PRECOR 956i Treadmill Reviews 2019

The dilemma of every person who plans to open a gym or fitness club is to decide what cardio equipment to buy? We have more than a few leaders in commercial machines in your field: Precor, LifeFitness or Technogym . Today I will talk about the Precor 956i treadmill, which I met a year ago at the newly opened gym in my town. The Precor 956i like any commercial treadmill it feels very solidly made. Prices of machines after regeneration can fluctuate at prices, depending on the guarantee covered by the machine - typically 5 months.

Technical data:

  • Treadmill height :163 cm
  • Track width :89 cm
  • Height range:0-15%
  • Speed range :1 - 25.5km / h
  • Engine power 4 hp
  • Belt dimensions :153x51cm
  • Max weight of the exerciser :200 kg
  • Treadmill weight: 231 kg
  • Tread length: 224 cm

Is it worth buying a treadmill after regeneration?

PRECOR 956i Treadmill Reviews

This is a very good alternative if you have a limited budget to open the cardio zone in the fitness club. Such machines might be up to 70% cheaper than new products. By buying a treadmill after regeneration from a dependable seller, we can be sure that the process of generation has been properly performed.

Such a treadmill might not be much different from the factory-new products.

What activities are performed to make the treadmill properly regenerated?

  • amortization system repaired / replaced
  • new paint coat
  • engine regeneration
  • replacement of the belt
  • replacement of bearings
  • proper cleaning with a steam cleaner
  • new original stickers

Speaking with the owner of the club, I learned that Precor 956i treadmills do not cause any troubles, provided they are regularly serviced. Once a year, there is a service technician who can perform the major service. Once a month the club owner lubricates and pulls the running belt.

The Precor 956i treadmill has very high parameters - speed up to 18 km / h and up to 15% of inclination angle. Thanks to this, the machine can be used by both beginners and advanced, preparing for competitions or marathons. Measurement of the heart rate due to the combination of telemetry belts is currently the standard in home machines and clubs. All these elements make the machine definitely satisfy the expectations of fitness and gym club customers.

Precor 956i speed setting:

- no adjustment of the speed setting and incline angle in the handles. This is a very useful option when we make intervals and accelerate the running belt to about 16 km / h.

An attempt to lower the speed knocks out of the training rhythm and can lead to a fall.

- I do not say more downside πŸ™‚

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