treadmill will allow you easily to calculate your pace, to integrate a little bare foot at the beginning of the training, to become familiar with a minimalist shoe … while always being progressive.
Always stay focused on your position, treadmill accidents can be painful … for the body and for pride! To keep a good balance, avoid watching a TV screen or reading a book.
Take advantage of the treadmill options for doing interval workouts. Several varied and predetermined workouts are possible.

If you are shopping for a treadmill, make it as stable as possible, with the hardest running surface possible. Good winter! PS For those who will brave the cold, snowshoeing is an activity that we strongly suggest to you. And for safe running on snow, you will find excellent advice in our previous article RUNNING ON THE SNOW .

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