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How to run on a carpet without dying of boredom? We give you some tips to make your sessions more stimulating, without watching series.
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Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Posted on20.05.2019 7:57 CDT
Not everyone is the German ultra-runner Florian Neuschwander, capable of running 50 km on a carpet in less than 3 hours (we are talking more precisely of 2 hours, 57 minutes and 25 seconds, which makes him the best story performance.)
In 2019, the Englishman Jamie McDonald thus broke the world record for the time spent on a treadmill (20 hours a day for 7 days.) Which brings us to the next question: why did he not die of boredom before you die of fatigue?
So, why we know that you unfortunately have to run around at home right now, here are ten good ways to run on a carpet without yawning, and without having to use a screen.

  1. Do a complete check-up
    It’s about focusing on every part of your body. Many start their sessions in a bad way, often inherited from hours spent in the office. During your run, analyze your body from top to bottom: straight neck, relaxed shoulders, optimized ventral breathing… Take the time for each zone. After all, you have time.
  2. Breathe better
    Pay attention to your breath. You focus your attention on inhaling and exhaling, slowly drifting away from your thoughts. Because many ruminate while running, but a dissipated or upset mind will have an impact on your performance. Also, keep this concentration reflex for 5 minutes, and repeat it as many times as necessary. You will be more relaxed. And the only things that will burnout will be your fat.
  3. Vary the speeds
    Scientists have shown that alternating running frequencies would be more effective at burning fat. We recommend this: run for less than a minute (about 50 seconds) at an intensity of 7/10 – or at an equivalent level on your machine – then go to 3/10 for 30 seconds. And start again at 7/10… Do this for 10 minutes, and you will get an interval workout that will make the task less monotonous. And harder, too, don’t lie to each other.
  4. Raise your arms
    It’s a fact: your legs obey the speed of your arms. So, when you feel that your rods are tired, focus on the top: the arm movements should be wide, relaxed but clear. If you’re the daring type, you can also combine the two, in a nice lift / alternate exercise: left hand and right knee, then left knee and right hand.
  5. Bet on the zero screen policy
    Turkish windsurfer Lena Erdil trains on a treadmill in Thalgau, Austria.
    Do not watch. Never.Ne pas regarder. Jamais.
    © Scott Sinton / Red Bull Content Pool Lena Erdil© Scott Sinton/Red Bull Content Pool Lena Erdil
    Portable, dial, clock, monitor: burn anything that can tell you the time. Or just hide them. We don’t teach you anything: the more you look at the clock, the more time slows down. Remember the techno lessons in college.

Cold form

Running in the city: the golden rules

  1. Increase your abilities, at your own pace
    Over a week, you can spread 30 minutes a day over 5 days, provided you do not die. Run at your own pace, setting levels relative to your speed or the number of kilometers covered. The more you practice, the more you will pass your levels, and you will quickly see a form of challenge. Of course, it must remain pleasant. Another option to boost your level: alternate with other cardio exercises, such as cycling . The idea is to mark a period of adaptation between each practice.
  2. Go up the slope

If your machine has a tilt option – which it often does – you can choose different configurations. From flat to arduous climbs, try all terrains. Go from the easiest to the toughest if you want to work on your endurance. If you prefer to improve your sprints, start with a slight incline before staying on the flat.

  1. Find a partner
    Running with a friend, what a rich idea. First of all, you will feel less alone, and this will be an opportunity to motivate each other. Whether he’s a larva or a marathon beast , either way, you won’t go at the same pace. No problem, you will always stay side by side and that is one of the advantages of indoor racing . Even life.
  2. Muscle
    Do not hesitate to get off the mat to push the cast iron, giving yourself 30 seconds to a minute of break before. In case you don’t have the strength to lift 200kg, you can also perform a few sets of squats, push-ups, sit-ups… it’s all good to take. Then back to the mat. Do four sessions each, you will feel the difference.
  3. Make pyramids
    The exercise is relatively simple and works in two directions. Start with a fast run for one minute, recover, resume the fast run for two minutes, then two minutes of recovery, three minutes of hard recovery etc … Conversely, you can start with five minutes of fast running , two minutes of rest, four minutes of fast running etc… Before ending with five minutes of cooling down. It’s great for cardio, and time flies faster.

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