Rowing machine or treadmill: the pros and cons

Regular sports are a good habit in maintaining good health . However, between our different activities, it is often difficult to find times to plan a jump to the gym . You can always decide to take a fitness machine to train in the comfort of your home . Between a rower and a treadmill , what will we choose? This article gives you the information to consider.

The rower: a complete device
Have you ever rowed ? If so, you are on familiar ground with the rower . What makes this device interesting is that it allows you to work almost all the muscles of the body . Exercising on an indoor rowing machine will improve your endurance and allow you to regulate your heart rate . It will allow you to tone your whole body. With this device, you will burn calories faster than with fitness equipment.

However, the rower requires technique as well as a good knowledge of the exercise . This is reflected in the coordination of movements to avoid injury. It is also not recommended to do it if you have back pain, neck pain, or knees .

The treadmill: a device that can be adjusted as desired
A treadmill will allow you to walk or run indoors at your desired pace. This device focuses on the lower body . By using it, you will refine the thighs, the lumbar muscles, the calves as well as the gluteal muscles . The treadmill will develop your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities .

It will be more recommended for people wishing to lose weight, and those with fragile joints . Indeed, treadmills offer a perfectly smooth surface, which allows a good degree of damping. Compared to soft soils, such as earth or grass , it will be a pleasure to practice.

Less complete than the rower, but above all more fun and adjustable at will , the treadmill does not offer real physical progress. It is less effective than running in the open air or in nature. These allow you to better exercise your balance on uneven floors . It will then be a question of finding a complement to have a more complete sporting effort .

What to choose between the rower and the treadmill?
Rower or treadmill, the best device to take will be decided according to the desired physical effort . If you want to exercise your whole body, you have to choose the rower. But, if your goal is weight loss, the treadmill is the best way to go. However, leave some space , because these two devices take up a lot of space .

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