Rebounder Trampoline: The best fitness fun you’ll ever have

How many calories can you shed by jumping on a trampoline? You can lose as many as 110 calories in 10 minutes depending on your weight and how vigorously you do it. Trampolining is simple and fun (which is why kids love it so much), compared to traditional exercising like jogging, spin biking, weight lifting and so on. You can do it instinctively without instructions, and experiment with your movements in minutes.

Rebounder Trampoline

Keep exercising fun as it should be 

It is very easy to set up a rebounder, and you can do it under 15 minutes, and it comes with a stability bar to make it safer, visit Leaps & Rebounds for more info about it. The ease, fun, and simplicity of bringing out the kid in you make exercising on the rebounder something to look forward to every day.

Multitasking fun

The rebounder can fit in most living rooms or basement gyms. This means you can enjoy your favourite TV shows while burning calories (sounds like a paradox!). Now you don’t have to feel guilty binging on your favourite Netflix series. You can do it and remain fit.

Why leave home for exercise?

A rebounder is a perfect companion for those days you just feel like staying at home in your underwear or pyjamas but still want to shed a few calories and maintain your fitness goals. Think Sundays. You are just loving your own company, jumping on the rebounder and following your favourite thing on Netflix. Who would have thought of that?

Social media bragging rights 

Do you often get a tinge of envy looking at all those toned bodies on Instagram but don’t envy the weight lifting and complicated cross-fit routines that come with it? You can have your bragging rights too without complicating things. Simple and fun rebounder routines will get you there, and you can post your routines as well. You will be surprised at the following you can gather.

A rebounder trampoline is so much fun because it reminds you of a time when things were not complicated. You played when you wanted and how wanted, without complicated instructions. They call it ‘jumping for joy’ for a reason. Spending 30 minutes on the trampoline each day can do marvels for your fitness goals.

The best thing about fitness on a rebounder trampoline is that you can start simple and introduce more complicated moves as you go along. You will be surprised at the variety of moves you can come up with when you are having fun on a rebounder trampoline.

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