Proform Pro 1000 Treadmill Reviews 2020

The new Proform Pro 1000 treadmill gives you all the information you require during your training session. Time, distance, speed, resistance, calories and heart rate, the backlit screen.

MP3 connectivity and speakers are also integrated into the device to give entertainment during your training thanks to the Bluetooth pairing system.

Why You Would Buy ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill?

Expert Ratings



Value of Money

  • The main features include the Google Maps (TM) training that take you around the world.
  • It’s compact design and the Space Saver (TM) folding system allow to store it in very small spaces when it is not in use.
  • ProShox (TM) adjustable suspension system  prevents harmful impacts on your joints, protecting you from any probable injury.
  • Maximum user weight of 135 Kg
  • Powerful and silent 3.0 CHP engine.
  • Non-slip running surface 152 x 51 cm
  •  Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, a 5-Year Parts Warranty and a 2-Year Labor Warranty.

Proform Pro 1000 Treadmill Reviews

The main features include the Google Maps (TM) trainings that take you around the world. Whether you choose a route from our extensive collection of predesigned routes or create your own route, iFiT® Coach Ready (TM) sends the route directly to your ProForm Pro 1000 tape for a unique, entertaining and completely customized experience.

Compact Folding Design

Its compact design and the Space Saver (TM) folding system, it allows its location in very small spaces when it is not in use.

Non-slip running surface

Its large non-slip running surface measuring 152 x 51 cm. and its innovative ProShox (TM) adjustable suspension system, which prevents harmful impacts on your joints, protecting you from any probable injury, will help you perform any type of training safely and also comfortably. The ProForm Pro 1000 tape is equipped also with 32 predefined training programs for specific and ever-improving sports sessions.

Incorporated IFit Coach Ready

Like other Proform Treadmill, it is compatible with IFit® Coach Ready (TM) which you access by subscription and you get access to the best training technologies, as well as more than 400 training videos and training to customize.

It also offers you a new workout every day, solely designed by certified professional trainers, so you never get bored. With access from your phone or tablet to your control panel, keep a close eye on the evolution of your fitness!

ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill

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Powerful and silent engine

Powerful and silent 3.0 CHP engine, allows you to progressively reach a speed of 0 to 20 km / h, selecting the speed directly on the control panel easily and quickly with the Quick Speed (TM) selectors.

32 build-in workouts programs

It has 32 programs guided by objectives and developed by expert trainers, and incorporates calorie burn index viewer, for your total motivation and help you achieve any goal


Electronic tilt from 0 to 12% with Quick Incline (TM) selectors, you can vary your tilt easily and quickly increasing the difficulty and intensity of your training.

Built-in audio system

Audio system Auxiliary Port (TM) Dual 2 ” speakers, and listen to your favorite music or your favorite playlist, simply linking via Bluetooth your device with the treadmill.


Non-slip running surface 152 x 51 cm; It provides all the safety and comfort necessary during the exercise; ProForm pro 1000 treadmill also made with high strength materials for greater durability.

Advanced LED Display

Last generation LED display with different information windows, where you will immediately see the most important parameters of your exercise, such as speed, time, distance, inclination, heart rate and calories burned.

Key Features:

Incorporates the latest motivational technology iFiT® Coach Ready (TM) (subscription required), developed by Google Maps ®, where you can enjoy your training anywhere in the world, in addition to having many daily training or competitions with other users.

It has transport wheels and Space Saver (TM) folding system that allows you to reduce its volume to a minimum when it is not used. Adjustable ProShox (TM) damping system that reduces the harmful impacts received on your joints, especially on your knees, preventing possible muscle injuries.

It has thecPulse EKG (TM) sensors, to monitor your heart rate so you can perform a safe exercise. In addition, using the built-in Bluetooth technology, it is compatible with pulse thoracic bands (not included).

Includes tablet support for total motivation and you can enjoy your multimedia content. Its robust structure and its manufacture in first quality materials, allows a maximum user weight of 135 Kg. Safety System Safety Key (TM) that will stop the operation of the tape immediately when you pull it.

In addition, if you register your product within the first 28 days after your purchase on the supplier’s website, Proform brand of the world’s leading manufacturer ICON Health & Fitness, guarantees for 5 years the structure of your product.

Important note:

The chest strap, the tablet and other accessories are not included, sold separately.

Motivational Technology iFiT Coach Ready® requires paid subscription.


  • Level of use: Intensive
  • Monitor: LED
  • Folding: Yes
  • Maximum user weight :135 kg
  • Product weight:114 kg
  • Number of programs: 32
  • Dimensions: 162 x 91 x 205 cm
  • Folded dimensions :114 x 91 x 178 cm
  • Race surface: 152 x 51 cm
  • Adjustable incline: Electronic
  • Heart rate measurement: Yes, by contact on the handlebar
  • Cushioning: ProShox (TM) Cushioning
  • Maximum inclination: 12%
  • Cushioning: ProShox (TM) Cushioning

Benefits of buying treadmills

Although if you are reading this post we assume that you will know what are the benefits of buying treadmills, we want to emphasize that its benefits go far beyond burning calories and fat. 

Performing physical exercise with this machine, you will tone your legs and buttocks, reduce stress, improve your cardiovascular and respiratory capacity and you can work other muscles such as arms, back or abdomen, performing complementary exercises. 

For example, you can use the side grips as if they were a parallel machine to work pectorals, triceps, abdomen, knees and chest, improving the performance of your sports equipment. What more could you want?

Prices and security: the advantages of buying cheap treadmills at Amazon

There are many advantages of buying treadmills on Amazon, although the main one is its price, given that on this platform we find top quality models at much lower prices than those in physical stores.

Another advantage, compared to other online stores, is that they provide greater security by being a platform with a great track record in e-commerce and with very high quality controls.

 In fact, these controls and the continuous monitoring of their sellers, who must respect minimum standards to be able to sell on their website, has led them to be where they are.

Also, buying treadmills on Amazon, gives you the possibility to compare between hundreds of different models through the same platform, instead of having to go store by store to examine them, and you do not need to load with the fitness device until you home since they take care that you receive it at your door, so it is much more comfortable.

What treadmill to buy? Elements to consider

When buying a cheap treadmill on Amazon there are a number of elements that you should consider to get the best possible price and a satisfactory purchase:

Your goal – Be clear with what you intend to achieve when you buy a treadmill either lose weight or just do physical exercise sporadically. In the same way, pay attention to the frequency with which you will use the fitness machine because depending on this you will need to acquire one model or another.

Compare – As we just mentioned, one of the advantages of these three platforms is that you can compare all the products you want, so take advantage of it and filter the cheap treadmills according to their price, manufacturer or seller until you find the most suitable model for you.

Seller ratings – Seller ratings will help you know the quality of the products they have for sale as well as whether they meet their customers. Always read what other customers say before choosing a seller to make sure you’re making a good choice.

Warranty – Try that the treadmill you buy is guaranteed so that in case of any kind of factory defect you can turn to the seller / manufacturer and have it fixed.

Shipping costs – Check the price of shipping costs before buying a treadmill because many manufacturers are located in Asian countries and the price of shipping costs can be quite high. Check it and see if it is the option that suits you best.

What treadmill to choose? Types

When you are looking for which treadmill to choose, you will find that the advertisers talk about different types of fitness equipment, we will explain what each one consists of so that you have no doubt:

Treadmills without motor – This kind of treadmills are usually known as non electric treadmill, that is, they do not have a motor that activates the surface but you have to make an effort to move it. They are a cheap and practical alternative, although they require more effort.

Motorized treadmills – As the name implies, they are treadmills with motor, which is what moves the surface, allowing us to both run and walk according to the speed we select.

Folding treadmills Treadmills specially designed for houses with little space, allowing them to be folded for easier storage.

Treadmills for professionals They have higher performance that has been developed thinking about the needs of professional athletes who use these fitness machines.

Treadmills for beginners They are characterized by being very simple and working with moderate speeds and intensity that are suitable for people who begin their training in this sport.

Heavy-duty treadmills They have been manufactured to be able to withstand regular use, so that they are more resistant and robust than conventional ones.

 Which treadmill is better with or without a motor? What treadmill do you advise me?

As always everything depends on what you are willing to spend when you buy your treadmill and the use you are going to give it. Treadmills without motor are cheaper but they do not help you to walk and can damage your joints, instead the motorized treadmills are more suited to your requirements and protect the joints, so if you are only going to use the treadmill Run occasionally and do not want to spend money, opt for the treadmill without a motor, while if you want to exercise continuously, bet on the motor belt even if you have to pay more.

We hope we have helped you with this guide to buy cheap treadmills!

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