10 Best Quiet Treadmill For Home Reviews 2022 With Buying Guide

However, it is still often difficult to determine how loud we will base even a quiet treadmill on the manufacturer’s claims.

So, it is usually a good idea to know about the treadmill before buying one.

Comparison Table

  • 0-12% Digital Quick Incline control
  • 0-12 MPH Digital QuickSpeed control
  • 20” x 60” tread bel
  • 300-pound user capacity
  •  12-month iFit family membership included
  • Adjusting recline levels (0%, 2%, 4.37%)
  • 9 Built-in workout programs
  • Max user weight of 220 lbs.
  • 49 L x 15.5W inches of running surface
  • 2.20 peak HP drive system

Best Quiet Treadmill For Home - Comparison

The XTerra fitness TR150 treadmill really combines the quality and performance that you wish for, which is why we include it on our list of the best quiet treadmill.

You must be fully satisfied with the flexibility of this machine and someone can easily fold it up and store up at your home. Someone particularly planned this machine for the home environment.  

The XTerra fitness TR150 is incorporated with the several thoughtful features that were actually developed with the comfort and performance in mind.

To put it briefly, the xterra TR150 treadmills are the ideal piece for a fitness-minded person who wishes for a durable and gorgeous piece of equipment.

This treadmill will be a reliable one in the long run and the xterra TR150 treadmills are also well-known for its longevity, gorgeousness and feel making model .

This model can be a perfect candidate for almost anyone who is looking for a trustworthy treadmill that must be last for more years. The xterra TR150 is admittedly a cheap price.

For the entry-level treadmills, it is really a pretty good and nice option to buy.

Especially, consider its price and features that is the wildly popular.

In fact, as an entry-level treadmill, I strongly recommend that if you’re searching for a model that provides the similar features with a lesser price.

The xterra TR150 is the budget-friendly treadmill and it would not go wasted of your money for the time being.

The console was mainly designed for the ease of a user while it is still providing you with the best features you deserve to use.

A large display of 5 LCD provides you with all important workouts feedback and the intuitive press button.

It has the direct access of the speed buttons for the quick access of the desired favorite speeds.

This treadmill is great for the interval training.

The integrated book rack and accessory holders hold remote control, your reading materials, and anything else you want that is closely live to you . It must help keep you in your training zone with these important materials.

Someone mount conveniently the handgrip pulse sensors on the side of the handlebars.

The heart-pounding speed range is up to 10 mph and that the smooth and quite quiet 2.25 HP motor powers. 

The real 12 preset programs present an unmatched diversity while its extra soft cushioned deck technology (large 16 X 50) running surface and three manual inclines settings permit you to drive your limits.

Just start on the road to the fitness today with the xterra TR150 treadmill and go beyond your expectations with its amazing features.

The quiet 2.25 HP motor is fully covered by a full-year warranty.

The large 5 LCD display is painless to read and always keeps you updated regarding all the essential information like speeds, inclines ,time, distance , calories, and pulse .

The speed range of 0.5 - 10 mph allows for the users of all fitness levels.

Key Features

  • Quiet 2.25 HP motor
  • walking/running surface is 16" x 50” (Large)
  • 5 inches LCD display that show speed, time, distance, incline, calories and pulse
  • Speed range is 0.5 -10 mph
  • 3 manual incline settings
  • 12 preset programs
  •  Direct quick access to speeds from 1mph - 9mph
  • Hand grip pulse sensors
  •  XTRASoft Cushioned of Deck technology  
  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • Folding deck design
  • Accessory holders hold the portable music player, water bottle, remote control, phone and many more
  •  Built-in reading rack
  • Weight limit: 250 lbs
  • 110v plug-in required

What we like

  • Folding deck
  • XTRASoft cushioning
  • space-saving design
  • Sturdy construction for a walking treadmill (max. weight capacity to 250 lbs)
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Transport wheels
  • Speed settings up to 10 MPH
  • Speed adjustment increments of 0.1 MPH
  • Manual incline with the three  levels of adjustment
  • 12 preset workout programs
  • Quick keys for the speed adjustment
  • Little maintenance required
  • Low power consumption
  • Accessory trays that is built-in the dashboard;
  • Tablet holder included
  • Track function for distance
  • Pulse reading function
TR150 Folding Treadmill

The lifespan Trail 1200i treadmill is a highly suggested treadmill for apartment living people.

This quiet home treadmill has an incline, and it is loaded with many workout options.

It saves exercise data and even gives speakers to blast your mp3s. I can easily track this treadmill from the online.

Read some reviews from online to learn why this folding quiet treadmill has won many awards from the professional treadmill reviewers and also consumer groups.

This is ample programming treadmills that have 17 preset programs. The heart rate control programs and space for 2 user design programs give excellent workouts diversity.

Someone highly requested people of the lifespan fitness club memberships to download customized workouts programs.

The intensity options, besides choosing from the 15 incline levels, trainees can choose three intensity levels with its preset programs.

The belt quality is good since it is two-ply and glides along the wide rollers. This belt is sturdier compared to other starter treadmills.

The shock absorbents and the cushioned deck support it. The belt length is suitable (20-inch x 56 inch) and the strut belt is long enough for most users to walk and jogging.

Some people may require a longer track for the running and no longer tracks are now available on the other lifespan treadmills.

The treadmill is equipped with the TR 1200i exercise ramp motor that is more than enough power.

That’s important since several brands have weak motors.

 The 2.5 CHP powerful motor, with its lifetime warranty, is equivalent to the other brands of 2.25 horsepower motors.

It provides sufficient power for the long jogs and doesn’t cause the track to stutter. Considering these, we have listed it as one of the best quiet treadmill for home use.

Key Features

  • Full membership to the LifeSpan Club
  • Stores important information about the health and fitness
  • Intelli-Guard safety automatically pauses the belt if case of emergency
  • Intelli-Step counts each time automatically about the foot lands on treadmill,
  • Large 2.5” front rollers
  • 2 inches rear roller is for the quiet, smooth, and free  of static motion
  • 2-ply belt
  • Large silicone console buttons
  • Speed from 0.5-11 mph
  • Heart rate monitoring via the chest strap and pulse grips
  • Incline from 0-15%.
  • Book rack
  • MP3 compatible sound system
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

Computer Features:

  • 5 Weight Management
  • Multi-color LCD display
  • Quickstart button
  • 22 program profiles
  • 2 Heart Rate
  • 5 Health Living
  • 7 Sports Training
  • 2 Custom
  • 1 Manual
  •  Date & Time
  • Workout data includes:
  • Name/ Height/ Age /Sex/Weight
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Speed
  • Steps
  • Heart Rate
  • Incline


  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Labor: 1 Year
  • Parts: 3 Years

What we like

What we dont like

  • Easy to fold
  • Great customer service and
  • Warranty is good
  • Great price in comparison to its remarkable features
  • Space saving treadmill when folded
  • Quiet motor
  • Provides a comfortable and strong running surface
  •  Have a pleasant and attractive design
  • The data tracking services may need to pay for subscriptions after 4 months later
  • Cooling fan may not included
LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i Folding Treadmill

Put a treadmill under your desk and burn more calories while working at your office.

Now, the Rebel Treadmill 1000 under Desk Quiet Treadmill from the rebel desk is in fact two pieces.

So, we have the desk itself and the other part is the treadmill.

Too much sitting is harmful for our body and recently some medical researchers got together to come up with some outstanding guidelines to assist people who are trying to stand and want to be more energetic while they were working .

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals the guidelines and they recommend you need to spend two hours a day.

Standing or engaging in light walking eventually builds up the habit to four hours out of your workday of standing or light walking.

A difficulty of the desk treadmill it’s our mission and to make this easy the Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Quiet Treadmill gives all the facilities to your better experience towards home or office workouts.

Just connect the safety clip and hit the quick start button and you’ll notice a 3 2 1 countdown.

To let you recognize, the treadmill is turned on it automatically and goes up to 0.5 miles/hour, which is very slow.

So, you can have a safe start. You want to go faster. Just hit the plus button from the speed function and speed yourself up with what you want. 

I like to walk between point 8 and 1.2 miles/hour. If you want to see the time of walking or the distance that you have already walked, you can hit the view button and scroll down between those.  

now I’ve got a good pace here. Pull my keyboard. tray it’s very easy to work, and walk type the message I can use my mouse I can write something all the things that you normally do at a regular desk .

You can do at a treadmill desk and you’re feeling healthy energized and keeping your body moving while you’re doing it.

Key Features

  • Great value
  • Have Great Quality, eye-catching design ,reliability and the proven-track records
  •  Simple setup
  • Worry-free warranty
  • Quiet, easy walking
  • Offers 100% moneyback guarantee up to 30 days
  • Sleek and stainless steel design
  • 1.5 HP and DC nonstop drive motor
  • Speed ranges from 0.5 mph to 2.0 mph.

Computer Features

Display readouts include:

  • Time
  •  Distance
  • 8”x 3” control console.
  • Speed


  • Motor: 2 year
  • Frame: 20 year
  • Parts: 1 year
  • Electronics: 1 year
  • Labor: 1 year


  • Length-63”
  • Width- 24”
  • Maximum user weights-250 lbs
  • Running surface-18.1”x49.6”
  • Item weight-88 lbs

What we like

  • Available at the very cheap price
  • Well cushioned deck
  • Safety emergency stop key button
  • Ultra-quiet 1.5 HP DC nonstop drive motor
  • No limit of running hours
  • Being a lightweight (88 lbs) treadmill
  • The well textured walking belt
  • Good warranty
  • It is easily portable.

What we do​n’t like

  • Design for one reason
  • Side rails are not so strong
Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill

I am now introducing one of the best quiet treadmill named the Exerpeutic TF 1000 treadmill from the paradigm health and wellness.

We know that you want to get started your healthy and fit lifestyle right now.  

So, our exerpeutic Fitness walking electric quiet treadmill comes virtually assembled right out of the box. Simply fix the LCD computer monitor panel and you are almost ready to get started.

The treadmill has been demonstrated to be a successful way to get fit. Here’s what you can look forward from the exerpeutic Fitness walking electric treadmill.

This treadmill is a heavy-duty treadmill and it’s basically designed to accommodate up to 400 lbs of user weights with wide the side rails and a heavy-duty steel frame.

The treadmill belt is about 20 inches wide similar to the commercial fitness club size treadmills.

The 18-inch extra-long safety handles are more than 2 times longer than the typical treadmill handles.

So no reaching is necessary to safe yourself and no more losing your balance on the treadmill.

For getting on and getting off is very easy and safe on  the exerpeutic Fitness walking electric quiet treadmill  and it has a two-position manual incline features where you can change the incline position very easily.  

To alter the intensity level of the workouts burning more calories and gaining more power is easy when you are on the Fitness walking electric quiet treadmill.

This treadmill also comes with the smart computer with the LCD display featuring functions of the elapsed time, distance you walked, calories burn and speed.

Easy to control the speed buttons. On the handlebar, you are allowed to adjust from one tenth of a mile/hour to up to four miles/hour for the vigorous fitness walking workout.

An on/off switch is right on the handlebar for the easy access. There’s a pulse monitor where you can calculate and check your target heart rate at anytime and stay within your target heart rate zone.

The exerpeutic Fitness walking electric quiet treadmill is powered with a 1.5 hp high torque motor which uses quiet drive.

So, you can watch television or listen to music while walking with no interference. This treadmill is easy to fold and store.

With the hydraulic shock absorb-er and transportation wheels, you can for move the treadmill.  

Key Features

  • Supplier: Paradigm h & w
  • Folded dimensions- 41.3”L  x 32”W x 54”H
  • Unfolded dimensions-51.2”L x 32”W x 63”H
  • Additionally- 18 ” safety handles and Pulse monitor
  • Motor - 1.5 HP high torque quiet motor
  • Belt size- 40”L x 20”W
  • Speed- 0  to 4 mph
  • Console-LCD display, calories, distance, Time etc
  • Incline-Two position manual incline
  • Item weight-120 pounds
  • Maximum user weight- 400 lbs
  • Shipping weight - 149 pounds
  • Warranty- Five years for the motor and frame; Ninety days for the parts and labor
  • Price guide- $400+

What We Like:

  • Lower price than average
  • Quiet overall
  • Great value
  • Sturdy
  • Assembly: Wide track
  • Higher weight capacity
  • High capacity
  • Safety rails:
  • Safety key:
  • Compact frame:
  • Easy to walk on

What we dont like

  • Doesn’t provide workout programs
  • No Incline
  • Poorly Cushioned.
  • The belt slip to the left or right sometimes
  • Customer service patchy
  • No frills
Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric Treadmill

This is the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill and here as you can see that it’s a normal sized treadmill that fits fine.

The best thing is that you can save a lot of space just by lifting it up with one hand and it goes and snaps. That saves a pretty good amount of space.  

Then, put it down and you just simply push it up and press the long knob down there and let it go slowly.

Setup is very easy, and it took only 35 to 45 minutes.

I’d like to work out from home instead of running out in public and you can definitely check out the Horizon Fitness t101 treadmill.

The cool thing about The Horizon Fitness t101 treadmill is that it has 9 pre-programmed features that basically means that it fits to anybody’s lifestyle or anybody’s workouts routine .

It’s definitely very customize-able which is superb and you know it’s not just one speed. It reaches up to ten miles an hour, which is superb if you’re a fast runner.

 It’s really cool that the deck is actually good where you walk or run.

This treadmill is very lightweight and you can just pick it up and move it around anywhere you want.

The thing I like the most is that it’s a treadmill that will help me lose weight. You can plug your mp3 player into it or your iPod and it has surround sound speakers.

So, that’s really cool and while you’re working out, you can actually jam.

You can listen to your music which is probably the coolest thing because I know when you’re running you need something to get focus off what I’m doing.

Key Features

  • Horizon treadmills are now available on online for sale for only $599(price can be varied).
  • The two-year parts warranty and lifetime warranty for the frame and quiet motor is really excellent with this small budget.
  • The updated Bluetooth audio speaker system helps you make workouts better.
  • The 30 built-in exercise programs are enough for the beginning exercisers. The best program are the time, calorie and distance manual, interval and weight loss workouts goal programs .
  • Incline is up to 10%
  • Heart rate monitoring system.
  • Horizon consoles with red LED lighting are good-looking and user-friendly.
  • Cooling fan is included with the Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill.
  • This treadmill is foldable for easy transport and storage.
  • Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill can support the users up to 300 lbs.

What we like

  • This treadmill is really a budget friendly
  • 30 workouts programs
  • Easy to assemble
  • high quality features and specification
  • The 2 years parts warranty is really good for such an inexpensive treadmill.
  • The lifetime warranty of the motor and frame is admirable and really hard to search such features by this price category.
  • The Sonic Surround Sound MP3 is really compatible speakers that allow you to pump up the real experience of music and get you active all the workouts time.

What we don’t like

The running track (55” x 20”) seems to be short for the taller people with the big running strides.

The 2.25 HP motor is quite not enough to support the  hardcore runners

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Getting of a quick workout has never been more convenient for the serene life folding smart quiet treadmill.

You can easily pair any phone via the Bluetooth connectivity and log into the free IFit show sports app.  

To turn your boring exercise routines into exciting fitness sessions, you need to create customized fitness sessions and quickly select a preset training mode.

The races monitor workout data on the LCD screen display as you go, including speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate.

Through the built-in grip sensors, you can even adjust the speed settings.

On the speed, you get as high as 6 miles per hour in case you want to kick things into the next gear or if you’re looking for a more relaxing routine or even a way to exercise while you work or watch a movie.

 Smart Digital Treadmill comes with a removable laptop or tablet stand and with an integrated safety key or an emergency shutoff button to cut power instantly.

You never have to worry that a distracted stumble will leave you here. When your workout is done, you can easily fold it down and store it away until the next workout session.

Key Features

  • Sports app connection
  • Digital LCD display
  • Selectable preset training modes
  • Safe to use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Running and training data statistics
  • Compact form-fitting design
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Simple electric and motorized plug-in design
  • Used for the walking , running, jogging exercise program
  • Digital smart treadmill
  • Downloadable app
  • Folding style for the easy setup and storage
  • Integrated safety key
  • Emergency power off
  • Book / tablet device holder
  • Running belt surface is  39.3 inches x 13.4 inches
  • Quiet motor power (1.0 hp)
  • Speed is ranges up to 0.6 to 6.0 mph
  • Maximum weight is up to 265 lbs.
  • Assembly required
  • Power Supply (100-120V)

What we like

  • Sports app connection
  • Safe to use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Running and training data statistics
  • Compact form-fitting design
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Digital smart treadmill
  • Downloadable app
  • Integrated safety key
  • Book / tablet device holder
  • Quiet motor power (1.0 hp)
  • Speed is ranges up to 0.6 to 6.0 mph
  • Maximum weight support: up to 265 lbs.

What we don’t like

  • Assembly required
SereneLife SLFTRD18 - Smart Folding

I am introducing the progear HC XL 4000 walking and jogging treadmill.

It is with heart monitoring an electric treadmill for high-capacity user weight and we all know that the walking or jogging is a great way to stay fit.

But, standing in line at the health club or jogging and bad weather is not ideal.

With the pro gears HC XL 4000, you’ll have a treadmill that’s really comparable to any commercial gyms machine. But, this one is right in your own home.

 Just check out the features of the progear HC excels 4000. First, it’s easy to set up and store because it folds and rolls. Now, let’s get on and get started.

It’s extra wide belt at 20 inches and 1.5 horsepower high torque quiet motor makes using the HC excel 4000 safe and easy.

The treadmill deck is low to the ground and that why it’s getting on and off is so easy and safe.

There are also two incline adjustments to make your workout more or less challenging.

The motorized speed can adjust to one-tenth mile increments, allowing you to walk leisurely or achieve a vigorous jog at 4 miles per hour.  

This is perfect for staying in shape, losing body fat toning and having an overall sense of well-being.

The motor uses quiet Drive, which makes the HC excel 4000 so quiet and you can watch TV, listen to music or talk on the phone while working out.

 Monitor your heart rate using these heart rate sensors and you can see it on the LCD on the front of the handlebars.

You can also see the elapsed time, distance traveled calories, burned and your speed.

These extended length handlebars are for safety and balance and they are padded with soft foam for added comfort.

You can control the speed of the treadmill belt by using the easy to reach speed buttons.

The reinforced steel frame supports up to an astounding 400 lbs and the HC XL 4000 can take that punishment.

The 44 inch deck makes the treadmill more convenient for taller users and making it easier for you.

The progear 8c Excel 4000 comes almost ready to use right out of the box and you only need to attach the computer and you are ready to go.

Finished with your workout on the progear HC excel 4000 and just fold it up and wheel it to wherever you want.

The studies show that a two-mile daily walk achieves the same results as an intense exercise routine. So bring it home ProGear stay fit and spend less.

Key Features

  • Material: steel (frame)
  • Holds up to: 400.0 lb
  • Horsepower: 1.5 horsepower
  • Running surface length is 40.0 inches
  • Running surface width is 20.0 inches
  • Manual program types are available
  • Tracked activities are average speed, heart rate, calories burned, and speedometer
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Maximum speed: 4 miles per hour
  • Extra Long Handles with the Heart Pulse Sensors
  • Extra Wide and Long Treadmill Belt
  • LCD Display
  • 400 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • 2 Level Manual Incline
  • Easy Speed Control
  • Foldable and Transportable

What we like

  • Maximum user weight is400 lbs
  • Extra Wide 20″ belt
  • 1.5 HP High Torque quiet Motor utilizes
  • Can Measure target heart rate
  • vigorous workout at 4mph

What we don't like

  • Speed is only up to 4 miles an hour
  • No record keeping
  • Does not have the proper soft running technology
  • Don’t have an automatic folding feature
ProGear HCXL 4000 Ultimate

Yes, this is John with the 9th one exercise today and I am going to be talking about the Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill.

You have got a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, five years on parts and 1 year on labor.

This treadmill machine comes with over about 42 different programs and you will never get bored with the exercises.  

The workouts come with the speakers. It has a place to set your iPad and you can play your music.

One coolest thing about the Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill machine is that compared to the other brands, I hear it’s come with an oversized motor that is basically every consumer wants to run.

So, the motors are going to last longer and it’s going to be a lot quieter when you are using it.

The belts already have 2 wax or silicone built into it and so it’s guaranteed for twenty-one thousand miles.

 Some maintenance needed for the others treadmill at every 50 hours or three months.

You may get silicone deck if you’re using it three or four times a week and basically you’re be doing spending about 20 bucks every four to six weeks to maintain your treadmill.  

No one likes the maintenance cost and you can avoid the maintenance cost by taking the Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill at your home.

You can find different colors cushioning system and they put the firmer ones on the back as you push off the treadmill where you need it.

 They put the softest cushioning systems in the front where you want.  It also comes with the contact card grips and a puller strap that seems right up to the console.  

Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill came out with this app that can track your workouts data. It comes free and with the treadmill you can synchronize it up to any smartphone .

These can synchronize with your Wi-Fi within 30 seconds after your workout boom that’s already under your cap.

Key Features

  • Motor: Johnson Drive System ( 3.0 CHP)
  • Running Surfaces: 20″ x 60″
  • Incline: 0 to 15%
  • Speed: 0.5 to 12 mph.
  • Folding: Feather Light Folding Frame
  • Display: Blue Backlit LCD Display(8.5”)
  • Programs: 42 Programs
  • Readouts:  Incline, Distance, Speed, Calories, Heart Rate and Time
  • Additional Program Features: ViaFit™
  • MaxIMUM  User Weight: 350 Pounds
  • Fan or Speakers: Have COOLfit™ Personal Fan
  • MP3/CD/TV Interface: have the MP3 Compatible Speakers and  Audio-in Jacks.
  • Passport technology
  • Heart Rate: Have Polar Wireless Chest Strap and Contact Heart Rate Grips.
  • Accessories Included: Water Bottle Holder , Storage Pocket and  Reading Rack                                                                    
  • Suspension: Variable Response Cushioning™.
  • Warranty :  Frame, motor have lifetime , parts have 5 year and labor have 1 year warranty

What we like

  • Quiet treadmill
  • FeatherLight folding
  • Johnson Drive-System
  • Variable Response Cushioning
  • Passport-technology
  • 350-lbs user-weight capacity
  • An Infinity Treadbelt
  • ViaFit Connected-Technology
  • 42 Exercise-Programs
  • Extra-wide blue LCD display
  • Great incline-range
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • An accessory-holder
  • A sound-system with built-in speakers
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Workout-fan
  • Great warranty

What we don’t  like

  • Its motor may be weak
  • It lacks a decline-option
Horizon Fitness Elite T7 Treadmill

Do you need to review for the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Quiet Treadmill Desk? I’m John from Nashville and I’m fairly active.

I like to hike, bike and I’m also a runner. But, I am also a writer and a speaker. That is why I require sitting more hours a day than my bike.

Recently, I’ve heard about this treadmill vest and arrived at it on the other day. I really love it.

Already I have the new treadmill desks from lifespan Fitness, the TR 1200 model and it’s really working great.  

I can’t believe how silent, smooth, and quiet it is.

I adjusted easily to the height of the desk and the surface was big enough for everything I need while working.

The console is right to a position in the front and easy to use.

If you need to make a change, you can easily do it. It provides readout for the time, steps, calories, distance, and speed.

The padded armrest is wonderful because I can rest my arms and elbows on it and they don’t tire.

So if you’re thinking about walking while working, I’d definitely say you can’t go wrong with the other treadmill desk.

Treadmill doctor has awarded as the best new treadmill for 2018 the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Quiet Treadmill Desk. It’s much easier to work on it and tight.

While I’m walking than what I thought it would be our bodies are made to move, so get moving by checking them out by you at LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Quiet Treadmill.

Key Features

  • Quiet treadmill
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Designed For the Office 
  • Heavier Duty Construction
  • Integrated Accessories
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Cable Management
  • Active Trac
  • Speed ranges is 0.4 - 4.0 miles per hour
  • Max User Weight is 350 lbs.
  • Warranty: Frame-Lifetime; Parts- 1 Year; Motor- 3 Years, Labor- 1 Year

What we like

  • Quiet treadmill Designed For the Office 
  • Heavier Duty Construction
  • Integrated Accessories
  • You get a personalized space
  • You might stay fit and energized
  • You don’t need to go for the gym
  • You can find versatile space  
  • You can use its system easily
  • You can manage your routine

What we don’t  like

  • No pulse reading function.
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill

10. AFG Sport 3.5AT Ele

The first thing is that it’s super sturdy. It’s made with high gauge steel and mostly welded parts.  

That means AFG Sports 3.5AT is going to be really a stable treadmill when you run on it.

It’s going to be easier to put together. It has the super quiet motors and now on this model; the motor is a 3.0 CHP horsepower.

It’s a little more powerful than the one in the 3.1 CHP. Now, what makes it quiet is the fact that, within the motor, the magnets are a little larger.

That means that there are fewer RPMs, and the motor doesn’t have to work as hard.  

Another important thing is that you’ll really enjoy the active response cushioning that comes a little closer.

 The top is going to be the softest area of the deck where your heels going to land.

In the middle, where the two red ones are a little firmer and where these black ones are the stiffest where you push off from your toe.

It follows the trajectory of your stride. You also notice that looks a little longer than the 3 point.  

Sixty inches handlebar is as opposed to 55 inches. So, you can accommodate taller users and longer strides.

You really enjoyed that the bill just also pre-waxed and it should last your life. That is less work for you speaking of working it.

It is very minimal, so there’s not a lot going on. You have got your contoured cup-holders here so your bottle won’t knock around while you run right.

I hate that the keypad you can plug in your weight and your speed your incline.  So, it is customized to you.

There are 12 built-in workouts by which are customize-able. It is also got speakers and the speakers are so good.

ctric Folding Quiet Treadmill

The first thing is that it’s super sturdy. It’s made with high gauge steel and mostly welded parts.  

That means AFG Sports 3.5AT is going to be really a stable treadmill when you run on it.

It’s going to be easier to put together. It has the super quiet motors and now on this model; the motor is a 3.0 CHP horsepower.

It’s a little more powerful than the one in the 3.1 CHP. Now, what makes it quiet is the fact that, within the motor, the magnets are a little larger.

That means that there are fewer RPMs, and the motor doesn’t have to work as hard.  

Another important thing is that you’ll really enjoy the active response cushioning that comes a little closer.

 The top is going to be the softest area of the deck where your heels going to land.

In the middle, where the two red ones are a little firmer and where these black ones are the stiffest where you push off from your toe.

It follows the trajectory of your stride. You also notice that looks a little longer than the 3 point.  

Sixty inches handlebar is as opposed to 55 inches. So, you can accommodate taller users and longer strides.

You really enjoyed that the bill just also pre-waxed and it should last your life. That is less work for you speaking of working it.

It is very minimal, so there’s not a lot going on. You have got your contoured cup-holders here so your bottle won’t knock around while you run right.

I hate that the keypad you can plug in your weight and your speed your incline.  So, it is customized to you.

There are 12 built-in workouts by which are customize-able. It is also got speakers and the speakers are so good.

Key Features

  • 2.5 CHP quiet-drive motor
  • Responsive cushioning track
  • 9 workout programs
  • easy-read 3-LED display
  • Speed ranges from 0.5 to10 mph
  •  EZ fold hydraulic lift system

What we like

  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Folding frame
  • weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Cushioned deck
  • space-saving design
  • Motorized incline up to 0% – 10%;
  • Speed adjusted increments is 0.1 MPH
  • 2.5 CHP quiet motor( speed up to 10 MPH)
  • EGK pulse sensors
  • Quick keys for the speed and incline
  • 4 preset workout applications
  • Various function like, cooling fan, sound system accessory trays and tablet holder
  • Quiet operation
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required
  • Excellent warranty

What we don’t like

  • No online connectivity
  • Console display is basic
AFG Sport 3.5AT Treadmill

How to Choose The Best Quiet Treadmill

Having a quiet treadmill can be a necessity for those who live in an apartment building where the neighbors might become annoyed or complain about the noise.

A quiet treadmill is also a blessing for anyone who enjoys watching television, listening to music or doing other activities while working out that would be hard to hear over the noise of a regular treadmill.

One of the best ways to determine which treadmill is suitably quiet is to simply test it out in the situation in which it will be used.

Most often, it brings a music player to the store and asks a salesperson if it would be okay to jog for a couple of minutes on each treadmill model to test out whether the music is audible over the treadmill noise.

Alternatively, bring a friend along who can walk some distance away and report how loud the treadmill is at various distances.

Some people find out magnetic treadmills are a better choice than standard treadmills, which is a regular treadmill with a motor even if it is made to be quieter than other.

Our comparable treadmills will still likely be noticeably louder than a magnetic one.

Individuals who have never owned a magnetic treadmill or used one extensively should find an opportunity to try one out for a full workout to determine whether this is a viable option.

The magnetic treadmill experience differs greatly from that of a regular treadmill and may not be appealing to some people for some while.

The sound of the motor is not the only noise that can be potentially bothersome during a treadmill workout.

The pounding footsteps, especially from exercisers who run instead of walk, can be even louder than the steady drone of the motor.

Choosing a more padded belt that a treadmill with the spring year can perform and running shoes can help somewhat with reducing this noise.

It may also help to place the treadmill in a room with carpeting and plenty of plush furniture to dull the noise further and to reduce or eliminate any resonating echo that could become bothersome.

Our goal is to help you in the process so that you can enjoy your treadmill from the start . You don’t have to regret it within a certain time for not having chosen a model according to your characteristics.

The first thing you should know is that there are 2 types of treadmills or 2 types of operation :

  • Manual belt : a wheel of inertia will carry its operation out and whose impulse we will carry out with our own strides. They will have a certain inclination to favor the movement of the wheel.

  • Motorized belt: they work with an engine allowing the user to select the speed or rhythm of the belt and the angle of inclination that we want to get.

Once we know the treadmills that we can find, we list and explain the primary factors that you should take into consideration:

How to use a quiet treadmill at home?

One of the major factors to consider is the use that we will give to our treadmills. Based on it, analyze the rest of the factors to succeed in our purchase process.

We must analyze if we want the treadmill for walking or for explosive speed training . Another very important factor is the time that we are going to dedicate or if we will be several people who will use the treadmill.

According to this data, we must choose a power for our treadmill and for this. We leave you the following guidance table :






1.75 hp

1.25 hp

2.25 hp


2 hp

1.5 hp

2.5 hp


2.5 hp

2 hp

3 hp

DIMENSIONS AND RACE SURFACE of an ideal quiet treadmill

First, you should know the space you have . It is obvious; it is very important to choose correctly. With not having much space, make the corresponding measures always leaving .

As a recommendation, make sure a free space on all sides of the treadmill as much as possible.

There are many models on the market with the possibility of being fold-able . You can surely find a model that fits perfectly in your home.

When we talk about the running surface , we basically refer to the treadmills-try . We must consider both the width and length , and these will depend on the height of the user and the type of training you plan to perform especially important for speed training.

Next, we show you two images where you can see what is the length and width of the treadmill depending on the use you are going to make besides the minimum ideal free space around the machine.


We can distinguish the treadmills between folding or fixed.. Each of them has characteristics with its advantages and disadvantages that we can see in broad strokes below:


The race surface is usually smaller, being suitable for amateur runners. You can see in the following link the best folding treadmills .

  • The construction is less robust than fixed belts in most cases, but not to be decisive, since modern folding systems are getting excellent results.

  • The treadmills-try is usually shorter than in fixed treadmills, which saves space. It is the principal aim of folding treadmills.

  • They require more maintenance.


These treadmills have greater resistance both in the frame and on the deck. Besides allowing you to perform more intensive workouts with longer running surfaces.

  • It is the best option for professional runners; the monitor has a greater number of functions and the durability is greater.

  • They require less maintenance.

  • If space is a problem, this type of machine is the least suitable to have at home.


Damping is very important on a treadmill. This helps us protect our joints from the tension generated when we do the workouts.

As a general rule, damping systems can absorb the impact between 15% and 40%. This damping allows any user to use the treadmill at a lower risk than if he runs outside.

In many models, the cushioning is adjustable and gives you the possibility of both cushioning and the tip being firm.

Therefore, it allows you to prepare races you are going to do regardless of the terrain.


This is an important factor that you should also consider and that the same power will not be necessary in cases of users with different weight.

For this, you can consider the table attached to the “USE” point.

An important feature of the treadmills is the maximum weight of the user. Depending on this weight, you can get an idea of the strength of the construction of this machine.

Considering that they usually used lighter materials that will give the belt less stability and robustness.


Analyze according to your weight and the use that you are going to give the power to achieve maximum optimization in your workouts.

Besides the continuous power of the motor, you must consider the power peaks that it can reach.

These peaks tell you what the maximum engine capacity will work at 100%.

It‘s good to have peak power high in case you want to perform interval training or sprint .

The manufacturer’s warranty often sees the quality of the engine construction.

The engines that offer you a lifetime warranty are because they have been tested and tested in the long term. However, engines that offer 2 or 3 year warranties mean that their construction is of inferior quality.

Finally, in the motor's case, it is necessary to assess the aspect of whether it is direct or alternating current (this type is usually in the gym since they better support user changes).

The motors with direct current are much quieter, something to keep in mind if you are going to do the training in hours that you can disturb other tenants of your home or neighbors.

We leave you this link of the treadmill engine for more information.


It is a factor to consider, especially in demanding users as runners who are prepared for background training. It will need some special features.

For the rest of the users, it is not a primary factor since most of the treadmills on the market and especially those that we will recommend will amply cover your needs.

If you are a person who performs moderate intensity workouts with a maximum speed of 14 km / h, it may be more than enough.

However, if you perform background, interval or sprint workouts, this speed should increase to at least 18-20 km / h.


By the inclination, you can exercise different muscle groups and perform different workouts.

Not all machines offer the same incline system, and this is an important factor for you. You should take your time in selecting the one that best suits your goals.

The inclination regulation systems will allow to change this between -1º and 15º as a general norm, reaching more than 35º in some models.

When performing inclined workouts, the calorie consumption will be greater than if we do it without using it.

In the following table, we show the calories consumed by an average user (65 kg) walking at 6.5 km / h at different levels of inclination:



No inclination (0%)








15% (Maximum normally)


Console and interactivity

The console can sometimes be the factor that determines which treadmill to buy. There are many types of console from the most basic ones that show you the essential information.

The consoles with full color screens offer you endless training and data options to track and progress that you are carrying out.

The evolution of the consoles has led to the development of devices that can connect with mobile devices and tablets with Wi-Fi .

This connection has led to the creation of multiple training applications using your device as a console.

The applications are more prepared to generate a sense of reality to training, and you can make routes throughout the world by connecting with Google Maps .

You can download daily workouts, inform yourself of all the results got in them, and filter them according to your tastes and needs.

We can measure our speed, heart rate, calories consumed, training time, inclination and keep precise control to improve our health.

They also offer programs that will transport us through different parts of the world and can simulate the race between its streets or conduct joint sessions with friends or family by using these apps for fitness. .


I used the accessories many times and often we do not give them the attention they deserve. The most important being:

  • Transport wheels: Almost all models carry them, but they are really useful for transporting the treadmill at home.

  • Bottle holder: Very practical accessory especially if you are going to run a long time on the treadmill.

  • Connection for iPod and speakers: You can connect your playback device directly to the treadmill to listen to your favorite music while doing the workouts.

  • Fan: Very useful to cool down a bit during your training sessions.

You can check below the best treadmills classified by ranges based on prices.

Benefits of using one of the best quiet treadmill for home


Most treadmills have some impact absorption system and this will reduce pressure . Thus, we will not exert as much stress on our joints as if we did it on the street.

Our knees, ankles and back will be good .

 These will offer a better recovery in case of suffering some type of injuries in our joints. Treadmills for the elderly are also highly recommended.


The treadmill is a very useful cardio machine for the diagnosis of various heart diseases , coronary artery obstructions and other heart problems.

The body ends or rarely shows any problem symptoms until it is subjected to a certain pressure .Treadmill session will put the body under some stress that will allow us to detect if we have any problem in our body.

Many studies of medicine have shown that people undergoing a treadmill test and whose results have not been completely normal, have at least twice as likely to suffer some type of heart problem than people who have got a result with the expected values ​​within the established means.

Using treadmills will usually lead to an undoubted improvement in blood circulation and will help lower blood pressure .

It is strengthening the heart and protecting our body from various diseases of the blood vessels to the reduction of lipoproteins in low density and increasing levels of high-density lipoproteins, the “good cholesterol.”


Performing exercise with a treadmill with some regularity will be a very important factor in the control of insulin levels in people with diabetic problems, especially in type 2 diabetics.

Several studies have shown that exercising regularly will decrease blood sugar levels in this type of patients.

Their combination with a good diet can make them totally independent of performing treatments either as pills, punctures ...

A session of over 20 minutes on a treadmill will make our muscles get the energy of glucose and reduce blood levels thanks to the liver that will release it.

Another benefit of regular sessions is that you will help your body regulate the hormones responsible for inducing sleep by allowing a better rest and regulating sleep cycles, a factor that will help stabilize blood sugar levels.

However, 6-minute walk test also assists you two measures your functional status or fitness. You can head to your medical expert to get a 6-minute walk test.

This test will monitor your response to treatments for heart, lungs, and several other health problems.

You can use a simple 6 minute walk test calculator to know how much distance you covered within 6 minutes for your age, gender, height, weight, and distance.)


Many of the times we want to go jogging it is not possible for various reasons, whether due to lack of time, weather, irregular surfaces or poorly lit among other factors, so having a treadmill in our home will eliminate all these “cons” and we can be forced to exercise without making excuses.

Also, sometimes, safety is another common reason that people highlight the use of a treadmill, especially in women who dislike running alone.


The treadmill can be an excellent means for weight loss thanks to burning calories . Thanks to its continued use and with a correct diet, it is one of the cardio exercises with which you will reduce your weight and improve your figure.

In order to achieve a weight reduction by a treadmill, various types of workouts can be carried out to achieve this goal, such as interval or long-term workouts.

 In addition, if you make use of the inclination that many of these machines bring incorporated. The calorie consumption will be even greater.


While we conducted an exercise session with our belt, we can perform various tasks, as we will run or walking , but we can watch the television , listen to music, view emails, read a book, surf the Internet and even work.

For this last use, I have made special treadmills for use on the desk while you work as are the Life Span brand treadmills.

When we are doing exercises on the treadmill, we can know exactly a multitude of data, such as the distance traveled, the speed at which we have been working, or the inclination of the running surface.

All recorded data can be saved for periodically, check the evolution that we are carrying out, see if we are achieving the objectives that we have set ourselves and analyze at what points we have our strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve a constant improvement in our training.


We can highlight some disadvantages of using a treadmill, such as the constant environment that can mean you can get bored since in the street you will have a constantly changing environment.

Another disadvantage is that the use of treadmills will require a certain outlay that you will not have to make if you do it on the street.

Nor will you have the irregularities of the terrain that can mean, for example, a greater burning of calories in case of running with a certain slope. This is a factor that many treadmills can correct thanks to its automatic inclination.

We leave you some tips that most times may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning to get a totally safe practice when doing our cardio sessions with our treadmill.

  • Start the activity slowly. You can start with a walk or a slow jog for the first 5 minutes.

  • Increase the speed in small intervals of 3-4 km / h.

  • Check that the treadmill is not working before starting our training.

  • Prepare your source of hydration and be careful when you go to drink. It is advisable to slow down.

  • If you suffer from any type of problem, check with your doctor to see if you can and should exercise on a treadmill.

  • Do not place objects behind the machine, since in case of an accident, you could hit yourself with them.

  • Wear the right shoes. It should always be a comfortable shoe, and if it is new, the ideal is to use it a few days before doing a training session with it to accommodate our feet and feel as comfortable as possible.

Keep in mind that you can suffer an accident while you are doing your exercise session, and that you can cause certain injuries, such as burns or bruises, when you fall on the tapestry. TAKE THE PRECAUTIONS NEEDED .

Before carrying out the training, we must consider a series of recommendations ensuring that the exercises we are going to perform are as optimal as possible. Let’s see the most important:

  • Wear the right shoes. Wearing shoes on a treadmill has at least 2 benefits.

 – You can walk, run, or jog barefoot on a treadmill, but you should keep in mind that injuries factor. (any injuries cost you a lot)

 – Your effort will less when you have shoes on your feet. You can feel more productive on the treadmill.

After all, it’s important to be healthy with no injuries. vigourguide (A Complete Shoe Reviewer) to pick the Best Shoes For Treadmill for your well-being.

  • Drink between 0.5 and 0.7 liters of water in the 90 minutes before training . Normally, training on treadmills is usually over 20 minutes, during which you can sweat a lot and get dehydrated later, so it is important to start a well-hydrated workout.

  • Take a bottle of water off at least 0.5 liters. It is important that during the training follow hydrating so you won’t have problems.

  • Make sure you go to the bathroom before training . A break in the exercise can cause you to lose the pace of training and the benefits that this entails.

  • Use tall and thick socks . If you use this type of socks, you will avoid the risk of blisters that can make the workouts especially painful.

  • Heats and cool . Spend time before each workout to warm the muscles and stretch them. Similarly, when you finish the training, take some time to cool the muscles and stretch them.

  • It is normal to be tempted to grab the handlebars, but if you take the handles, the calorie intake will be lower. Ideally, learn to move your arms while running and use the handlebar as little as possible .

  • Pay attention to the configuration of the belt, keeping in mind the location of the speed and incline buttons, as they will be the main buttons you use while you are doing the workouts.

  • Use safety clamp . This clamp will help you in case you lose your balance since the treadmill will stop completely and the risk of the blow suffered will be reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions - Treadmill 

1.The console only shows “zeros”.

 Check the correct positioning of the safety key in the lock. Otherwise, change the batteries if the console is battery operated.

2. The belt stops when I run on the treadmill. 

​If the treadmill starts again and you try to run on it, check that the treadmill belt is properly tensioned. The treadmill belt should be up to 3-4 cm above the running deck when no one is on the treadmill.

Over time, the treadmill belt and the running deck will wear out if the treadmill is used a lot. You should therefore check whether the treadmill belt or the treadmill deck shows signs of heavy wear.

If this is the case, replace it as soon as possible so that further use of the treadmill does not damage other parts.

If it is not because of the things described above and the motor still cannot maintain speed, please contact a service technician, as there is probably a problem with the motor or control.

3. How can I loosen or put on the treadmill belt?

We have already published some articles on the change of treadmill belts on our blog - possibly also for your model! If the treadmill belt on your treadmill does not have enough tension during operation:

Open the treadmill cover.

Then turn the two adjusting screws to adjust the tension, minimally clockwise, to increase the tension.

Now test whether the treadmill is tensioned enough.

To do this, start the treadmill at a speed of 6 km / h.

Stand on your treadmill.

If you still feel that there is not enough tension on the treadmill belt, repeat the process described above until the treadmill belt is optimally tensioned.

Caution: Always turn the adjusting screws minimally. The treadmill belt must not be tightened too much or sit too loosely, otherwise parts of your treadmill may be damaged if it is used under too high or too low a tension.

It can also happen that the treadmill belt is too tight. Here, turn the adjusting screws a little counter-clockwise and test again and again whether the tension is now optimal before making any further changes.

4. How can I calibrate the speed and / or incline of the treadmill?

To calibrate the speed and / or incline, follow the instructions under the hood of the hood or on our blog. Disconnect the machine from the power when working in the engine compartment!

5. The heart rate monitor (chest strap) shows no pulse.

If you are using a chest strap, make sure that the strap is in contact with the skin and sits in the chest area. Note: If the heart rate monitor does not show a pulse even though it is properly seated on the skin in the chest area, try to see if it can find the pulse by sliding the chest strap up or down a little further.

If this doesn’t help, here is some more information:

Make sure that the sensor on the chest strap is facing forward

Use a light saline solution (such as in solvents for contact agents) to moisten the two electrodes on the sensor unit of the chest strap and place it back on the skin in the chest area .

The heart rate monitor records a normal heart rhythm in healthy people. In rare cases, problems with recognizing the heart rate can result from medical problems, for example, with ventricular extrasystoles, tachycardia, or arrhythmia.

Electrical lines, cell phones, microwaves, or other electromagnetic sources can disrupt the operation of the heart rate monitor.

If you suspect that this is the reason, it would make sense to find another location for your treadmill or to remove the source of interference.

If none of these are the case, have someone else test the heart rate monitor before you take any further action.

If the problems cannot be resolved, contact a service technician.

6. The heart rate monitor (hand pulse) shows no pulse.

Use a damp cloth to clean the metal contacts on which your hands are to be used for pulse measurement.

Make sure it firmly wrapped your palms around the top and bottom plates of the sensor. Moisten your palms a little.

If the pulse display of the heart rate monitor has worked and suddenly stops and no new heart rate is recorded for a long time, the console software may be blocked and it must be reset.

To reset the console:

Stop the machine and pull the plug out of the socket, leaving the safety key inserted

Wait at least 30 seconds.

Reconnect the power cord. For some models, a reset signal will appear on the console.

Remove the security key

Then start the heart rate monitor and check whether it works properly again.

If these do not solve the problem, have someone else test the heart rate monitor before taking any further action.

8. Console demo mode

If your treadmill is turned on without the security key in the lock, the console will illuminate and demo mode will be activated. This is only used for presentation in sales rooms and can be deactivated. Switching from demo mode to normal operation:

Hold down the STOP button while inserting the security key to make settings.

Watch the console. When the demo mode is active, the letter D will appear.

Then use the Speed ​​UP button (increase speed) to select the function for switching the demo mode on and off. Set this to OFF.

Once demo mode is off, remove the security key.

7. Does the treadmill require scheduled maintenance? 

Check the condition of your treadmill at regular intervals. Is the treadmill belt tight enough? Does it show signs of wear and tear? Is he sitting correctly on the rollers?

Clean your treadmill regularly and check that there is enough lubricant everywhere. Follow the instructions in your manual. You can also find useful tips and answers here on our blog.

8. The speed sensor does not work.

Magnetic sensor If the speed sensor no longer works, this is often because of the censor’s magnet.

Remove the engine cover.

The speed sensor is usually near the front pulley.

I attach a magnet that works with the sensor to the front pulley.

We must align the speed sensor with the magnet. Move the sensor so that it is approx. 2-3 mm away from the magnet.

To be on the safe side, also check that the wires are OK and undamaged.

If the magnetic sensor still does not work properly, we recommend you replace it.

You can find cheap spare parts of excellent quality in our online shop (see below).

Optical sensor

Remove the engine cover.

The encoder (papilla) and the sensor are at the end of the motor or on the real side of the front roller.

The optical disc rotates between two optical sensors.

The turntable must be able to move freely without touching either sensor.

If the turntable cannot move freely, you can move the sensors to a more optimal position by loosening the adjusting screws.

If the optical sensor still does not work properly, we recommend you replace it.

You can find cheap spare parts of excellent quality in our online shop (see below).

In the event of other malfunctions, visit our blog for more information or contact one of our employees.

Have fun with your fitness equipment!

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